Latest Android Update Issues

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If you are aware of custom technology announcements, you must have heard of some users experiencing issues with OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro OxygenOS 12 Updates. However, it was almost a year ago when the company first launched this smartphone. Also, the application configuration of these smartphones is noticeable. But all of a sudden, we see a lot of complaints about these smartphone models coming out on the internet.

We have also looked at the cases that occurred on the OnePlus 9 Series and have listed them. These cases are not serious cases, just normal operation cases. Fortunately, we have all the solutions for the given problem. Initially, today we will discuss the problems of OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro and how to fix them.

Latest Android Update Issues

Latest Android Update Issues

The fact that the OnePlus 9 Series was originally designed to provide a valuable experience to the user is considered to be the best in the Smartphone section, but the different OnePlus 9 Series users are facing a lot of issues with their smartphones. So, without further discussion, let’s look at all the problems with their solutions.

Oneplus Halts Android 12 Update Due To Various Issues

This is another case that also occurs after upgrading to Oxygen OS 12. When any USB-C type headphones are connected, they do not connect properly. However, this is not a virus because most of your phone’s OTG settings are disabled after the update. So the only solution to this is to activate OTG Settings. You can get help for this from: Settings >> Settings >> Enable OTG Storage.

This issue is a common one not only on the OnePlus 9 Series but in general on most smartphones. However, the reason behind this case is still under investigation. The developers are currently trying to find out why. However, different user tricks suggest some of the solutions listed below:

If you are using the OnePlus Key Feature to set up your new phone then you are sure to face the case of Android Auto. For this, you need to re-install the Android Auto application from the Google Play Store. Then, your problem will be solved.

Also, check the Android Auto settings and make sure all settings are set to default. For this you can follow the given method: Settings >> Bluetooth & Device Connection >> Android Auto.

Oneplus 8 Series New Patch Fixes Issues From Previous Android 12 Based Oxygen Os Update

OnePlus 9 series users who updated their operating system to Oxygen OS 12 are facing an issue. That they could not remove the google search page. However, in Oxygen OS 12 it is as good as the developers removed the “Uninstall Google Discover” option. Even if you can remove all the cards from the Google settings, you cannot remove the search tool shown above.

Many OnePlus 9 Series users are reporting that they are receiving delayed application notifications. There may be different factors for this, especially software updates. So make sure your smartphone is updated to the latest software version. But other than that, there are more complex solutions that you should choose. These solutions are outlined below.

First of all, it is possible that the battery optimization function of your Phone is causing this issue. For this, you need to turn off this feature using Settings >> >> Best Battery >> Select Application >> Improve.

Latest Android Update Issues

Second, you can also try deleting the automated notification settings. You can do this by selecting Settings >> Applications & Notifications >> Important access to apps: Exercise Notifications and None.

Issues After Latest Android Update . Anyone Had This/know How To Fix? I Have Tried Restarting My Phone Uninstalling And Reinstalling The App. Still Happens ? Any Suggestions Would Be Very Much

This issue did not occur initially, but after the update to Oxygen OS 12, many OnePlus 9 Series users were unable to turn off the alarm from the lock screen. Alarm notification is displayed but not ringtone.

The first solution to this problem is if you encounter this issue after upgrading to Oxygen OS 12. So, if you are very confused, you can go back to OS 11 until the problem is fixed.

Some users are reporting that deleting App data has solved this issue. So, to clear App data, you can follow Method given: Settings >> Applications & notifications >> Select Application timer >> Storage & Cache >> Clear storage & Clear cache

Undoubtedly, the OnePlus 9 Series Camera is designed with many great features, but users continue to report a number of camera related issues. Some of the problems are taking pictures, inability to focus, and things that get worse when you sleep. So, below are some corrections. You can try any of these.

Android Q Beta 3 Issues: Beware Of Ota Download Issue

The most important solution to this problem is if you encounter this issue after upgrading to Oxygen OS 12. So if you are more worried about your camera security, you will have to wait for the next update.

It is possible that the Camera App has exposed to some corrupt data causing camera cases. For this, you need to clear the camera app data stored in the system sections. You can also get help from a given method. – Settings >> Applications & Notifications >> Select Camera Application >> Storage & Cache >> Storage Removal & Clear Cache Removal

Well, the connectivity issues are primarily Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Separate cases are available for both. However, here we will tell you about the major problems with connection. In this regard, OnePlus 9 series users cannot connect with another connection. However, with the upcoming OS update, issues may be resolved completely. But still, we give you some tricky solutions to get rid of them.

Latest Android Update Issues

Some users say that deleting the batter storage led to the resolution of the problem. You can do the same with the help of the given method: Settings >> Battery >> Saving power >> Activate.

How To Fix The Oxygenos 12 Update Issue On Oxygen 9 And 9 Pro Guide For Android 12 Troubleshooting

Make sure your Bluetooth settings are set to default. So, to achieve this, follow the given path-Settings >> Bluetooth & Connecting Device >> Enable default settings.

Overall, these are different issues faced by many OnePlus 9 Series owners. However, most of the problems are the result of OS 12 update. In this case, you can try the fixes given above. And if you are still facing the issue, you only have the option to wait for the upcoming OS update.

Hopefully we can all hope you have the right content on issues related to OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro and how to fix them. It is also well known that there are fixes for each OnePlus 9 Series cases. Regarding this, if any user has any questions, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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Galaxy A52 User Faced Some Lagging Issues After Installing One Ui 4.0 Update [android 12]

Android 11 has been around for a while and we continue to see a lot of complaints about bugs and performance issues. Google has addressed some of these issues in the latest versions of Android 11. The September Pixel update is currently rolling out to the Pixel 3, Pixel 4, and Pixel 5.

In this guide, we will take you to the current state of affairs of Android 11 cases. bugs, and say what’s coming after Google.

You may want to install the latest version of Android 11 right now. However, before entering the record, make sure you prepare yourself and your device for the task.

Latest Android Update Issues

You can’t predict exactly how software will work on your Pixel. Some of you may see job opportunities, others may encounter bugs or work issues. Preparing for installation will help you reduce the number of potential problems you may encounter.

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We have provided a guide to walk you through the boot process used before installing the latest Android software on our Pixel devices.

Unless you have a lot of time devoted to the boot process, you will want to make sure all your files are backed up properly.

Data loss cases are rare these days, but this is an important step you should take before upgrading from Android 10 to Android 11 or from one Android 11 version to another.

Some Pixel users encounter loading issues. If you have issues with the Android 11 installation process, check out our guide.

Issues After Android 12 Update.

Pixel users are also complaining of many other issues, including connectivity issues, problems with first- and third-party applications, strange battery drain, UI lag, voice issues, multitasking issues, issues with media controls , and much more.

Android 11 reported

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