Top Rated Contact Management Software

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When it comes to selling business, it’s not so much what you know as who you know. Having a 360-degree view of all your sales items and contacts is the lifeblood of your sales team, which is why contact management software is the key to managing pipelines and the entire sales process.

A contact management system allows you to synchronize all your contacts with one registration, stay on top of your networks and communicate in real time. In addition, representatives can view chat history and filter their networks into contact lists by title, industry, relationship with your company, and a variety of other attributes and custom areas.

Top Rated Contact Management Software

Top Rated Contact Management Software

While reading this article on a site called, you may be wondering about the difference between contact management software and customer relationship management software. Are they not both systems?

Best Contact Management Software: Top 16 Systems & Databases

This piece will try to answer that and look at the best contact management solutions out there. It will discuss their paid plans and whether there are free plans or trial versions on top of the paid plans. We will review where contact management overlaps with basic sales tools as well as other features such as marketing tools.

In a nutshell, a link management platform is essentially an address book on steroids. In other words, it is software for managing contacts, which is often an essential part of sales management.

It provides the basic foundation (contact information) you need to build sales and marketing strategies and drive customer retention. Still, there are always more advanced link management features.

SMEs especially prefer contact management solution tools where a team member or sales agent / manager takes on multiple roles for a single contact. Link relationship management can in this context be seen as a kind of lightweight with simpler, more linear functions. Contact management is also crucial for e-commerce operations, where repeat customers mean the difference between a one-time deal and long-term customer value.

Top 10 Contact Management Software Platforms

Meanwhile, a real platform is a more robust business software. There are several fully equipped tools that handle leads, trade and offer advanced tools for project management, sales, marketing and customer support. But the vast majority of solutions incorporate contact management as a key element in their business suite.

Automatically log all your communication across channels with customers so you have a registration that you can consult later. This information will make a crucial difference in deciding what product or service to offer them for cross-selling, the tone of your next interaction, and how to best interact with similar customers later.

With all-in-one contact management, customer service staff can achieve better performance with less effort. They will have easy access to a central contact list along with detailed records of past customer interactions across channels and will receive task notifications and follow-up reminders. All of this contributes to a better customer experience, less churn and customer loyalty.

Top Rated Contact Management Software

Contact information comes to you across many different channels, such as social media, live chat, phone calls, your business website, face-to-face conversations, web form registration, purchase registrations and more. A contact management platform assimilates all this information into a single business contact record, including address book and phone numbers, so you can access them from one place.

Free & Top Contact Management Software In 2022

A central contact registration gives everyone in your company more visibility and makes your organization smarter and more transparent. Team members can view individual case files that other employees are working on in real time, reducing the need for real-life meetings. This eliminates tasks, transfer errors and redundant work and encourages transparent collaboration.

Reporting and analytics tools extract your customer data, provide insight into your audience, what kind of marketing campaigns you need to run, and your overall business needs. Intelligent lead management and segmentation tools can identify the right customers to focus resources on.

Segmentation tools sort contacts by industry, geography, location in the customer’s life cycle, and other attributes. Identifying customer profiles helps personalize your customer experience and lets you discover which demographic information provides the best opportunities.

A mobile app for Android / iOS is becoming standard these days for any contact management platform. Wherever you are, you can instantly access via mobile devices’ contact lists and key information, and then shop on them for sales, support, customer service and marketing tasks.

Best Crm Software In 2022: Compare Reviews Of 1058 Crm Systems

Assign tasks to specific team members, give everyone full insight into who is doing what, and set deadlines with reminder notifications. Cloud-based SaaS contact management tools, when they work as part of, bring all your work processes together in one place and let you manage tasks and workflows on the go.

Automate your customer data entry, eliminate mundane administrative tasks and free up time for the more important work. Automated data entry can in turn be used to run email marketing automation, sales automation and more.

Import contact data from CSV and Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet files, business cards or other digital tools. Export them just as easily so you are covered if you move platforms, start using new apps, or need external stakeholders to gain data visibility.

Top Rated Contact Management Software

Below is a quick overview of the best link management systems. We show which each supplier is best suited for, some payment plan information and our assessment.

Top 7 Social Crm Software In 2022

Less annoying (aka LA) is designed specifically for small businesses. They offer an all-inclusive single-price package for managing tasks, keeping track of contacts, tracking leads, and ensuring follow-ups are sent.

LA’s sleek yet agile toolkit has you covered when it comes to managing all your customers and other contacts, tracking your leads through pipelines and keeping track of events and tasks (on easy-to-use calendar and agenda forms).

Emails written and received can be logged outside a platform in LA that provides each user with a unique email login address (to which you create a link with the email provider you use).

There are no app integrations, which can be a significant limitation, depending on your needs. The app sends notifications via SMS or email, but not in the app.

Best Contact Management Software Tools For Any Business In 2022

It allows you to add contact information from Gmail and Outlook, or company email and web forms with a single click. Once added, the platform automatically updates records and records all sales activities with a contact. HubSpot automatically tracks its database of over 20 million companies and builds revenue, industry and more into contact information where possible. You also get excellent email tracking.

In addition to the sales process, this information helps segment customers and conduct marketing campaigns. The platform supports up to 1 million contact and business registers, which should pretty much cover most businesses.

Link filter settings could be more specific. The software learning curve is moderate, though reduced by access to video tutorials, support resources, and community forums.

Top Rated Contact Management Software is a flexible and customizable project management with an integrated contact list. The platform captures calls, emails and meetings with contacts, leaving them easily accessible whenever you need it.

Best Contact Management Software Of 2022

Once your contacts are in your system and on track, you can easily track sales progress with colorful graphical views, including Kanban, maps, timeline, files, charts, and calendar. The visually oriented platform has a clean layout with drag and drop flexibility and colorful accents that draw the eye to important information.

The built-in world clock stops communicating with contacts across multiple regions and displays time zones (based on geographic location information) clearly next to contacts (and team members).

Missing a call recording feature, so if you want to attach phone calls to a contact record (or generate voice-to-text transcripts in the app), you’ll need to find a third-party tool. The mobile version has been described by some users as clumsy and lacks some of the features of the desktop app.

Zoho, the creator of the popular Zoho, also offers a dedicated contact management product, Zoho Bigin. The app provides a comprehensive address book for customer relationships with email and social media engagement tools to manage all your customer relationships across channels.

Best Contact Management Software

It allows you to track appointments and categorize task types with a tagging tool feature, as well as create and assign roles to team members and set privacy permissions for information-sensitive projects. Smart task and email templates speed up routine queries and customer interactions and help ensure best-practice interactions every time.

Some people find Zoho’s wide range of products confusing. But in short, Bigin is a very solid tool for salespeople to streamline their contacts.

The app’s collective intelligence builds a contact list from companies and individuals you’ve interacted with, and provides real – time updates on their activity. Machine learning and natural language processing analyze emotions and score the strength of your relationships. AI also removes duplicate contacts and companies in your post.

Top Rated Contact Management Software

The “Alliances” feature, meanwhile, identifies networking opportunities and identifies which of your contacts could provide a warm introduction to another party you would like to connect with, such as an important decision maker in another company.

Top 50 Crm Software In 2022

Copper is built for Google Workspace and includes deep integration with Gmail, which is extremely attractive if you are already running your business more or less out of your Google inbox.

Contacts can be accessed via email, voice and text in the app. Voice transcription in the app allows you to take notes on the go so you can further build a contact record. Copper offers a one-click link addition,

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