Unlocking Cell Phones For Free

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Detailed guide to help you unlock the bootloader of your Nokia Android device. You can unlock the bootloader of many Nokia smartphones, including Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8, Nokia 8 Siroco, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 7, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 5, Nokia 2, Nokia 2.1. Etc.

Nokia offers no official way to unlock the bootloader on their Android phones. This does not prevent the developer community from trying new ways to access. The same has borne fruit, and now an unofficial method has been found to unlock the bootloader on Nokia Android phones. Now you can unlock the bootloader on many old Nokia smartphones for free.

Unlocking Cell Phones For Free

Unlocking Cell Phones For Free

By unlocking the bootloader, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities. An unlocked boot loader allows you to modify system data such as recovery or operating system. You can not only root your smartphone to get administrator / superuser privileges, but also install another frame that can change the overall experience of smartphone. As said, all these capabilities depend on the developer community, and some devices get more development, while others get less.

Dein Nokia Handy Kostenlos Entsperren: 8 Schritte (mit Bildern)

Less secure. If you are not careful, it is possible for a hacker to break into your phone by installing malicious apps. Some apps (usually from banks) also restrict some of the app’s functionality to unlocked devices. Similarly, your Widevine level will be downgraded to L3, which means that DRM-protected apps (like Netflix) only play lower quality video content. This does not affect non-DRM-protected apps (such as YouTube or offline video playback).

Nokia Unlocked Smartphones are – Nokia 2, Nokia 2.1 (2W), Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1 (Nokia 6 2018), Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 8, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 8.3 and Nokia X71. In addition to these, Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7) and Nokia 9 PureView can also be unlocked by an alternative method.

Nokia Mobile officially offers bootloader unlock codes (except Nokia 8). So we use an alternative way to make it possible. Before we begin, I want to thank you

To ensure that your smartphone is properly detected by the boot loader unlock tool, make sure you install the required fastboot drivers. If you are not sure whether the drivers are installed or not, run the driver installer again.

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Download and extract the Nokia Bootloader Unlock tool from the link below. The tool offers a 1-click solution for unlocking the bootloader on supported Nokia devices.

Using Windows Explorer, 7-zip, WinRAR or any other zip management tool you have to extract the Bootloader Unlock tool to a file on your computer.

To avoid abuse and limit the use, we use an OTP system for the tool. You can generate an OTP from the following link:

Unlocking Cell Phones For Free

Our unlock tool does not support first generation Nokia smartphones (like Nokia 2, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6). So, until such support is added, you can follow the old method by purchasing the boot loader key and downgrading your boot.

How To Unlock A Cell Phone

The boot loader unlock key is an encrypted file that contains an encrypted string that allows unlocking. You can use the unlock key if your phone is in July 2018 or an older update. The price for the unlock key is $ 5 per request. You must send the following information:

On your nokia android smartphone and enable OEM unlock. You should be able to unlock without changing the setting, but ideally you should enable it.

The last step is to connect your Nokia phone to your PC and send the unlock command from the boot loader along with the unlock key you purchased earlier. Here are the details:

For Nokia 2, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 (2017 versions) with A-partitioning: the July 2018 Flash OTA update from recovery. Your program boot loader (ABOT) will be downgraded. Then go back to step 2 above and continue with the unlock.

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Your boot loader should now be unlocked. If your device does not automatically restart on Android, use the soft reset keys to restart it. Here is a screenshot of how your prompt window will appear when you send the boot loader unlock commands.

You can verify that the unlock is successful by following the instructions. All unlocked phones will also show a warning of 5 seconds before the start. The text is similar to “Your device software can not be checked for corruption. Please lock the boot loader.”

If you encounter problems while using the tool, please send feedback to our telegram group or as an e-mail.

Unlocking Cell Phones For Free

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Guide] How To Unlock The Bootloader On Nokia Android Phones For Free

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Unlocking Cell Phones For Free

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Free Cell Phone Unlock Codes (totally Legit)

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The history of whether it is legal or illegal to unlock a cell phone has taken many turns in the United States. Before 2010, the legality of unlocking mobile phones was much debated.

Simple Ways To Check If A Phone Is Unlocked Without A Sim Card

The new rules came into force in February 2015, and require that wireless operators must unlock customer’s devices on request and at no extra charge if certain criteria are met:

If you are still under contract with the operator, the operator is not obliged to unlock your device. If you are not a current or former customer, the operator has the option to unlock your device for a reasonable fee.

To request an unlock code, you need to know the specific brand and model of your phone, the network to which it is locked and the unique 15-digit International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

Unlocking Cell Phones For Free

Because the purchase and use of an unlock code from a third-party website is not usually officially authorized or supported, some manufacturers and operators may void your warranty if you follow such a procedure. Many people ignore it and still respect the warranty, as long as the warranty problem is not related to the unlocking process.

Phone Lock Unlock Secure Cell Smart Mobile Royalty Free Svg, Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 47935169

For many Nokia mobile phones, the prompt to enter the unlock code may not be displayed at startup when you insert an unauthorized SIM card. If this is the case with your Nokia phone, try this alternative method.

The best and easiest way to unlock an iPhone is to request SIM unlocking from your wireless provider. Your account must have a good reputation and all your contractual obligations must be fulfilled. This is the only method authorized and supported by Apple. It is also important to have a complete backup of your iPhone before unlocking it, in case data is lost or iPhone

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