Best Hidden Spy Apps For Iphone

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The iPhone spy app will be useful when you want to track the target user’s online activities. Otherwise, such an app can be used to keep tabs on their children’s smartphone usage. There are as many use cases as you can imagine.

However, not all spy apps are created equal. Some are exceptionally easy to use like eyeZy, while others are much more complex. Again, some apps are rich in terms of the features they offer, while others have only basic functionality. Here are our selection of the 10 best spy apps for iPhone.

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Iphone

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Iphone

The best part is, for any of these apps you need to root the target device first. Moreover, if you are using one of these, you do not need to install the app, because everything is done in the cloud.

Best Spy Apps For June 2022

Spyic is a well known iPhone spy app. In fact, this app supports multiple platforms and can be used to track target Android as well as iOS phones. The question is: What makes Spike a world leader in this field?

Millions of people around the world believe and use Spike every day. A closer look at the statistics will establish the point: the app is used in more than 190 countries around the world. It is widely known as a secure app with various features.

Spike is a no-jailbreaking solution which means you don’t have to jailbreak the target device. Many spy apps require users to remove the target device from the jail in order to gain access to advanced features such as social media monitoring.

However, for Spike you do not need to first remove or root the target device from jail. It also supports advanced features like social media monitoring without prior jailbreak. This is a big advantage of the app, as it makes it much easier to use.

Best Apps To Spy On Iphone (no Jailbreak & No App Installation)

The question is, how does Spike make it possible to spy on an iPhone remotely without jailbreak. Even without installing software on the target. This is made possible by a cloud-based solution.

The Spike iOS solution runs entirely in the cloud which means you need a browser to access the target phone. Everything is done in the cloud because the app syncs the target’s data remotely and displays it on your control panel.

Since no physical access is required to the device, the system operates in full stealth mode. It is very discreet and practically indistinguishable. Apps that require installation on the target phone are at risk of being exposed. Such apps can quickly drain the battery or slow down the phone. Spike finds a way to solve this problem.

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Iphone

All you have to do is set up your favorite browser and sign up for Spyic. On your dashboard you will see all the tracking controls to control the target remotely. This is the key to Spike’s strength: a unique combination of strength, flexibility and most importantly simplicity.

Best Hidden Spy Apps & Phone Spy Apps For Android & Ios Devices

Now that you know about the basic benefits of Spike, we will understand the process of setting up an app. This is much easier than you might think and the maximum will only take a few seconds.

Step 1: First go to the official Spyicand website to sign up for a free account. This will only take a few seconds. Make sure you write down your username and password. You will need these things later.

Step-2: Now, you will need the iCloud credentials of the remote device. Once you have the username and password, type it carefully. Allow the app to sync all data. This will take some time depending on the volume of data.

Step-3: Once the data is fully synchronized, open the Control Panel on your computer and go to the Dashboard section. Here you will see a navigation panel on the left with various options. You can choose to spy on social media posts or GPS locations.

How To Detect Hidden Spy App On Android Or Ios

Just click on the corresponding option in the navigation panel. Click ‘iMessages’ to view iMessages on target phone. Click on ‘Social Apps’ to view conversations on social media. You can see instant messages of Instagram, WhatsApp etc. here.

It is highly recommended to go through the Spike Live demo on its official website. This is a great way to see the app in action before using it yourself.

The iPhone spy app should be able to work without installing anything on the target. As you can see, we can set up everything with Spyic without installing any software. This is possible if the spike is completely cloud-based.

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Iphone

You basically don’t need a browser to use Spike. Just open the control panel in the browser and you can follow everything from here, remotely. Therefore, it is not necessary to have physical access to the device at any time.

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Cocospi is one of the best spy apps for the iPhone that has painted a niche for itself. It is used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. With the app, you can track the target iOS device remotely.

You can view instant messages on Instagram, Facebook messages and WhatsApp chats. You can view it after deleting the Snapchat message. This makes Cocospy a very powerful app. It is also possible to track the geographical location of the target.

You will also be able to set geofencing alerts so that you will receive alerts when the target user moves to a specific region. Thus, the app is highly characteristic.

Cocospy is an iPhone spy app that makes it really easy to track remote iOS devices. All you need is a web browser, because the solution is cloud-based. This means that physical access to the device is not required and you will only need the target’s iCloud credentials.

Best Spy Camera App For Iphone

Cocospy does not need to jailbreak the target device before you can use the application. Jailbreaking not only increases security risks for the target phone but can also be complicated for beginners.

Cocospy removes all complexity from the equation as it performs complete jailbreaking. It is very easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly.

You will find that it is very easy to get started using Cocospy. You only need to sign up for one account. Access the target user’s iCloud credentials and enter them into the app. Cocospy will now sync data remotely.

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Iphone

In a few moments you will see all the social media messages, SMS, GPS data and call logs. All you need is your favorite browser. Just log in to Control Panel and access everything via Cocospy Dashboard.

Best Free Spy Apps For Iphone In 2022

Phonesheriff is a parental control software that allows you to give your children control access. You can specify how long children can use the phone and what they can and cannot access.

However, Phonesheriff is not a fully developed spy app for the iPhone and does not provide you with a comprehensive feature like Spike or Cocospi. Furthermore, Phonesherif has been criticized for its weak security policy targeted by hackers who leak customer data.

Copy9 is another iPhone spyware app that allows you to spy on an iPhone without getting out of jail. It also supports various social media platforms. Although the app has many features, it has many shortcomings.

First, their customer support does not match. Users often complain about waiting times. Furthermore, the app requires that you first root the target device which is a complex process, to say the least. It also poses a security threat to the phone.

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If you’re looking for a simple solution that doesn’t require routing or jailbreaking, Spike and Cocospi are definitely worth considering. They can help you spy on iPhone without installing any software.

As the name suggests, AutoForward works by forwarding your data from the target device. It allows you to view WhatsApp messages, Instagram and photos on the target device. Auto Forward, however, requires you to root the target device first.

Again, this greatly increases the complexity of the app, making it difficult for beginners to use the app. In addition, the app’s customer service is being criticized for not meeting customer expectations. It usually takes several days for the request to be processed.

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Iphone

What’s more, this iPhone spy app has been accused of charging customers more than advertised on the website. It has been found that the AutoForward iOS solution also does not work for some users, which makes the app unusable after purchase. The app also does not support geo-fencing.

Best Free Hidden Spy Apps For Android

Customer service is an important factor when purchasing a spy app. Lastly, you need to have a backup if the app doesn’t work or if you’re having problems. An active customer support team can go a long way in improving customer satisfaction.

IKeyMonitor is spyware for iPhone. The app can be used to maintain parental control over digital devices. It can also block ads on the target device and also protect children from cyber threats.

However, iKeyMonitor has its own disadvantages. First,

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