Ai Based Trading Platform

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The possibilities are endless. Traders and investors can use AI not only for price predictions. but can also be used for decision making Portfolio Management and many other processes. Many well-known financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have been using AI for years.

Some may assume that the use of AI in stock trading is limited to professionals or investors with high net worth. However, this is not the case.

Ai Based Trading Platform

Ai Based Trading Platform

So in this post I have listed three great, affordable AI stock trading software that deliver great trading results. You are free to choose the one that best suits your trading style.

Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading Software 2022: Top 5

However, since we always put honesty and integrity as our top priority. So you can rest assured that all the products in this post are genuine.

Some programs work best for day traders who benefit from daily fluctuations in the stock market. While some programs may be more useful if you invest in longer time frames.

Therefore, no commercial AI tool is available to everyone internationally. It is important that traders and investors choose the right trading style and risk level.

Secondly, using AI doesn’t always mean your trading will be profitable, although AI is powerful at analyzing huge amounts of data. But it’s still far from perfect. It made a mistake while giving a trading signal.

Best Ai Stock Trading Software To Make High Returns In 2022

In addition, stock markets are highly volatile and completely predictable (e.g. black swan-like market conditions or adverse events), so you will inevitably lose in your portfolio.

Finally, you may or may not need any knowledge. Come first to start using these AIs to trade stocks. This will vary from tool to tool. It is important to read the instructions or view the manual before risking your capital.

Trade Ideas is undoubtedly one of the best stock trading bots for small traders. The platform has been used since 2003 to find opportunities for day traders.

Ai Based Trading Platform

Every evening (after the market closes), Holly uses dozens of algorithms to analyze and evaluate thousands of stocks in the US market. to find trading opportunities (including millions of situations)

High Frequency, Low Risk Trading. Simplified

When AI implements a strategy You will see all the details including win rate, profit, position (long or short), execution time and much more.

Personally I like transparency because I can see all the details related to trading before, during and after execution. So I don’t have to worry about inexplicable losses.

Holly Grail – Leading AI Multi-Strategy for Traders This includes the most popular ones like Breakout, Bullish Pullback, Not a Double Bottom, Selling Strength, Engulfing and many more.

This AI is for those who use technical analysis in trading. So you won’t miss out on charting stocks to trade.

Best Ai Trading Platforms

Holly NEO – This AI differs from the others in that it uses only two strategies. Focusing on stocks and news with unusually large volumes. Therefore, it is suitable for event-driven traders.

Holly 2.0 – The latest AI to use a unique strategy based on the data trade ideas have accumulated over the years through machine learning.

I think this AI is useful for non-traditional traders or risk takers. If you want to trade stocks based on something other than regular charts, Holly 2.0 can be your best friend.

Ai Based Trading Platform

In addition to a robust AI trading system, Trade Ideas has additional features that make it a great stock trading platform:

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Brokerage Plus – You can create a market scanner to find stock trading opportunities and build your own trading strategy from scratch.

You can also connect your Interactive Brokers account to automate the execution of your strategy. So you can trade stocks efficiently without having to sit in front of the screen all the time.

OddsMaker Window – This feature is a retrospective testing tool. Play a role in helping you test past strategies for an empirical assessment.

However, what sets it apart from other tools is that Trade Ideas can provide information-based recommendations so that strategies can generate more returns. Don’t be blind about how to improve.

Companies Working On Ai For Trading & Investing

Trading Simulation – Trade Ideas allow traders to test new strategies using a simulation platform, so both novice and professional traders can learn from their mistakes and fix them without losing a penny.

News & Alerts – Stream trade ideas, display and send real-time alerts on stock market events. You can set up filters as you like to make sure all news is relevant to your stock trading.

Windows Chart – This feature works as a great charting program. You can track and analyze stock charts without leaving the platform.

Ai Based Trading Platform

Currently (June 2022) Trade Ideas has ceased to provide public performance data for individual AIs, so all the data below may not accurately reflect long-term trading performance.

