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Rice University is located in central Houston on 300 acres, a wooded campus near the Texas Medical Center and the Houston Museum District. Our integrated student community, university life and important research opportunities attract talented students from all over the world who select more than 50 subjects in seven academic schools. Rice is consistently listed among the top 20 national universities by the US. News & World Report, and is proud to be one of the happiest student organizations in the country. The Princeton Review lists our various communities number 1 for race / athletic interaction, and Rice is number 1 among the 20 unique lists listed by niche. Rice Investment, our major financial aid program, benefits families who earn up to $ 200,000 per year, and approximately 20% of eligible students are awarded merit awards each year.

First year applicants are those who will complete high school by the end of the academic year. Students enrolled in high school and university courses are considered first year candidates. Students who have chosen to take vacation from school between graduating from high school and enrolling in a university are considered to be first year candidates. Rice accepts first year applications for early and regular decision. The deadline for early decision is November 1, the deadline for general decision making is January 4. More information about our application process can be found here.

Apply To Rice University

Apply To Rice University

Transfer applicants must have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and received at least 12 hours of college loan term after graduation from high school. Rice accepts transport applications for spring and fall studies. Spring applications are expected on November 1, fall applications are expected on March 15. More information about our application process can be found here.

How To Apply

Choosing the right school is based on a number of factors – often, the biggest one is affordable. At Rice, we believe that talent deserves opportunity. For home students we offer free admission, which means that we do not consider your finances when reviewing your application. Additionally, Rice meets 100% of the indicated need for undergraduate students enrolling international students through financial aid, regardless of whether they graduate from the Rice Investment.

Rice Investment Students who receive assistance under the Rice Investment will be shown all the requirements without loans. Families earning between $ 130,001 and $ 200,000 will be awarded a scholarship for half a degree; Families earning between $ 65,001 and $ 130,000 will be awarded full scholarships; And families earning $ 65,000 or less will be offered a scholarship to cover full tuition, fees, space and board.

The Enrollment Office offers scholarships to approximately 20% of students admitted each year, with amounts ranging from $ 3,000 to full tuition, and all eligible awards can be refunded for up to four years.

A university visit or an online tour is the best way to experience rice. With the option of connecting with students, learning more about academic school, or just exploring our beautiful college, you will see how we use extraordinary wisdom to engage and transform our community. Students and their families are welcome to come and ask questions. Questions or just come say hi. Be sure to also check out our university visit options, and you can update all the latest information by subscribing to our emails.

Rice University Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics

Our student-led tours are back! Visit our college to learn about a current student’s rice, or see for yourself through a guided tour.

Here rice, we do not just respect tradition – we create heritage. For more than 20 years, Rice has nurtured extraordinary thinkers who continue to change the world. Therefore, they are more than just students – they are the dreamers who shape our future.

It is no secret that many students of middle class families are increasingly taking out loans to be able to afford private colleges and universities. As a non-credit institution, we invest in our students so that they can graduate without the burden of student debt.

Apply To Rice University

Rice boasts a unique approach to the elite – a competitive advantage. And by taking small classes and advanced professors in the listed programs, you will be able to build relationships, seek training and get advice in the front of your learning experience.

Rice University: Acceptance Rate, Sat/act Scores

Our residential college system creates the heart of a vibrant student life. Students create communities in and outside their residential colleges and pursue their aspirations apart from their degrees. At Rice, students receive not only education, but also their home.

The ideal location of Rice puts you in the center of this fascinating and exciting city. Whether you want to try new food, visit a new art installation or check out a cultural festival, Houston has everything you could want and more.

Whether it’s support at the heart of a residential college system, or learning how to develop your leadership at Doerr Institute, Rice has no shortage of resources for students to use.

What if from your first minutes in college, you know that you are real? Discover your own college with our e-mail map experience, or follow our tour guide in the video below and find out what we like about the university. Rice University is a highly competitive school and its admission statistics make Rice University one of the 50 most competitive schools. For undergraduate degree worldwide. Similar to styles in all high schools, Reyes University admission standards have continued to decline in the last 8 years and will no doubt continue to do so in the future.

Office Of Admission

Class 2023 was one of the most challenging years ever received at the University of Rice. For Class 2023, 27, 084 students have submitted applications to the University of Rice, where 2, 364 students are admitted, thus providing a total acceptance rate of 8.7%. Overall applications increased by 29.4% over the previous year (2022 to 2023) from 20, 923 to 27,084.

For Class 2019, 408 students are admitted through the early enrollment process. Total early applications were a total of 2,628, giving an early acceptance rate of 15.5%. Early applications grew by 37.2% as last year (2022 to 2023) from 1,916 to 2,628.

Sam did an amazing job guiding me through the enrollment process. From sharing the ideas of the award program I have to submit an application to edit my profile, to help me figure out what my essay topic and short response should be. Have done it without Him “- Margaret (Connecticut) is a university of the United States

Apply To Rice University

“With college advice, Sam knows all the tricks of the trade to put your child in a better position to get the opportunity to join the university or college he wants. For those parents who do not know where to start, or what to do in “In general, Sam Silverman is the answer. With his personal advice and planning skills, your child will have a much better chance of seeing their dream come true.” – A parent (Florida), admitted daughter at Georgetown University.

Rice University (rice)

Ryan and I really appreciate the incredible response and professionalism you have shown during the college admission process. I believe your guidance, professionalism and accessibility have given Ryan the opportunity to attend some of the best schools in the country .Your skills and experience in project management show excellence.and this was a great lesson for my son.He was informed this week that NYU Abu Dhabi intends to participate and they have selected him to participate in the weekend of a fully Paid Candidate Before Enrollment. “- Parent (South Carolina)

“Dear Sam, Fred and I just wanted to thank you very much. You have already been a very good influence on Harrison. We see a dramatic change in his attitude. We are very grateful for the time you spend. With him. A great direct force !! Please feel free to let us know how we can support your efforts. ”- Parent (New York) Current Client

“I’m a senior this year and with a few months ago, I had the opportunity to join my dream school – Harvard College. Working closely with Sam Silverman with three years ago helped make this childhood dream a reality. Unlike the Benjamin School colleague Guidance Department, Sam aims to provide clear and workable advice to help his students differentiate themselves from the competition and get an opportunity to join high schools.My Benjamin School Orientation Counselor is working with ~ 50 other senior students along with me and so it is basically impossible To meet more than once a year and get the personal attention I received from Sam from my second year.Sam’s advice allowed me to focus on what was most important in preparing the best applications and greatly reducing the stress of the process, because he He always answered questions and eliminated any predictions on my part. He also helped me identify scholarships that I May apply for and receive thousands of dollars in scholarships as a result. There is no doubt that if I would have to do this again, I would work with Sam, and I would recommend it to other students who are looking for personal advice and seeking.

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