New Chrome Update Issues

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Yesterday, Google officially released the stable version of Chrome 98 to the public. This is in line with Google’s four-week release schedule for stable updates. The previous Chrome 97 brought a controversial keyboard API. Browsers such as Firefox and Safari have announced that they will no longer support the API. To check the version installed in Chrome, go to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome. This is only for Chrome users using the stable version. When the update page opens, the browser will display the active version and check for updates.

As soon as it detects a new update, the new version will start downloading and installing automatically. According to Google, Chrome 98 fixes 27 separate security issues. Interestingly, all of these vulnerabilities have high severity ratings. A high rating is inferior only to a critical rating. This means that users should update as soon as possible. Click here for the full list of security updates.

New Chrome Update Issues

New Chrome Update Issues

Chrome 98 seems to be a bug fix update as it doesn’t include many new features. This system contains only 10 features, many of which will only be relevant to developers. This system also does not support SDES WebRTC key exchange mechanisms. It “exposes session keys in JavaScript…”. It also allows attackers to “decrypt media files sent over the connection.” Also, this new Chrome 98 update is the first browser to implement COLRv1 gradient vector fonts.

Android System Webview & Google Chrome Update Problem Solution

COLRv1 will allow for smaller emoji files, reaching a size that also makes it possible to use this color vector font as an emoji font format on the web.

Since then, Apple has listed one thing it liked and ten things it didn’t appreciate about the new addition. Also, Apple’s Safari browser won’t implement it.

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About the Author Efe Udin I am a professional geologist and passionate writer with an interest in technology. I sleep and wake up with my cell phone, 24/7 data connection. My computer is never more than a meter away from me. Twitter Facebook On February 14, the company reported that hackers took advantage of the high-level Zero Day vulnerability found in all Chrome browsers. Forbes reports that the zero-day vulnerability is the first of the year.

How To Fix Chrome Update Problem / Google Chrome Update Problem Solutions / In Hindi

Google, which has released a total of 11 security patches, says it will release an updated version of Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux in the coming days and weeks, known as version 98.04758.102.

Users can check if they have the latest version of Chrome installed by going to Settings. Chrome will need to be restarted before any changes in the update take effect.

Chrome currently has about 3.2 billion users worldwide, according to Forbes, making it a prime target for hackers looking to exploit vulnerable data.

New Chrome Update Issues

The zero-day exploit is the most commonly used Use-No-Free exploit against Chrome, which was tracked as CVE-2022-0609 and found in its Animation component.

Google Chrome 102 Update Patches 32 Security Issues (one Critical)

“Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2022-0609 exists in the wild,” the security update said, the company said.

Google last dealt with a zero-day vulnerability in December, when it was among five security flaws the company announced it was fixing.

This zero-day vulnerability brings the total for the past year to 17 for Google Chrome, which included two high-level bug fixes in October and a separate use-after-free vulnerability discovered in June, Duo said.

In December, Google asked a federal judge to dismiss a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company collected data from Chrome users without their consent.

Google Chrome Update In Mobile

Google claimed that Chrome users consented to the collection of their data when they signed an agreement with the account holder before starting to use the web browser.

Meanwhile, in June 2020, three Chrome users filed a class-action lawsuit against Google, alleging that the company improperly collected their data while using the browser’s private mode.

Users argued that the collection of their data while they were in so-called “stealth mode” was a violation of their privacy and a violation of federal wiretapping laws.

New Chrome Update Issues

In addition, users alleged that Google misled its users into believing that they had control over how much of their data was shared with it and other third parties.

Google Issues Emergency Security Update For All Chrome Users, Zero Day

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Google is issuing an emergency update to Chrome after discovering that hackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability. Last week, Google released an emergency update to its Chrome browser after confirming that it had been used by hackers. Read more

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Google Chrome Update Stuck In My Android 10 Device


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The Chrome team is pleased to announce the upgrade of Chrome 102 to the stable version for Windows (102.0.5005.61/62/63), 102.0.5005.61 for Mac and Linux. Chrome 102 is also promoted in our new extended stable channel for Windows and Mac. This will be rolled out over the next few days/weeks.

Chrome 102 is now available for desktop and mobile. Google releases updates over time to the entire population. Computer users using Chrome can speed up the update installation to fix security issues faster.

New Chrome Update Issues

Selecting Menu > Help > About Chrome will display the version of your installed browser. Chrome checks for updates when you open the page; it should get the new version and install it automatically.

Google Chrome 98 Stable Update Fixes 27 Security Issues

Chrome updates on Android are backed up by Google Play, which means there’s no way to speed up updates to Android.

Google Chrome 102 is available as a stable channel version and an extended channel stable version. Stable versions are updated every 4 weeks, extended stable versions every 8 weeks.

The update contains a total of 32 security fixes. One release has the highest criticality rating, several others have a high criticality rating. The critical security issue is described as “Use after payment

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