Private Online High Schools

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Thanks to several technological advances, nontraditional students can have a relatively traditional high school experience. Home-schooled students, foreign students or students living abroad, professional children, and students who cannot attend a brick-and-mortar high school due to anxiety or other learning challenges can enroll in an online high school to earn a high school diploma on their own terms. . These online high schools are often affiliated with some of the best schools in the country and offer updated schedules, self-contained classes, and a variety of course options.

Advantages School International is a fully accredited online school for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students can choose between two diplomas in any grade: a diploma in general studies or a diploma in college. Over 300 courses are available, including a wide selection of college AP courses. Students have a lot of freedom to develop educational plans that suit their individual goals and interests. Tuition for Benefits School International is now $3,950 per year. Students also have the option of enrolling in the course for $650 per semester.

Private Online High Schools

Private Online High Schools

Formerly Alpha Omega Academy, Ignite Christian Academy is one of the best Christian high schools available for online students. Students can choose to pursue a high school diploma track or a college prep track. The student is required to complete 21 credits each from a long list of interesting classes. Some of these include:

Choosing Online Private Schools

At Ignite, each student’s experience is guaranteed to be tailored and personalized to the student’s needs and circumstances. Tuition starts at $1,832.

Whether you’re a high school student looking for a flexible online environment or a senior needing to earn your high school diploma, Brigham Young University’s Independent Study Program has something to offer you. Students can choose from a wide list of classes, including AP courses and some university-level classes for those who want to work toward college credit. Tuition varies for each course, but ranges from $110 to $280 for high school courses. University level courses start at $212 per credit.

Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences is a highly ranked online high school that offers personalized tutoring and a solid industry reputation. Students can choose from two graduate tracks:

Classes are self-paced and available to students 24/7. There are several tuition options ranging from $2,496 to $7,495 depending on grade level and number of classes.

Top 10 Online High Schools In The Usa

While many online high schools are aimed at students who are able to work independently, Clonlara School offers courses fully supported by trained teachers. More than 80 classes are at the high school level, and students are expected to take at least five courses each semester. In addition to traditional classes, there are honors courses, ACT and SAT prep courses, and career exploration courses. Students are expected to create a portfolio of their best work and complete several hours of community service before graduation. Tuition ranges from $3,600 to $4,000 per year.

Excel is one of the most recognized online high schools. It is one of the cheapest. Instead of traditional tuition, students pay a subscription fee of $129 per month for the duration of the semester (or $199 per month for an honors high school diploma). This allows students to take four core and/or elective classes each semester. Nearly 100 high school, honors, AP, and college courses are available today. Each is taught by a teacher with a master’s degree or higher in the subject they teach.

Forest Trail Academy is a great online high school choice for students who don’t want to spend traditional time in the places they know best. Forest Trail’s self-paced curriculum includes 50 courses. This allows students to quickly brush up on their subjects while focusing on challenging areas for hours. Forest Trail works individually with each student and their family to create a program that best fits the student’s needs and academic aspirations. The current tuition rate is $3,350 per year for full-time classes in grades 9 through 12.

Private Online High Schools

Franklin Virtual High School is a fully accredited, fully online high school. It offers students a traditional high school track, independent study, or prep classes in anticipation of the GED, ACT, and SAT. This is a great option for students who need to reach their classes. Tuition varies and is based on the student’s choice of courses. Currently, courses range from $289 to $313, depending on whether it is a core class or an AP course.

The Top 30 Best Online High Schools In The United States

Greenways Academy has a rolling admission system. This means that students can choose to pursue a high school diploma from this ranked online high school when it is most convenient for them. Students also have the option of enrolling in full-time, part-time or one or both courses. Over 100 high school level courses available. In each class, students have the option to communicate one-on-one with their teacher. Greenways Academy prides itself on offering personalized courses. They modify their courses to fit the student’s 504 plan, or IEP. Current tuition ranges from $395 to $420 per course.

International Virtual Learning Academy is an online private school for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. High school students can tailor their education from over 350 courses. It includes many awards, APs and standards based on both secular and religious perspectives. In short, International Virtual Learning Academy allows students to find the exact education they are looking for. Adult learning and GED tracks available. Full-time, year-round tuition ranges from $2,579 to $3,779. Courses can also be purchased individually.

James Madison High School is a popular online high school choice for homeschoolers, expats, older students, and child professionals. The high school currently offers more than 40 courses to students. Although there are not many options in terms of class selection, students have the option of completing their courses at the traditional or college preparatory level. An online high school degree program costs $1,799 per year. Monthly payment options are also available.

K12 Private Academy – formerly known as K12 International Academy – strives to bring “individualized learning to all mind classes by removing barriers that prevent children from achieving their true potential”. To achieve that goal, K12 offers an affordable curriculum with easily accessible, self-contained classes for students. There are even student clubs that K12 students from around the world are members of. Students taking a full course load of six credits pay tuition of $6,995 per year.

Free Online High Schools: Important Info & Complete State Listings

Keystone School offers a variety of online options for high school students to transition while pursuing their diplomas. Students can enroll at any time thanks to Keystone’s rolling admissions policy. They can now choose from more than 170 courses, ranging from six languages ​​to life skills-focused courses to Advanced Placement classes. Students work through their courses at their own pace so they always have access to instructors. Full-time, diploma-seeking students at Keystone School typically take 5-6 courses per year at a cost of $1,800 to $2,800, depending on the classes chosen.

Laurel Springs offers its students the best of both worlds. It is a fast online program that provides a one-on-one teacher/student relationship. This is because Laurel Springs allows students to personalize their course of study according to their individual goals and interests. This is a unique feature of an industry that is often more methodical than creative. An extensive list to choose from includes digital photography, forensic science, veterinary science, and Holocaust history to name a few. Over 90% of Laurel Springs online students are accepted to their first choice college. To graduate, students must complete 23.5 credits. Tuition varies based on several factors, but is typically $750 for a semester-long college preparatory course, $875 for an honors lab-based course of the same length, and $1,100 for a semester-long Advanced Placement course.

Students interested in pursuing a unique Christian curriculum can enroll in Liberty University’s online academy. Each course is taught from a biblical perspective. However, students can choose from a variety of study formats that best suit their needs and learning style. General Studies students must complete 26 credits, while Advanced Studies students must complete 30 credits. Courses include American Literature, Creative Writing, Spanish, History of the Constitution, and more. Tuition averages $3,568.50 per year.

Private Online High Schools

For those interested in classical education, Memoria Press Online Academy is a great one. Classes are live and cover subjects such as Latin, Greek, Moral Philosophy, Classical Studies, Logic & Rhetoric. Students can choose to continue their online education on a course-by-course basis or participate in a 28-credit high school diploma program. The average annual cost for a high school student at Memoria Press Online Academy is $2,500.

Online High School

Mother of Divine Grace School (MODG) is one of the few top Catholic online high schools. The school offers many options for families to ensure that each student gets the experience that is right for them. These experiences include:

Online students have a variety of options

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