Blockbank: Crypto’s First Ai Based Digital Trading Platform

According to the concept of trade Below are the three AI’s performance. Duration from 01/01/2019 to 04/25/2021, the starting capital is $50,000.

Slips and commissions are ignored in all calculations. Therefore, it is very likely that the actual performance will be worse than what is shown below.

Analysis: On the surface, the results for this period aren’t all that impressive, with Holly Grail outperforming the S&P 500 by nearly 20%.

However, if we delve into the results, Holly Grail has an amazing Sharpe ratio, thus proving that AI investors get great returns without taking too much risk.

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This is confirmed in the performance chart that in March 2020 AI lost less than 5% while the S&P 500 crashed nearly 30%.

Analysis: Holly 2.0 outperformed Holly Grail during this time. It performed much better in terms of net profit, earnings factors and Sharpe ratios. However, the S&P 500 still lags 6.1%.

Indeed, Holly 2.0 outperformed the S&P 500 from January 2019 to May 2020. However, his strategy has not performed well over the past 12 months. Due to negative returns, while large stock indexes have risen more than 40%.

Ai Based Trading Platform

Analysis: Holly Neo is the least strategic AI. However, both strategies seem to work well during this time. Because it has the best performance compared to other AI.

Best Crypto Ai Trading Platforms: Making The Most Of Auto Trading

This is the only AI trading idea that can beat the S&P 500. However, it is still slightly below the S&P 500 considering the discrepancies and commissions.

However, I appreciate its low volatility as AI is able to keep funds safe in times of crisis. In March 2020, the portfolio lost the least while the overall market crashed.

However, over a much longer period (for example, 10 years), results can vary greatly. This is because past performance is not always indicative of future performance.

Furthermore, all of the above shows are from the general bull market, although AI performed well in the short-term bear market in March 2020, we never knew how AI would perform in a long-lasting secular bear market. year

How To Start Trading With Quantum Ai Crypto Trading Platform In 2022

Trade Ideas has two pricing options, however, Standard plan users don’t have access to all Holly AIs, so you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium plan.

However, as a trading idea has all the necessary features you need for successful trading. You don’t need to subscribe to charts or other stock research tools, so it will save you the cost you spend on other programs instead.

Many traders may wonder if Trade Ideas is worth signing up for. Because the results of the AI ​​system can not beat the benchmark.

Ai Based Trading Platform

I appreciate that AI rewards with an excellent risk-reward ratio over time. and able to maintain a very good short-term bear market in March 2020

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In addition to AI trading robots, Trade Ideas has many great features that can help you improve your trading decisions. including retrospective testing Strategy testers, charts, news feeds, and more.

Tickeron is another stock trading tool that embodies the power of artificial intelligence. While some features are similar in concept to trading, Tickeron has its own unique approach which offers a completely different user experience.

Basically All you have to do is just buy and sell based on Tickeron AI recommendations, so Tickeron is easier to use than trading ideas.

As of now, there are 34 AI robots in total, each AI robot has its own strategy such as Trend Following, Gap Trading, Swing Trading, Day Trader < $50 and many more.

How Long To Make You Start Using A Trading Platform?

In addition to strategy descriptions, Tickeron provides detailed information about the performance of each robot. including annual returns, Sharpe ratios, individual trading performance Highest Loss and much more

So I think Tickeron is very transparent in this respect. Because you can check all trades to see if it is profitable or not as claimed by Tickeron.

When you sign up You will be able to access each AI Robot’s trading room and view real-time trading. You can then buy and sell as instructed.

Ai Based Trading Platform

Interesting is You can customize the stock list that each AI Robot covers. So it eliminates recommendations for stocks you don’t want to trade.

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For example, Tickeron can help you find stocks with a “head and shoulders” pattern and send you notifications when they have such patterns. therefore can buy or sell short

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