How To Apply German Citizenship

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As of 2018, the German passport is one of the strongest in the world according to the Henley Passport Index. The index identifies visa-free countries and Germany has been a strong contender on the list for the past 5 years. One of the advantages of being a German citizen is visa-free travel to 179 countries. With this discount, you can bypass the German bureaucracy involved in becoming a citizen. This article explains the basics and step-by-step process of becoming a citizen. Benefits of being a German citizen Apart from being able to travel around the world without a visa, there are other benefits to being a German citizen.

In addition to the many benefits you get after becoming a German citizen, you must fulfill the duties and obligations of citizenship. The most obvious of these is to respect and obey German law. Until 2011, it was compulsory for men to join the army. However, women are exempted from this law. Does Germany allow dual citizenship? Yes, Germany recognizes dual citizenship if your country is in the EU or Switzerland, or if you are a refugee with valid travel documents at the time of naturalization. Countries such as Nigeria and the Philippines allow dual citizenship. Nigeria only allows dual citizenship if you are a Nigerian.

How To Apply German Citizenship

How To Apply German Citizenship

Types of German Citizenship Every immigrant or immigrant who wishes to obtain German citizenship can do so only under certain conditions. The requirement of more than eight years of residence in Germany is usually emphasized. There are exceptions to this and below are the different ways to get your German passport. The principle of exit If one of your parents is German, you are automatically granted German citizenship. The principle of place of birth: A child born in Germany can acquire citizenship if one of the following two conditions is met:

How To Get German Citizenship

Naturalization Foreigners who have been in Germany for eight years with a residence permit can apply for German citizenship. Those who completed the integration course are entitled to citizenship after seven years. Immigrants and immigrants whose partner or spouse is a German citizen do not acquire German citizenship through marriage or registered partnership (same-sex couples). They can apply for citizenship through naturalization if they have been married for at least two years and have lived legally in Germany for three years. General requirements for applying for German citizenship through naturalization The requirements for German citizenship are based solely on a person’s origin. The general requirements listed below are necessary for you to become a German citizen through naturalization.

Gather all your documents, including the application form and documents, payment of fees, results of the German citizenship test, and return these documents to the immigration office. The waiting time for citizenship depends on the local authorities. Once you have received proof of your German citizenship, you can apply for a German passport. Again, the process varies from state to state, so you may experience less/easier than what I had. I’ve heard from some Pinay members of the Deutschland Facebook group that the process doesn’t take long in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, and the requirements in Bavaria aren’t as high.

If the officer in charge decides that you are eligible to apply for citizenship now, he will give you a list of the documents you need to submit. See a sample list of requirements and a brief description of each in this post.

Most likely, you have enough documents on the list of requirements (eg birth certificate with translation, Einbergerngtest, Deutsche B1 certificate, etc.). Some other documents you have to fill out and sign are just forms from Burgersboro (Einbergerungsantrag, Entlässungserklärung, Loyalitatserklärung, etc.).

Infographic: German Citizenship Law

For some documents, you must request the support of your German spouse. Certain documents may be required from him (for example, payment receipts, a copy of his passport/).

Call a caseworker to schedule an appointment. Don’t go to Burgerboro without an appointment, as the paperwork will take some time.

After your case worker reviews the documents, he or she will determine if any additional requirements are needed in your case. It will explain the next steps and give you a rough timeline of how long the process will take.

How To Apply German Citizenship

In step 4, your caseworker will explain to you that if you have been charged with a crime, you have paid all your taxes in full, you have received financial assistance from the government, and there will be a thorough investigation. And so on. Depends on which one

EinbÜrgerung / German Citizenship: 10 Easy Steps

If your background check is clean and no other requirements are met, you will be issued an Einbergerungsjusicherungwia notice from the city (

If you prove that you have renounced your Philippine citizenship, this will confirm that you will acquire German citizenship. It is valid for 2 years, so you have plenty of time to complete the following steps…

You will need to renounce your Philippine citizenship in person or by mail to the Philippine Embassy in Berlin. On the PH Embassy website, you can see the requirements and waiver process on this page.

At this point you are no longer a stateless person – neither Filipino nor German. It may sound strange, but consider this the second big milestone

How To Obtain German Citizenship By Descent

The message will instruct you to call the person in charge so you can make an appointment. You will be asked for your canceled Philippine passport, Aufenthaltstitel and biometric passport photos along with proof of payment of the €255 fee.

. There is no truer glory than this. You will be asked to read the declaration aloud and sign some documents.

There you have it – the Einbergerung process in 10 easy steps! If your documents are complete and your record in Germany is clean (ie police, tax, employment, etc.) the process is easy.

How To Apply German Citizenship

Culture Einbergerung Expat Mama Family Reunion Visa Food Integration and Einbergerung International Adventures Language Living in Germany Marriage Visa News Random Thoughts Short Stay/Tourist/Business Visa Among these Foreign Workers Living in the Philippines Wanderdate in Germany Wanderdate in Germany “How to Get” their Residency Permit or how a German can get a permanent residence permit. So someone stays in Germany indefinitely. This is similar to EC permanent residence.

How To Apply For German Citizenship (deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit)

First, there are some exceptions to obtaining permanent residence in Germany. But usually highly skilled workers can be granted a German residence permit quickly, or in other words almost immediately!

❯❯ Those who are self-employed, have an established business and a secure livelihood, get a permanent residence permit in Germany after three years.

❯❯ Depending on your situation, you may need to prove that you have sufficient German language skills, that you can support yourself financially, that you have health insurance and that you have no criminal record.

There is a general procedure… You can apply for German citizenship if you have lived permanently in Germany for eight years. Being a German citizen gives you more freedom to travel the world with or without a visa on arrival. When you become a German citizen, it not only means that you are fully integrated into and accepted by German society, but also gives you the same rights and legal status as other German citizens. But keep in mind that German permanent residence permits do not give you the same opportunity.

New German Government To Permit Dual Nationality

With German citizenship, you have the right to permanent residence in Germany and basic constitutional rights such as freedom of assembly and association. In addition, you can vote, travel freely through the EU, have consular protection and be exempt from some German visas. In addition, you have the right to become a civil servant in Germany.

If you want to become a German citizen through naturalization, most people have to take a one-hour naturalization test that covers legal and social aspects in Germany and meets some of the basic requirements listed below.

❯❯ Permanent and legal residence in Germany for eight years. Remember, it could be seven years if you go

How To Apply German Citizenship

❯❯ Sufficient oral and written knowledge of German. This is equivalent to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Languages);

How To Obtain Germany Citizenship: The Conditions For A Deutsch Passport And Dual Citizenship

About profile. There are some exceptions in some cases. If your German citizenship is deemed to be in the public interest or if you can demonstrate some special integration, you may be granted discretionary naturalization.

I hope this guide will help you to obtain German citizenship. If you found it useful, please share it with others and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments

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