Commercial Property Management In San Diego

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MAIN offers commercial property management services for all types of property, including malls, malls, office buildings and office parks, industrial and mixed-use office buildings and other non-residential or mixed-use buildings or projects.

MAIN understands the balance between satisfying our customers and monitoring operations. The main team is more equipped to develop operational strategies with the goal of making tenants and landlords happy with the results of their investments, working with short- and long-term objectives with a predetermined budget. Maine’s stated philosophy is that the right tenant and the right lease terms reduce the contact between liabilities and vacancies while increasing the bottom line.

Commercial Property Management In San Diego

Commercial Property Management In San Diego

In addition to industry-leading services, local and national experience and expertise, MAIN offers you the tools you need to set goals, solve potential problems, and propose solutions; Which achieves opportunities and goals.

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We also understand that different properties require different approaches to asset management and our dedicated team is flexible with many years of experience and highly innovative solutions. MAIN is looking for opportunities to sell and manage assets in a unique way.

Our service offers are based on our online resources: CoStar, LoopNet, Property Line,,, Commercial Information Exchange and CDX [Commercial Brokerage Communications Catalyst]. Our web resources are designed to help you create the most effective tenant searches and increase inventory availability.

A dedicated property website with a custom URL is created for your property. The website is listed on both our local and commercial national websites and is available to directors, property owners, investors, brokers and potential tenants who are looking for commercial real estate online.

We will create a marketing plugin for projects and email packages for all interested parties in our extensive email database. We will effectively track, target, and find leads by reporting potential contacts with our clients.

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We will create an email marketing package for the project and email it to all interested parties in our extensive email database. We will effectively track, target, and find leads by reporting potential contacts with our clients.

We will create a colorful brochure highlighting the features and benefits of the property. The brochure includes relevant photographs of the property, building highlights, location description, aerial photographs, demographics and / or proposed development plans and contact information. MAIN is flexible and we will adapt to what is most convenient for you.

Project management plan. The plan brings together many different decisions in one place and presents them in a structured way, making it easier for employees, decision makers and even project investors to understand how project staff and management will be managed. The property manager or agent must review the plan with the owner every year. Changes to the plan must be submitted to the owner, who must approve them before making any changes.

Commercial Property Management In San Diego

General Policies and Procedures: The agent is responsible for establishing the general policies under which the project will operate. The agent must implement the policies and perform daily operations on the object or project.

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Annual Operating Budget: Within thirty (30) days from the date of the contract, the agent should submit a proposed itemized operating budget to the owner with adequate details of the estimated monthly income, cash and operating expenses of the property. , For the remainder of the calendar year, property taxes, insurance premiums, employee salaries, if any, manager’s compensation and others. This Agreement must be submitted to the owner for the same operating budget for each subsequent half-year period, at least thirty (30) days before the commencement of each subsequent half-year period of the calendar year in which this Agreement applies. The operating budget submitted by the agent, once approved by the owner, usually requires the owner to bear the costs associated with the operation of the property. The agent will provide a written analysis of both monthly and annual differences, budget and actual operating reports.

Reserve: The project must have reserve accounts for funding from operations and to be included in the annual operating budget. Reserved accounts are:

Insurance: If the owner informs the agent about the insurance related to the property and requests the agent to keep and maintain such insurance, the agent should arrange the placement (at the owner’s expense and expense). Such insurance is and always is effective. All such insurance will be held by such companies on such terms, in such amounts and with beneficial interests acceptable to the owner and in all other cases will be consistent with any mortgages that burden the property from time to time, but will include civil liability coverage to the extent acceptable to the owner. Unless the employer feels the agent needs to cover and maintain such insurance, the employer will provide liability insurance at the owner’s expense and at his own expense, including physical injury, property damage and physical injury.

Agent Lease Negotiation: The agent has the responsibility, rights and authority to negotiate all new leases, lease renewals for all apartments and / or property premises. The rent of all units and / or areas of the property, including premises, common areas and parking spaces, are subject to a formal lease agreement in a form acceptable to the owner’s power of attorney. The owner hereby gives the agent the right and authority to sign and renew the lease on behalf of the owner for a period of more than one (1) year and / or cancel the lease on the project or any part thereof. The landlord hereby gives the agent the right and authority to negotiate and sign on behalf of the landlord that may be required to enforce and fulfill any lease, including, but not limited to, subordinate agreements, non-infringement and power of attorney. , According to merit. All borrowers and / or third parties.

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Real Estate Commission: Subject to the terms of the contract, the owner agrees to pay the agent and the agent agrees to accept for his services, as a full compensation for each negotiated and binding lease (lease) or renewal of the lease. s) Commissions levied on rent payable to the owner, legally enforceable by the owner.

Lease Execution: The agent will do his best to ensure that each tenant fulfills the terms of his lease in a timely manner. Voluntary consent will be underlined. However, according to the relevant procedure provided in the tenant’s lease, the agent may legally initiate proceedings to terminate any lease when (according to the agent) sufficient reason exists under the tenant’s lease terms, including, but not limited to, non-payment of rent. To this end, the agent is authorized, at the expense of the owner, to file a legal consultation and start drafting petitions in respect of such actions, to file eviction claims and notices of release, provided that the agent must comply with the owner’s wishes If so, any such action must follow the instructions given by the owner. Attorney’s fees and other necessary expenses related to such acts are paid from the settlement account as operating expenses.

Maintenance, repair and operation: The agent will ensure that the property is maintained and repaired at the owner’s full expense and expense, in accordance with local regulations and in a condition acceptable to the owner. Without preceding limits, the property must be maintained in a condition in which the competition projects are underway in the area, such maintenance includes internal and external cleaning, landscaping, painting, repair and restoration, but not so limited.

Commercial Property Management In San Diego

Other Services: The services provided by the agent under the terms of this Agreement are general management services; And if the agent is required to serve beyond the normal scope expected from the managing agent (for example, but not so limited, participation in major repairs or renovations, post-fire reconstruction, establishment of tenant improvements, compliance with unexpected government requirements). Provisions requiring substantial administrative duties) The agent shall receive separate compensation for such exceptional services. If the agent needs to make any major repairs or renovations, renewals after a fire, or unexpected government regulations requiring important administrative duties, the agent will be paid ___________ (__) by the owner. %) Of the total cost of construction, all major and ancillary costs such as architectural / engineering fees or plan permits, at the rate of __________ (______) dollars per hour, whichever is more applicable to certain conditions. The consumer price index of all consumers in the region where the property is located increases every hour per year for a change in the index.

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Agent’s End-of-Year Responsibilities: The agent’s responsibilities under this agreement include (a) coordinating the lease and agreeing to the final terms of each lease; (b) recommending and requesting all service providers and vendors to embody in written agreements approved and signed by the agent on behalf of the employer; (c) Supervise the performance of all services and supplies

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