Denver Commercial Roofing Company

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J&K Roofing, Inc. is an innovative roofing company, offering unparalleled customer service, excellent work performance, and unique product installation. Built in 1984, our company is built on family values ​​and exceptional workmanship. That foundation remains firmly in place today. The family-owned and operated company continues to serve the larger Denver / Metro and Front Range communities, with more than 50,000 landfills and commercial properties.

As leading roofers in the Denver & Front Range area, we understand that it can be difficult to choose a roofing contractor. There are many roofing companies to choose from, many of which will show up at your door after a storm, but our experience and dedication to your satisfaction sets J&K Roofing Contractors apart from our competition. When you choose a roofer, you want the company to rotate and stand behind the work they do.

Denver Commercial Roofing Company

Denver Commercial Roofing Company

Not many Denver roofing companies can say that! Throughout the year it serves the Metro Denver area. If you work for an established company in Colorado and the people who live and work where you work are important to you. You’ve found it!

Commercial Roofing Repair Services

Remember when a roofing contractor would take care of everything? We keep doing that! Obtaining permits, choosing materials, explaining the insurance process, construction supervision, inspections … this is our job. We covered you.

Nothing is hidden here. Not in our sleeves. In fact, we proudly put our reviews front and center. J&K Roofing denver company has a dedicated service department with real people. If you need a roof repair in Thornton or any other Denver area metro community now or in the future, here we are!

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our web pages. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy. Whether installing a new, complex roof system or applying a waterproofing system to an existing roof, our experience spans many industries and roof types with a proven track record of outstanding performance.

Commercial Roofing Denver Co

Colorado Superior Roofing boasts a reputation as one of Denver’s best commercial roofers. Our extensive client list includes building owners, local and national general contractors, and property management companies. You can count on us to always provide you with an honest, direct assessment focused on your best interests.

We understand that your roof is not something you waste time thinking about. That’s why we stay ahead of every new product and installation method for you. After a thorough review of your project, commercial roofing experts at Colorado Superior Roofing will discuss the pros and cons of all the options available to you. We will make sure every detail is covered so you can make an informed decision about the best solution for your specific needs.

From months of snow and ice to hot, dry summers, Colorado’s industrial and commercial roofs are subject to extreme changes over time. These ongoing changes can cause confusion in flat roof systems and, over time, Colorado’s need for reliable and professional commercial roofing skills becomes increasingly important.

Denver Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial roofing contractors at Colorado Superior Roofing provide the best commercial roof maintenance, waterproofing, and repair services for Denver and the surrounding area. Our professional commercial flat roof experts use the highest quality construction materials, including EPDM rubber roofing, modified bitumen roofing materials, and TPO roofing systems, to install high quality flat roofs that are guaranteed durable over years of use and exposure.

Denver Commercial Roofing

We can help maintain, replace, and maintain water in your commercial building. Make sure your roof is in prime condition and ready for all four seasons with the help of our commercial roofing team.

Our leak repair bodies are some of the best in the industry. We have performed fast, reliable, high-quality repairs to hundreds of commercial roofs in Colorado. We’re also doing something that many other companies don’t do; we guarantee our repairs. Please note that many expensive roof problems can be avoided by conducting regular roof inspections and an inexpensive maintenance program. This ensures that any problems are caught and fixed quickly before they become more serious. Call us anytime. We want to go out and conduct a completely free roof inspection or leakage.

Keeping your roof in high condition is an important part of making sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. A leaky or damaged roof poses expensive repairs and a serious safety risk to your building.

It is important to have an annual inspection of your roof system, so that any damaged or used areas can be quickly repaired or replaced before the problem worsens. We offer comprehensive maintenance services, to ensure that your roof is in optimal condition throughout the year. Our Colorado flat roof maintenance services consist of:

Denver Roofing Company, Inc.

You can pair our flat roof maintenance services with our free commercial and industrial roof quoting services to ensure a durable and high quality flat roof.

Water damage is one of the most expensive repair problems that business owners can face. Commercial roofing and waterproofing experts at Colorado Superior Roofing will install a robust, leak-resistant membrane system designed for long life of dry ceilings, roof leakage resistance, and easy maintenance. .

Whether you are installing a new waterproof roof system or fixing leaks and lift pond areas, we have the experience and expertise to do it right.

Denver Commercial Roofing Company

We offer liquid applied systems for waterproof existing roofs because sometimes replacing all roofs is not an option. High quality waterproof coating will prevent leaks that occur when repairing and protecting damaged areas. ASC and Gaco silicon systems are some of the products for which we have industry certification. In fact, we are among the top installers of Gaco roofs of Colorado.

Commercial Roofing Denver, Co

These liquid-applied coatings are very versatile. They are not just limited to low-slope roofs. They can be applied to almost any roof system, including vertical seams. Another good thing about these coatings is that they are considered “costs” for tax purposes, meaning you can write down the full cost in the first year instead of amortizing it over time. .

EPDM rubber roofing has always been the top choice for commercial flat roof. They are durable, water resistant, and last for many years. Our team installs a reliable waterproof roofing system to ensure that water does not leak into your building, compromising the entire structure.

The black rubber is effectively designed to absorb sunlight in the winter to melt snow and prevent leakage problems. EPDM also reduces heating costs in winter, thanks to its heat-absorbing properties.

Our commercial roofing contractors use the highest quality EPDM rubber roofing made of recyclable materials, which can fit your building for the Energy Tax Credit. To maintain EPDM commercial flat roofs, our team of experienced roofing contractors will perform annual maintenance to ensure your new roof remains waterproof and energy efficient.

Denver Roofing Co New Roof Plus

Our TPO roof system is the cheapest roofing option. TPO roof installations from Colorado Superior Roofing are made of durable, high -quality materials that are naturally resistant to chemical damage and vulnerable due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. TPO roofing membranes are also 100% recyclable. Like our EPDM roofs, the combination of recycled plastic and rubber can qualify your building for the Energy Tax Credit.

Our experienced Denver commercial roofers team can repair and maintain existing roof structures or install a completely new TPO commercial flat roof. Our roof contractors quickly fix leaks while lifting roof components to prevent water accumulation. We guarantee high quality installation and repair services for all commercial flat roof services we implement. Invest in the environment while reducing your energy bills with the new commercial roofing system from Colorado Superior Roofing.

PVC commercial roofing system is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures. This is one of the most durable roofing options available. For roofing options that are highly dependent throughout the year, low maintenance and long lasting PVC roofing are the ideal answers. Colorado Superior Roofing experts provide high-quality, accurate installation services.

Denver Commercial Roofing Company

PVC roofing options are ideal if your commercial rooftop is an area with high traffic due to vents or air conditioning systems. It features a durable seam that is incredibly resistant to holes, oil, and other harmful elements. PVC is a flexible material that allows expansion during warm weather and contracting during cold weather without weakening the seams, ensuring years of waterproof protection. The low maintenance cost and extreme durability of PVC roofing makes it a good investment for your business.

Denver Roof Coatings: Roof Coating Company In Denver (5/5 Star Reviews)

Converted bitumen is an asphalt-based roofing material, available in single, double or multi-ply layer options. Businesses with high traffic roofs require a durable roof system that remains stable and reliable despite constant exposure to harmful elements. Converted bitumen is a great choice. It features excellent waterproofing properties and is inexpensive

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