Bachelor Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

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2 Contents Welcome 3 – Why study with us? – Which program suits you? Information on Programs in Early Childhood Education (ECE) – Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE Specialization 4 – Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE 6 Pacific Specialization – Diploma in Teaching (ECE) 8 – Course Descriptions for First Year BEd (Tchg) 9 Other important information – Study places 10 – Student services and support 10 – Academic year for first year BEd (Tchg) 10 How do I apply? 11 – Admission Criteria – Guaranteed Admission Points – Other Admission Categories Fees and Monetary Matters 14 – Tuition Fees – Financial Aid How to Apply If you already have an ECE teacher diploma, you can apply for the Bachelor of Education (Pedagogical Science) specialization ) Teacher’s diploma. . Contact the Faculty of Education for more information or to visit

3 Welcome to the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland. Teaching is a rewarding and varied career As a childhood teacher, you will play an important role in a child’s life. This is an opportunity to work with children under the age of five during those important early years of their development. As an early childhood teacher you can expect an exciting, challenging and rewarding career where no two days are the same. New Zealand is a world leader in early childhood education. We were the first country to develop a preschool curriculum and continued to set high standards around the world. With an early year teacher qualification from the University of Auckland, you will be well on your way to starting your teaching career. Why study with us? The University of Auckland is ranked at the top in New Zealand and 24th in the world for educational universities. * We offer you a reliable and high-quality qualification where you will gain the professional skills and knowledge to become an effective teacher. Our research-led learning means you will be exposed to innovative approaches and learn the most effective ways to learn from faculties that are recognized leaders in educational research. You will have access to excellent resources and facilities, as well as a wide range of support services, including academic and pastoral support. You will gain extensive practical experience in preschool centers under the supervision of qualified and registered teachers. In the section on General Education (undergraduate programs), you will be able to choose from a wide range of non-teaching topics to complete your specialization and explore other interests. You can continue to upgrade your PhD qualifications with us. The Faculty of Education is one of the largest providers of teacher education in the country and we have a proud history of over 130 years of experience as quality teachers and specialists in vocational education. Supportive environment We offer the tools and support to help you achieve your goals as you work with us. There is a wide range of resources, supports and facilities available to ensure enjoyment and academic success. In addition, as a student of the faculty, and through lectures, textbooks, and group work, you will have many opportunities to interact with people who are just as passionate about teaching and educating as you are. Further education Professional development is key in education. In addition to your initial teacher education (ITE), faculty qualification offers additional professional development opportunities, including graduate qualifications, to help you develop your knowledge and skills and progress in your career. Our strong partnerships and networks in Auckland give you the opportunity to interact with potential employers and colleagues while you study. The Faculty has an alumni network that supports alumni and we have strong ties with the community we serve. * Source: 2013 QS World University Rankings by Topic. Which program is right for you? Do you have an ECE teaching degree? Do you have a bachelor’s degree or a recognized equivalent? Yes No No Yes Bachelor of Education Teacher Specialization This program is not shown in this brochure. Contact the Faculty of Education for more information. Choose from: Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE Department Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE Pacific Specialization See p. 4-7 Diploma in Teaching (ECE) See page Faculty of Education – Early Childhood Education 3

Bachelor Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

Bachelor Degree In Early Childhood Education Salary

4 Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Specialization in Early Childhood Education Do you want to play an important role in the development of young children? This degree will give you the knowledge and skills to work effectively with children under five, create positive learning experiences and deliver quality child education. Quick Facts Full-time: 3 years (part-time options also available) Taught at: Epsom Campus Highlights Eligible to apply for Early Childhood Education registration. There is a strong emphasis on gaining practical experience in a range of early childhood services and centers. Non-lecture days allow you to balance your studies with work and family commitments. What you will learn You will learn through theory and practice how young children learn, grow and develop. During the program, you will study a range of courses that will give you the training you need in educational and developmental psychology, history of education and the philosophy and sociology of education to work effectively in ECE. You will study topics including technology, language, math, social studies and art as part of Te Whäriki’s early childhood program. You will learn through workshops, small group tutorials, lectures and field experiences. Internship work experience units (practice) in childhood centers will give you a first-hand experience of what it is like to work in an early childhood environment and will allow you to develop a wide range of knowledge and skills to start your career in early childhood. education. In the first year, you will be introduced to Te Whäriki’s teaching profession and early childhood curriculum. You will develop your knowledge of Māori science, art, language and culture and make your first practical units in this area. In later years you will build on the knowledge you acquired in your first year of study, study Te Whäriki education and curriculum in depth and gain more practical experience in the field. General Education The General Education program is a valuable component of the undergraduate degree from the University of Auckland and has been designed to give you knowledge and understanding of topics outside your core area of ​​study. You will study one course (offered in the 2nd year of the program) of the general education program offered for this degree. Visit the General Education website to see courses available for this degree. You can choose a general education course either from the open schedule or from the Faculty – Educational schedule. Internship During this program, you will spend at least 20 weeks in a hands-on teaching experience called an internship to experience how it really is to work at the center. This is an opportunity for you to look at experts teaching, practice your own skills and discuss relevant issues with practitioners. This EEC training program is amazing! All the courses are very interesting and many of them are not really like work. One of our first tasks was to make our own working springboard. It wasn’t at all what I expected from the stories I heard about boring university lectures or confusing textbooks. The things we learn are interesting, fun and really useful for our future teaching practice. I am so impressed with the Epps campus. Facilities, people and support, free parking, plenty of grass and trees, and places to relax between lectures. It’s a very friendly atmosphere, everyone just wants you to have fun and enjoy yourself. I always knew I wanted to work with kids. My long-term goal is to complete a Master of Speech and Language Therapy at the University of Auckland. This degree will help me get into this program and I would like to work as a speech therapist with children, hopefully going to kindergarten in an early intervention program. Kathryn Hulst studies for Education (Faculty of Education) specializing in Early Childhood Education Faculty of Education – Early Education

Early Childhood Education

5 The internship program is a joint partnership with a number of children’s centers where you will be placed in a variety of settings. Initially, you can work with individual children and small groups. You will work alongside experienced associate professors, facilitate groups, and accept increasing teaching responsibility as you progress through the program. University leaders will also visit you to support your development as a teacher and give feedback. Assessment You will be assessed by assignments, practical experience in early childhood education centers and exams. Qualifications are given on a scale of A + to D -, except for practices that are graded on / off basis. Career opportunities You will be eligible

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