Criminal Justice Courses List

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1 Faculty of Social Administration Department of Social Work 1. Name of Curriculum Master’s Program in Criminal Justice Administration 2. Name of Degree Master of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration) M.A. Knowledge and skills in both academic, administrative and practical criminal justice administration. Degree development where qualified people are required to work at various agencies across the country with high academic performance and the ability to become academics with better behavior and ethics. 4. Promote further academic and professional advances in criminal justice administration through the use of interdisciplinary methods 5. Develop trainers to gain insights into more modern, comprehensive and deeper criminal justice research. 5. Education system 1. The program offers evening courses. The double semester system has two program options that students can choose based on their interests that are deemed appropriate. Plan A: Degree project Plan B: 2.1 Extensive degree requirements according to the standard for non-dissertation program 2528/2985 and postgraduate courses at the Ministry of University Affairs by doing some elective courses. Plan A: Students can take comprehensive exams – 12 credits When they complete, they must receive a grade of 3.00 inches. All Graduate Work Plan B: Students can take a comprehensive degree after completing all courses and will be allowed to graduate during the first semester of the expected degree year after completing 2 semesters and less than 12 credits and a grade of less than 3.00 After maintaining a points average (G.P.A); And must pass a comprehensive degree at P level. Course syllabus 6.1 Total requirements 39 credits 6.2 Course structure Plan A – Compulsory courses = 6 (18 credits) – Compulsory elective courses = 3 (9 credits) – Dissertation (12 credits) Plan B – Compulsory courses = 6 (18 credits)) Compulsory elective courses = 3 (9 credits) – Free elective course = 4 (12 credits)

2 6.3 Course list Requirements Courses CJ601 Social change and development in Thai society 3 credits CJ602 Criminology and Penological Theory 3 credits SW622 Criminal Justice Administration 3 credits CJ604 Computer social science research 3 credits Criminal Justice CJ605 Criminal Justice C Treat Management 62 credits Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation 3 credits CJ613 Forensic Science 3 credits CJ711 Comprehensive Criminal Justice 3 credits CJ799 Individual studies 3 credits free elective courses C3J5C credits Delinquency 3 credits 3 credits CJ716 CJ718 Domestic violence 3 credits SW Par2J Corede, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC, SWC and SW663 Credit Corrections in the Social Security Act: Analysis sis and assessment 3 higher education credits Degree project 7. Degree project Students may not complete less than 4 regular semesters and a maximum of 14 regular semesters in the double semester system. Course details Requirements Courses CJ601 Social change and development in Thai society 3 credits Analysis of social change and development in Thai society from past to present with focus on economic, social, political structure. CJ602 Criminology and penological theory 3 higher education credits from the classical age CJ602 Criminology and penological theory 3 higher education credits Study of criminal theories in terms of the nature and causes of crime at present; Participation in ideological perspectives on criminalization, criminal justice systems and broader criminal control issues. SW622 Criminal Justice Administration 3 Credit Study of the structure, powers and functions of criminal justice authorities and management analysis; System operation; Planning and policies; Implementation and decision making. (Field visits and observations from other authorities will also be included).

Criminal Justice Courses List

Criminal Justice Courses List

3 CJ604 Computer in social science research 3 Study of basic computer knowledge for collecting credit data and application of social science research and basic statistical principles. Criminal law issues include an emphasis on quantitative research for information, as well as explanatory and provocative statistics. CJ605 Criminal Justice Research 3 A study of basic knowledge of techniques, designs and strategies for credit research methodology, with an emphasis on crime and victim data collection. An analysis of trends and knowledge building from research results. CJ701 Seminar on criminal law problems 3 Credit analysis and exploration of various issues of criminal law, legislation, law enforcement and enforcement of criminal law and results that affect criminal law. Steps and methods for solving problems; Crisis in criminal law activities and criminal law in the current situation. Compulsory elective courses CJ611 Rehabilitation and treatment of offenders 3 credits A study and analysis of the development of treatment of offenders in terms of historical, social aspects; The philosophy of treating and treating offenders, the pattern of dealing with offenders who violate the Constitution, and other legislation on the treatment of offenders that have been widely used in Thai society, as well as techniques for dealing with offenders. CJ612 Security Management 3 A study of key principles and issues for credit security management, in particular personal security and real estate and building issues; Arson and various robberies and terrorism through partnership training with government, NGOs and companies. CJ613 Forensic Science 3 credits Knowledge studies in forensic science, evidence, evidence trading, maintenance and protection of document integrity, personal and various evidence as well as current issues / barriers in evidence management and administration, personnel support and consultation Works in this area. CJ711 Comprehensive Criminal Justice 3 higher education credits A study of comparative criminal justice issues in Thailand and abroad, with emphasis on different countries’ structure, functions, organization and law enforcement, and the role of the criminal justice system in crime prevention and crime prevention. studied. The importance of promoting social justice in society. CJ799 Individual study 3 credits Study of subjects of individual interest under the guidance of a lecturer in each area. Free elective course CJ713 Economic Crimes 3 Credits Study Definitions, Criminal Trends and Economic Crime Outcomes, including an analysis of various government initiatives to combat such crimes, as well as trends in the seriousness of future global economic crimes. CJ714 Criminal Justice Theories 3 Credit Criminal Law Theories, Evolution of Philosophy, Study of Principles and Social Fundamentals and Analysis of future change in these laws.

Grcc Criminal Justice Department Makes Nationwide Top 50 List

4 CJ715 Juvenile Delinquency 3 credits Study of juvenile delinquency concepts, theories and research in terms of definitions, causes, subcultures of juvenile delinquents; The process of entering a criminal career; And identification and analysis of various institutions for criminals in the juvenile justice system; As well as a review of the prevention and remediation of juvenile delinquency, victim behavior and the relationship between victims and offenders, as well as assistance and compensation from governmental and non-governmental organizations; And ways to prevent recurrence for victims. CJ717 Community Role in Crime Prevention 3 credits Study and analyze key societal roles in Thai society, both directly and indirectly, in crime prevention and control, involving the non-governmental sector and improving social relations with more emphasis on public hearing and public responsibility CJ718 Domestic violence Credits Study sources and different models for domestic crime as well as legal or social measures and practices with perpetrators in connection with abuse of marriage and children SW663 Probation, pardon, conditional release and aftercare 3 credits Study and analysis of essential techniques and methods for probation, pardon, probation release and aftercare systems in both credit theory and practice. CJ720 Community Based Reforms 3 credits Study of social structure, various changes that lead to crime problems, the role of society in the management of criminals; The principles, methods and services that society can provide criminals both in prison and in society. At the same time, it is the criminals’ responsibility to promote PR and increase social awareness, as well as to rehabilitate and rehabilitate. SW661 Law and Social Control 3 credits a

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