Commercial Property Management Companies Denver Co

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When you partner with a real estate company, you are giving them the keys to real estate – be careful!

Property management is not just our job – it is a relationship between us, our landlord, our clients and our tenants. If these are important to you, we may be able to provide you with an award-winning asset management service for you, your property and your tenant.

Commercial Property Management Companies Denver Co

Commercial Property Management Companies Denver Co

Marketing Effective marketing is key to attracting high quality applicants. We provide customized market analysis for each asset we manage to maximize returns for your investment.

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Tenant Filter Our custom internal filter combines a custom process and advanced data search technology to screen out bad tenants and attract long-term residents.

Lease Performance and Renewal Our lease has been reviewed and approved by TS, a Colorado landlord law firm. We work respecting fair housing, Colorado housing, application review and remedy rights.

If we don’t pay the rent – we believe we don’t have to. On time, we will work to pay you every time.

Maintenance Our 24/7 maintenance center is always open to protect your property in the afternoon. We have low, standard and urgent protocols to ensure price control and pre-screening of all our suppliers.

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Financial Reporting With our detailed financial reporting tools and secure proprietary online access, you’ll have 24/7 access to your financial information online.

If eviction and pet protection is required, we will pay your legal fees – yes you read that correctly – we will. And … if a pet damages your property, we’ll pay for it!

Setting up your tenancy We will make every effort on your behalf to quickly make your property attractive to high quality tenants and tenants.

Commercial Property Management Companies Denver Co

Our tenant screening is very strict. Details +

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Our pet screening process is excellent. If a pet is injured, we will personally charge you up to $1,000. Details +

If we keep a tenant and break the lease for the first 12 months – we will be free. Details +

These 10 numbers will give you an idea of ​​how we work and help you determine if we are good for each other.

Key Points ● Many condominium investors do not have real estate insurance ● Homeowners Association insurance policy is very limited for individuals in the community • We recommend 4 specific types of insurance for condominium or townhome investors in HOA . You own a condom or the city … Read more +

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For any real estate investor, one of the biggest costs is rent. The ideal condition for your property is a long-term lease. Is it reasonable to expect a tenant to stay and rent for 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Yes it is possible! Grace Property Management has kept many residents with us for … Read more +

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