Free Parental Control Apps For Cell Phones

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Parental controls on phones have evolved a lot over the years. The devices had child modes that basically shut down the user interface completely and trapped the child in a specific app. Unfortunately, kids mode is easy to bypass and doesn’t work well. However, there are better alternatives. These new options give your kids more freedom to do what they want, and you’re in control. Here are the best parental control apps for Android and other methods if you want extra control. There are no kid mode apps in this list because it is a very outdated method and kids can easily bypass it anyway.

App Lock is a great way to prevent kids from accessing apps on your phone. It’s mainly for parents with young children who use their parents’ phones to watch YouTube Kids or play kids’ games. App Lock puts a password on your other apps. So if your kids go back to the home screen and start clicking on sensitive things like your Facebook or banking apps, they won’t be able to go any further. We have a full list of them, but IvyMobile is free and relatively easy to use. It should be kept away from sensitive things until children are old enough to know.

Free Parental Control Apps For Cell Phones

Free Parental Control Apps For Cell Phones

Find My Kids is a light touch to parental control apps. It tracks your child’s location at all times. You can see where they are, where they are going, and where they have been. We love how simple this app is. Open it and you can quickly see where all your children are. Some other features include notifications if your child’s phone is having trouble sending their location, and you can see what apps they’re using. There are also some safety controls, a battery monitor for your child’s device, and a family chat so you can ask them where they are. It’s surprisingly cheap compared to most competitors like Life360. Also, we appreciate that you can buy it once for $25.99, even though that license only works on three devices at once.

Top 13 Best Free Parental Control Apps For Iphone — Greensprings School

Our first choice for parental controls is Google Family Link. Your kids get the freedom to use their phones and you’re happy to see everything. We recommend Family Link first because it has many features and integrates directly into the Android OS itself, which none of these other apps have. Some of the features include the ability to see all the apps your kids use, their location, and their usage habits. The only downside is the setup process. It’s a bit of a pain, but we have a guide on how to do it if you need it.

Safe Lagoon is a lighter version of Google Family Link, but it can do different things. You can see things like the apps and games your kids are using. Additionally, you can track their location, control time limits on certain apps and games, and even lock the phone if needed. However, you can monitor direct messages, set locations where they can’t go, and do some other neat stuff. The app says it’s for cyberbullying, but you can use it for other things too. It is relatively easy to set up and is a good alternative to Google Family Link.

Some antivirus packages come with parental controls. Users of antivirus applications can sometimes use parental control extensions for an all-out punch. Some examples of antivirus apps with parental control extensions include ESET (linked in the button below) and Norton. Such apps allow you to check your child’s web activity, the apps they download and use, share your child’s location, and sometimes even support wearables. They usually work well, but they usually require you to obtain a license first to use the full antivirus product.

Sometimes children just need advice, which cannot be compared to parental involvement. Teach your children about the dangers of the Internet and what to do, where to go, and where not to go if they encounter cyberbullying. One day your kids will grow up and you won’t be able to keep up with what they are doing. They must prepare for that day. Supervision is great, especially for young children, but consider easing up on supervision as they get older and you trust them more. Don’t underestimate the value of involved parents. School can only teach children about the world.

Best Free Parental Control Apps For Iphone In 2022

There are actually parental control apps that support platforms other than Android. You usually need parental control apps specific to that platform, but companies are getting better at releasing mobile apps for non-mobile platforms.

Some examples include Microsoft Family Safety and the Nintendo Switch parental control app. Both applications have almost the same functionality. Microsoft’s solution allows you to monitor your child’s Xbox and Windows PC usage and limit various things. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s solution lets you keep track of screen time and the games your kids play. There aren’t a ton of apps like this, but if you can find one, we recommend using it on platforms other than Android.

Google Play has strong parental controls. For starters, you can add a password lock to your purchases so your kids can’t run off with your debit card and make in-app purchases from the games they’re playing. Usually the usage is for things like this, but you can go deeper. Once kids are added to your family account, you can actually control access to apps and games.

Free Parental Control Apps For Cell Phones

For example, you can tell Google Play to only show your kids things rated T for teens or younger, and the Play Store will automatically filter out content with 17+ or 18+ content for adults. This is somewhat related to Google Family Link so we recommend using this information with that app for maximum results. Here is a complete guide on Google Play parental controls.

Top 10 Free Parental Control Apps For Android

Many mobile carriers, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, have parental controls. They usually cost a monthly fee and vary in features, but they all do more or less the same thing. You can track your child’s location and see the web searches and apps your kids use. You can monitor (or ban) third-party spending, block videos and images from text messages, and give your kids pocket money to buy apps or ringtones.

It would take too long to list all the features for each carrier, but for more information, you can find your carrier’s parental control stuff at the link below:

Android is highly customizable and comes with a host of privacy and security features. You can set data limits for your kids by going to Settings,  Networks and finally Mobile Data. The location may vary depending on the phone you have. There you can see which apps are using the most data and set data limits for your kids so they know when they’re running low.

Those with small children can use the super handy Screen Pin feature. This feature pins an app or game to your screen and prevents kids from leaving it. I’ve seen parents use it on YouTube Kids so kids can watch videos but accidentally can’t access Facebook or other apps.

The Best Parental Control Software And Apps Of 2022

This pins the app to the screen and disables things like calls, messages and other functions. To remove a pinned app, do the following:

Older children may be able to bypass the pin on the screen, but younger children (especially toddlers) generally cannot do this on purpose. However, be careful and make sure your kids don’t get away with it somehow.

This is by far the hardest thing to do. Most Android phones come with Google Chrome, and the mobile version lacks the functionality to handle what your kids can’t easily overcome with Google Search. There are a number of security browsers you can set as the default, which may help, but again, older kids can override this.

Free Parental Control Apps For Cell Phones

You have two options to solve this problem. One is very easy and the other is very difficult. The hard way is to set up DNS. Here’s a tutorial from OpenDNS that shows you how. However, this does not always work.

The Best Android Parental Control Apps And Other Ways

Your best bet is the second option. Use an app like Google Family Link, Microsoft Family Safety or Safe Lagoon to monitor your child’s web activity and easily catch them if they go somewhere they shouldn’t. That can be a valuable teaching opportunity.

If we’ve missed any great parental control apps or other methods, we’d love to hear more about them in the comments section. You can click here to check our list of all Android apps and games. The Internet is an ocean of knowledge. Most of the time

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