Norton Security Antivirus For Android

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Get Norton if you want malware and a very cool application consultant. But Bitdefender’s paid app is half as expensive as Norton’s.

Norton Security Antivirus For Android

Norton Security Antivirus For Android

Norton Mobile Security for Android, listed in the Google Play Store by Norton Security and Antivirus, consistently offers a unique set of features that offer malware protection and a bit of added value to users.

Nortonlifelock Norton Security Deluxe 3.0 5 Geräte 2 Jahre Esd De Win Mac Android Ios Ab 39,95 € Im Preisvergleich!

Although the annual cost of Norton Mobile Security has increased since the last time you looked at the application, it is not more expensive than the best Android antivirus applications.

Norton Mobile Security’s most important selling point is App Advisor, which checks for apps on Google Play before downloading. The other Android antivirus software we tried doesn’t work.

However, Norton Mobile Security is twice as expensive as Bitdefender Mobile Security, it offers relatively malicious software and has some unique features.

Norton Mobile Security relies on a common freemium model. It has free features, with the ability to upgrade to a paid subscriber every year to unlock the full functionality.

Norton 360 For Android

Unfortunately, it all ended in December 2019, when Norton killed him silently (opens in a new clip), the amazing anti-theft features of the app and a few other features. Opens in a new tab).

The subscription price for Norton Mobile Security for Android is $ 29.99 (for a while it was $ 24.99), but it is usually the first annual deal that approximates the annual fee for new subscribers. Starting at $ 15 – $ 20 plus 14 free trial days.

Since Norton is one of the largest computer antivirus companies, there are options for those who want to protect their laptops and desktops with their mobile devices.

Norton Security Antivirus For Android

The Norton 360 Deluxe package costs $ 99.99 per year ($ 49.99 the first year) for five devices running Windows, macOS, iOS or, of course, Android. The Norton 360 Premium is up to 10 devices for $ 99.99 a year.

Norton Mobile Security Und Antivirus

You need to get the Norton 360 Premium from a third party vendor like Amazon or Fry’s, but it often has discounts. You can also get access to the best antivirus software and the best antivirus software for Mac.

If you want to protect your privacy, the Norton 360 Deluxe can be purchased with three different levels of LifeLock service, but these packages will cost you up to $ 350 a year.

Like most Android antivirus applications, Norton Mobile Security does not scan malware for Android. On the contrary, it offers a key to a “smart scan” that scans at “optimal times and frequencies.” Whether you want to scan system applications or SD card, or you can choose both.

The full scanner on my Google Pixel 3 was completed in 18-25 seconds, half of that time when I wanted to include everything.

Norton 360 Premium

Norton Web Storage warns against harmful content when using popular browsers, using browsers built into Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat to name a few.

After looking at a certain malicious site, Web Storage reliably asked for a warning in the six browsers I had installed, but chose to continue if I wanted.

For more than two years, Norton has scored excellent marks in the evaluation of Android antivirus applications from the German independent laboratory. No other brand has succeeded.

Norton Security Antivirus For Android

Bitdefender Mobile Security is approaching, and since January 2017, it has not found 100% of the “real time” malware found online only three times. Like Norton, Bitdefender identifies 100% of the “common” malware collected by AV-TEST within four weeks of regular testing.

Norton 360 Standard 2022

Among the other six Android antivirus applications I looked at in 2019, Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, and McAfee Mobile Security scored 100% behind Bitdefender, but often ranged from 99.7 to 99.9%, especially when it came. to real-time malware.

AV-TEST Google Play Protect, an Android antivirus program installed in September 2018, is doing very poorly. Some of them are below 50%, with an average of 60% to 70%.

The other two Android antivirus applications I have looked at, Lookout Security & Antivirus and Qihoo 360 Security, do not send their applications for AV-TEST evaluation.

Another laboratory, AV-Comparison in Austria, introduced Norton to a general overview of 250 Android antivirus applications in January 2019, where Norton managed 100%.

Norton Security Premium 2022

Avast, Bittefender, Kaspersky and McAfee also got 100%. Lookout and 360 Security are slightly behind with 99.6% and 99%, while Google Play Protect is 68.8% behind.

Norton was not part of a smaller and more detailed evaluation of 11 Android antivirus applications in July 2019. In these tests, Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and McAfee found 99.9% of malware in real time, while Google Play Protect found 83.2. . %.

Anti-theft (discontinued) Norton Mobile Security has many anti-theft features and allows you to close, find, activate, take photos, and clean your device remotely. Everything has been activated from the Norton web portal at, which is a simple interface.

Norton Security Antivirus For Android

SIM card lock The SIM card lock was a new feature when you last looked at the app, and it still exists. When a SIM card is received, the function automatically locks the device.

Norton Security Deluxe Kaufen

Call barring This feature was last turned off when testing Norton Mobile Security due to Google Play Store policy. Now it seems to have been restored, and we will try and update this revision as soon as possible.

Application Consultant I am still surprised that this useful feature has not been repeated in any of Norton’s competitors because the application consultant gives you a lot of information about the applications in and out of the Google Play Store.

The Appendix’s regular section divides the installed applications into possible categories, such as “Emergency”, “Battery usage”, or “Data usage”.

Touching the app gives you a detailed breakdown of this app, ranging from 1 to 5 points in usage categories, or with details on where the app sends your information. Adobe Acrobat, for example, is designed to use a lot of battery.

Norton Mobile Security For Android Review: Best Free Version

The Google Play Application Consultant provides the same information for applications, while you are browsing the Play Store to help you make decisions. Every time you look at the app page, Norton tells you what they know about the app.

New, incomprehensible applications can be created with “No data”, but the overall depth of the directory is very impressive. Other Android antivirus applications scan and wait until a new application is downloaded before scanning. With Norton, you get a scanner before you choose an application to download.

Detecting spam calls This feature was turned off when testing Norton’s mobile security, but it seems to have been restored. We will try this review as soon as possible.

Norton Security Antivirus For Android

System Consultant This feature gives you a quick overview of your device’s security based on your potential configurations and vulnerabilities. The app will ask you to correct any of these questions.

Norton Mobile Security For Android

Wi-Fi security This feature shows you that your connected Wi-Fi network has special security issues, such as password protection. If you sign up for a secure VPN with Norton, you’ll get a button to turn on the VPN when connected to the open network. (It should be noted that Avast, McAfee, and 360 Security offer this feature to users for free.)

Privacy Statement This information is also available at the application consultant, but it identifies the applications that send your information to the data centers and, if possible, determines where the data centers are located. Everything is interesting, but it would be nice if Norton could give additional explanations, such as battery usage and data.

To assess the impact of my Norton Mobile Security device, I did a few tests on the Google Pixel 3 with Android 9.0 Pie and the Android Geekbench 4 comparison tool.

I first set the benchmark for the device before installing Norton, then took an additional test after installation and during the full scan of the malware.

How To Install Norton Security On Mobile Phone

After installing Norton Mobile Security, my phone’s performance dropped by 4.32% from the Geekbench 4 bench. Interestingly, the full scan affected slightly below 3.9% of the base.

The post-installation performance put Norton in sixth place among the eight apps I tested, even though it had a few percentage points that separated Norton from fourth. The full results of the scanner were excellent, second only to Google Play Protect, which is installed on Android.

Setting up Norton mobile security was quick and easy, all you needed to do was start, plus sign up for a Norton account. This feature is not yet available, but you will miss it

Norton Security Antivirus For Android

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