Teaching Credential Masters Programs

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The Master of Education and California Preliminary Teacher Credential put the theory into practice through internships that provide experienced clinical mentoring and prepare teachers to change the world.

School work should be informed through academic research, and similarly, discussions at universities should be enriched with real-world classroom experience. We believe that the best way to prepare good teachers is through practical experience. The internship component of our program provides an educational experience to guide a counselor in a K-12 environment, and all assignments and classes are designed to develop the skills, strategies, and attitudes necessary to break a cycle of academic failure. It covers academic, theoretical, practical and clinical issues. Experienced K-12 veterans will advise you, many of whom have taken their time in the K-12 field to pursue a PhD in our School of Education and Research or to participate in research projects.

Teaching Credential Masters Programs

Teaching Credential Masters Programs

* The actual completion time may vary and may be higher depending on enrollment in the full-time or part-time course, the transfer units and the time taken to meet other degree requirements.

Teacher Credential With Masters Info Sheet

Develop a shared understanding and basis language for pervasive harmful practices and hidden curricula in schools, and assist candidates in adopting humanized habits and abilities in mind and practices that prevent them.

Complementing a candidate’s first month of classroom placement by introducing rigorous research and scholarships to help them differentiate not only the way they teach for students, but also care, building relationships, and communication with students and their families.

By deepening a candidate’s understanding of funding student and family knowledge and school / community culture, they can design a challenging curriculum based on students’ cultural and linguistic assets as well as good educational content and knowledge.

It guides candidates through a critical, sympathetic, robust and purpose-based sense of ethnographic data and artifacts gathered during the first years of teaching. The result is an ethnographic narrative project that reflects the candidate’s growth and drives his continued development as an important social justice educator.

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We provide candidates with the knowledge of the specific pedagogical content they need to design and provide comprehensive, rigorous, multilingual learning experiences that promote academic success and help provide students who are historically marginalized and unrepresented in the curriculum.

Teacher candidates can develop the knowledge, skills, and practices of critical social justice educators in a clinical setting for one year in a specific field as a counselor teacher (residency) or as a record teacher (internship).

To accommodate different backgrounds and learning styles, our programs can be completed online only or combined with a few face-to-face courses and / or weekend seminars to create a multi-touch hybrid experience. It provides three paths for authentication.

Teaching Credential Masters Programs

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