Antivirus Software For Android Phones

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Android is a big target like Windows and is also vulnerable to viruses. Unlike Windows, it is very small in the way of built-in protection. Google tries to keep infected apps out of the Play Store, but many apps skim Google’s network, so don’t rely on this.

And viruses aren’t simply a nasty thing: cybercriminals come up with more creative ways to hack your device and – ultimately – steal your ID, money and more.

Antivirus Software For Android Phones

Antivirus Software For Android Phones

The good news is that running a top antivirus app on your Android phone (or tablet) helps prevent these viruses from getting anywhere near your device.

Antivirus For Android For Free

As with Windows, there is a selection of completely free antivirus apps for Android and ones you pay for. The same difference applies: Free apps don’t contain all the features you get in paid apps.

One important difference with some free Android antivirus apps is that some of them don’t offer real-time monitoring. This means they’re not constantly looking for malware: you have to open the app and hit the “Scan” button to check for any problems.

Another thing to keep in mind is that paid subscriptions often cover multiple devices, so for a few pounds or dollars per month, you can install protection on your Windows and Android devices (and really are MacOS and iOS). If you’re looking for this kind of protection, read our roundup of the best antivirus software.

Nowadays, Android antivirus apps are doing more than you can expect. These typically include a VPN, which alerts you to possible scams, manages your passwords, blocks unauthorized applications from your phone’s camera and microphone, and allows you to wipe your device. remotely if the device is lost or stolen.

Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android In 2022

There are two versions of Bitdefender for Android. One is a completely free Bitdefender antivirus app and the other is called Security and Mobile Antivirus, which is not free.

The former only does one job: protect your Android phone or tablet from viruses. And it does a great job: in the latest AV-Test report for November 2021, Bitdefender caught 100% of the viruses thrown at it, all without affecting performance or age. device battery life.

This sounds great, but you get more protection in the Mobile Antivirus and Security app. One of the most helpful is to warn about potentially dangerous links in SMS and other messages and notifications to help you avoid being scammed.

Antivirus Software For Android Phones

App lock is also very good. Not only does it allow you to prevent access to specific apps with a PIN, but you can also configure it so that apps remain unlocked for 30 seconds after you close or switch to another app, or remains unlocked when your phone is on a Wi-Fi network (Such as your home).

Microsoft’s New Android Antivirus App Is Now Available In Preview

There’s also Web Protection that warns you about potentially corrupted websites, whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or one of a number of other web browsers.

Add to this identity protection, alerts you if any of your e-mail addresses are found to be breached, and some useful anti-theft features and it’s a great all-round security app. great.

Yes, you also get a VPN, but this is a cut-down, limited version of Bitdefender’s full VPN service. It’s only good for a little browsing, but you’re better off using a separate VPN app. There are a few other limitations: it may not block calls, back up data, or have any parental controls, but for everything else it’s a great package.

If you just want security for your Android device, Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus is very reasonably priced at £9.99/$14.99 per year. An alternative is to purchase Bitdefender Total Security, which allows you to install the app on up to five devices, including PCs, laptops, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets. At the time of writing, it costs £35/$44.99 for the first year, rising to £69.99/$89.99 after that.

The Best Antivirus For Android In 2022: Free & Paid For Apps

Norton used to offer free Android antivirus, but no longer. This means you’ll have to pay, but there are various options of a single-device subscription (Norton Mobile Security) £9.99 / $15 (for the first year), Norton 360 for a subscription. sign up for a mobile device for £40/$50 and Norton 360 Deluxe protects five devices for $85 / $105 per year, but discounted to $30 / $35 for the first year first.

And unlike recent years, everything is integrated into a single app: there’s no need to run separate apps for antivirus, VPN, and ID protection.

Like Bitdefender Mobile Security, it scored full marks in AV-Test’s latest report, blocking 100% of threats and having no impact on performance or battery life.

Antivirus Software For Android Phones

In addition to malware protection, you get warnings from potentially dangerous text messages, websites, and Wi-Fi networks. But it’s the app advisor that really shines, alerting you to possible apps in the play store before you install them, as well as installing apps that use too much data or have bad behavior. suspicious vi.

Does Your Android Smartphone Need An Antivirus App?

Also, provided you subscribe to the 360 ​​version and not the basic mobile security version, you can also use Norton’s unlimited VPN and its dark web monitoring service. All versions include call blocking and recovery of lost or stolen devices.

You can install and use it for free and get a lot of features without paying. However, you will see a lot of posts about ‘premium’, including when ‘advanced issues’ are found during the first scan. In fact, these are simply features you don’t get as a free, slightly geeky customer.

The good news is that while a lot of permissions are required for everything Avast can do, they are only requested when you try to use the feature, such as cleaning up junk files and ‘leaves’ Web Shield’ warns you of dangerous websites before you. Visit them.

In addition to top-level malware protection, there’s a built-in VPN that gives you a massive 5GB per week allowance. You can’t pick a location unless you’re a paying customer, but for security when you’re browsing the web or using public Wi-Fi, this is a real bonus.

Do I Really Need Android Antivirus?

There is also an option to check for data breaches, and you can enter an e-mail address to check even if you use the app without an Avast account.

No call blocking, no doge-link alerts in text messages, and no anti-theft feature, but if you still don’t have antivirus, One Essential is a great choice. for Android users.

If you want to upgrade to Premium, you have to pay £40/$50 for the first year and £80/$100 after that, but this doesn’t include five devices.

Antivirus Software For Android Phones

Previously, Kaspersky’s Android protection was annoying because it required four separate apps. It’s more integrated now: antivirus and VPN protection are under the same roof. Unfortunately, the password manager is still a separate app and no parental controls are included. This is a separate subscription (unless you subscribe to Full Privacy or Secure Cloud), but there’s always another app on Android.

Best Antivirus For Android 2022: The Best Free And Paid For Apps To Keep You Safe From Viruses, Phishing Scams And Dodgy Apps

Like Bitdefender, there are both paid and free versions. Only with Kaspersky, both use the same application. That means free users will see a lot of prompts to upgrade to the Premium version, which is unfortunate. At least no third-party ads.

They’ll also miss the new anti-phishing feature that warns you of any malicious links in text messages, and real-time automatic virus scanning, web protection, and app locking.

However, this means you still get more of what Bitdefender offers. Internet security – even the free version – includes call filtering (which actually works), anti-theft, data leak testing (a unique e-mail address for free users), scanning of weak settings, password manager and VPN.

Both the latter are limited editions, even paid users can only save 15 passwords and 300MB of data per day for use with the VPN.

Top 10 Best Antivirus Apps For Android

However, the antivirus protection is excellent. AV-Test’s November 2021 report gives it a perfect score of 18/18, although it can’t block 100% of attacks. However, this prevents 99.9% of device infections compared to the industry average of 97.1%. And keep in mind that performance for any anti-virus application varies from month to month.

To protect just one Android device with the Premium version costs £14.99/US.

McAfee used to offer a free Android antivirus app called Mobile Security. This has been replaced by McAfee Security – the former separate VPN integration.

Antivirus Software For Android Phones

However, you will need to register to use it. Even if you want to use the free trial, you need to sign up for an account.

The Best Protection Apps For Android In Spring Of 2022

Of course, the core malware protection is still the same as in the old app, and it blocked 100% of malware samples in the latest report from AV-Test. In fact, McAfee will have a clean board in all tests if it doesn’t flag a legitimate app as malware. However, this is only a single application out of nearly 1500 tested applications. As you’d expect, this protection works in the background, constantly monitoring for any threats: you don’t have to remember to manually scan for viruses.

The app will scan any Wi-Fi network and say

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