Commercial Property Inspection Companies

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As a leading brand for home inspection, tested and proven for 30+ years, we deliver complete peace of mind to buyers and sellers of homes and other properties.

Our coast-to-coast network includes 400+ highly trained, experienced inspectors with over 80 hours of classroom training, in the field and hands-on technical training.

Commercial Property Inspection Companies

Commercial Property Inspection Companies

After reviewing 400+ points in your home, we provide a detailed but easy-to-understand explanation of each aspect of our report results.

Commercial Property Inspection Checklist Template (use It Free Here)

As a company that has conducted over 1.5 million home inspections over the past 30 years, our national brand is a name you can trust.

We keep our customers busy in the schedule and are always available to answer any questions that arise before, during or after the inspection.

I CANNOT say how wonderful Neal was in the process of buying a home. Neal went to everyone to answer questions about the properties we were looking at before we even offered our home. He gave us comfort in our final decision.

Steve is amazing. She is very personal and attentive. As the first home buyer, I felt that he gave me a lot of information that is most important for me to remember.

Commercial Building Property Inspection Services

I am a real estate agent and on behalf of my clients who use home inspection services, the inspectors work very well. They are very knowledgeable and professional.

Neal inspected 2 houses for me. He was meticulous and I received the inspection report the same day! She is very personal and you can say that she likes her work. I will not collaborate with others and recommend to everyone.

Keith is so knowledgeable and an amazing employee! He made a good description of any problems at home as well as things to watch out for for progress. I would highly recommend him to anyone for home inspection!

Commercial Property Inspection Companies

Keith is friendly, thorough and has the expertise needed to perform a proper inspection. He is a good employee and the customers trust that he sticks to the facts.

Home And Commercial Building Inspections

Steve conducted a thorough inspection for us. He took the time to tell us the results. He is also available after the inspection if we have follow-up questions. I appreciate his professionalism.

Neal gave us a home inspection for a house we bought. He was careful, made good suggestions and took the time to explain why we needed to fix things.

Home inspectors inspect 400+ points in your home to provide a detailed condition assessment. Read more Commercial inspections are your only resource for everything commercially inspection-related. Learn More Real Estate Professionals will help you sell your ads faster and give your customers confidence in their real estate purchases. Learn More Special Inspections offers many special inspections to fit the inspection needs of your home or commercial building. Read more We believe that our customers are our most valuable assets. So we make our way to provide the best possible inspection service for commercial properties. We are Clearwater’s best choice for inspections when it comes to documenting and protecting your large real estate investments.

Our inspection staff offers comprehensive reporting of all aspects of your commercial inspection including energy assessment, property assessment, environmental assessments, construction monitoring and more.

Commercial Property Inspection

We have several years of work experience and we continue our training to provide the most comprehensive inspection service for commercial properties. We also use the latest technology to support the high level of service we offer, such as mold testing and thermal imaging. When you combine the two, you can be sure that you get the most comprehensive property inspection in Pinella County.

In addition to our home inspection services, Solid Rock provides commercial property inspections for all types of commercial structures. Some of our commercial reports include:

Solid Rock has been the choice of many trained real estate investors for many years. Hiring us for our expertise in inspecting commercial properties can be a very lucrative asset.

Commercial Property Inspection Companies

Because all commercial properties are different, we tailor our inspection services to your needs on that property. We can inspect your entire property or just part of it. We have customers who demand to have only electricity, roof systems, plumbing and fast driving inside, while we have other customers who require a more thorough inspection. Whatever your needs, we will work with you and your budget.

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

We use thermal images at each inspection to determine moisture levels on walls and ceilings. The report you receive is clear and detailed with supporting images of each inspected area.

Our clients include real estate developers, lenders, mutual funds, manufacturers, insurance companies, government-sponsored entities such as Fannie Mae and community associations (HOAs).

Commercial real estate can be one of the best investments you will make. So it is important to understand the state of that investment. At Solid Rock, we provide you with the commercial property inspection reports you need to base your decisions on solid facts. Call us today at (727) 386-8627 to book an inspection or contact us via our website here and leave a message for us.

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Commercial Building Inspections

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