Cell Phone Antivirus Software

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AVG AntiVirus Pro has excellent Android anti-theft and privacy tools, but be prepared to download some more apps to unlock its full potential.

Cell Phone Antivirus Software

Cell Phone Antivirus Software

While companies like Norton are moving toward a single product solution for cyber security, AVG has taken the opposite approach, developing multiple antivirus programs for PCs and mobile devices.

Do I Really Need Android Antivirus?

Its main anti-virus program for Android devices is AVG AntiVirus Pro, which offers an anti-theft and privacy protection suite for $ 14.99 per year. However, to unlock the full potential of the package, you will need to download some add-ons to create one of the best antivirus software for Android.

Installing the free version of AVG AntiVirus is quick. After I downloaded the app from Google Play, AVG prompted me to create an account with my email address. Then I clicked on the link in the confirmation email and it started working.

However, updating to AVG AntiVirus Pro using my license code proved difficult. There is a button in the app that says “Enter invitation code” but AVG does not recognize my key when I put it in the field. AVG told us later that there is a license option in the upgrade menu.

Fortunately, creating an AVG account unlocks a 30-day trial for AVG AntiVirus Pro, which includes privacy protection and anti-theft features such as software locks, SIM switch protection, and a camera trap that lets you see who you are. Na is trying to steal your entry. Equipment.

The Best Antivirus For Android In 2022: Free & Paid For Apps

The beta version of AVG AntiVirus Pro still includes annoying ads at the bottom of the home screen, which should disappear if you use the fully paid version of the software.

AVG’s user interface is clean and intuitive. The top of the home screen is divided into four buttons: security, productivity, anti-theft and privacy.

Pressing each button opens a submenu with additional tools and options. Each submenu also displays context-specific information, such as the number of blocked calls in the Privacy menu or free space in the Performance menu.

Cell Phone Antivirus Software

At the bottom half of the screen is a status indicator that lets you know if your device is safe or dangerous. There is also a “Scan Now” button that starts the system scan and a “Protect other devices” button that takes you to the Google Play page for AVG Zen, a free Android app from AVG that lets you scan PCs and devices. Your Android remotely. . (AVG Free Software is very popular among the fans of the best free antivirus software, the paid software for Windows is near the top of the best antivirus software, and its Mac offering is One of the best antivirus software for Mac.)

Does Your Android Smartphone Need An Antivirus App?

At the top of the home screen is an upgrade button that takes you to the Google Play page for AVG AntiVirus Pro, and a three-dot button that opens a drop-down menu with a tracker for us (which opens Google Plus’s page). AVG) upgrades and aids.

Dragging from the left corner of the screen opens a drop-down menu with buttons for My Account, Device Management (it will take you to the Google Play page for AVG Zen), enter an invitation code, more AVG apps, tips and tricks.

AVG AntiVirus provides three types of scans: standard scanning, which checks your installed software, a file scanner that cleans the selected directory for viruses, and a scanner settings that checks your security settings and lets you know Whether you have enabled any hazard settings. You can also set AVG to scan text messages and external storage.

AVG automatically scans for newly installed software. You can also set standard scans scheduled to run once a day or once a week. Unlike some Android antivirus software, AVG does not allow you to select the exact time or day when the scan will start, which is a annoying miss.

The Best Protection Apps For Android In Spring Of 2022

According to Malware Detection Lab tests, since November 2014, AVG AntiVirus Free, which uses the same virus scanner as AVG AntiVirus Pro, has detected 95 percent of the 2,928 virus samples. That’s 97.6 percent below the industry average, and behind the other Android 5 antivirus products we recently rated: McAfee Mobile Security (99.5 percent), Norton Mobile Security (99.7 percent), Avast Mobile Security ( 99.9 percent) and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Bitdefender Mobile Security, which achieved excellent detection rates. (AV-TEST did not evaluate the seventh Lookout Mobile Security product in its final round.)

To measure the impact of AVG on system performance, I ran standard scanning simultaneously with Android Geekbench 3 on my Huawei Ascend Mate 2 phablet running Android 4.3.

Before I installed the mobile app I got a score of 1519. After installation, Ascend Mate 2 received a score of 1511. When I ran a full scan with AVG at the same time, the score dropped to 1415.

Cell Phone Antivirus Software

Behind the remaining competitors are McAfee Mobile Security (1,455), Norton Mobile Security (1,456), Avast Mobile Security (1,460), Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (1,464), Lookout Security and Antivirus (1, 467). And Bitdefender Mobile Security (1, 496). However, these results are similar enough that the average user will not notice any difference in performance.

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AVG AntiVirus Pro provides a variety of productivity enhancements, including anti-virus tools, storage utilities that let you know how much space each application is using and a data scheduler that shows the amount of phone traffic and Wi-Fi. Used by individual applications.

It also has a battery pack that alerts you when your device’s battery life is low and enables power saving features that turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, auto-sync and auto-rotate and dim Volume power up to 15%. Although useful, most of these functions are already available on Android.

Additionally, in the Performance menu there are buttons for installing the previously mentioned AVG Zen and AVG Cleaner and Battery Booster, which cleans your device cache, browser history, downloads, and call logs. Both are available for free on Google Play, though the latter requires a subscription to AVG AntiVirus Pro after a 30-day trial.

The software integrates seamlessly with the AVG interface after installation. However, I found it annoying that I had to download add-ons to enjoy the full functionality of AVG.

Avg Antivirus Pro For Android Review

If your device is lost or stolen, AVG allows you to remotely lock the device, erase its data, locate it via GPS, or activate it by sending a text alert to your device. Specific commands (such as “AVGLocate”) followed by your password. Alternatively, you can send these commands to your device from the Network Console at m.avg.com/anti-theft.

My Huawei Ascend Mate 2 usually responds quickly to commands sent through the console network. When I press “Lock”, for example, the phone immediately displays a lock screen message. Only the “Find” function indicates a problem because the network console is often unable to find the device.

AVG AntiVirus Pro provides a Camera Trap feature that secretly takes pictures with the front camera if someone fails to enter your password three times after you have locked the device remotely. I found this method to capture my face more confidently than Norton Mobile Security’s Sneak Peek feature, which randomly shoots every few minutes.

Cell Phone Antivirus Software

The only special feature is Device Lock, which locks your phone if the SIM card is changed. While this feature is useful, McAfee, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky do better by locking the device when the SIM card is removed and sending a message to a friend or family member with your new phone number and link to Holds its current location in Google Maps.

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AVG provides some privacy protection tools. Blocking calls and messages allows you to add numbers to a trusted or blocked list. You can also put the phone into silent mode or send an auto-reply SMS when you receive a call from a specific number.

The full version of AVG AntiVirus includes an application lock tool that prevents anyone from accessing selected applications unless they enter your password, as well as a software backup utility that stores application data on your SD card. In practice, I found App Lock a bit frustrating to use as it required me to enter my password even though I accidentally closed the app a few seconds ago. (Bitdefender waits 30 seconds after an application is unlocked before requesting a PIN for this exact reason.)

The Privacy menu also includes a button to install another free application, AVG PrivacyFix for social networks, which provides an in-depth view of your privacy settings on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. There is no other Android antivirus I have seen offering such a utility, so it is a shame that AVG did not include this feature in AVG AntiVirus Pro in the first place.

Finally, AVG provides real-time website protection that scans pages for malicious behavior before they load and also blocks access to vulnerable websites. This function also works with the original.

The 6 Best Antivirus Apps For Iphones In 2022

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