Step Tracker App For Iphone

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Counting steps has been a valuable indicator of fitness for decades, even if the 10,000-step rule is based on a Japanese marketing strategy rather than something resembling science. Older people among us may remember the mechanical pedometers we fastened to our belts to keep track of our steps during the day. These days, digital wearable devices like the Apple Watch are taking on this role.

But what about the iPhone? You may not realize it, but the iPhone is also a fitness tracking device, which is useful for those who haven’t bought an Apple Watch.

Step Tracker App For Iphone

Step Tracker App For Iphone

Step-by-step reporting is built into the iPhone thanks to the M-Series coprocessor and the Health app. No third-party application is required, although such applications may add ease of use and useful features. I tested a few of them – more on that soon. But first, let’s delve into the main features of the iPhone.

Pedometer Apps Turn Your Iphone Into A Step Counter

First, make sure your body measurements are set correctly in the Health app. Height is a vital indicator because it allows the iPhone to measure your step more accurately. Tap Preview at the bottom, then go to Body Dimensions> Height> Add Data to enter your height.

When you’re done in Health, go to Settings> Privacy> Exercise and Fitness to make sure fitness tracking is enabled. You will also need to activate Health in the list of applications below. Do the same for all third-party pedometer applications you try.

Your Health app is now ready to count the steps! To help you track your daily progress, post step-by-step information in front of and in the Health Center. Go to the Health Summary screen and tap Edit in the upper right corner. In the list that appears, tap the star that corresponds to the steps. Tap Done. Step data is now displayed as a favorite on the Summary screen, which also shows step trends over time.

Other metrics you may want to make more visible include minutes of exercise, flights traveled, and walking and running distances. When you do this, they will also appear as tabs on the Summary screen.

The Best Iphone Apps For Tracking Steps

Apple’s Health app works well enough that tracking third-party steps isn’t necessary, but there are some good ones that enhance your user experience in a variety of ways. Here are two of my favorites: the ActivityTracker pedometer and the ++ pedometer.

The ActivitiTracker is free, although you can unlock additional Pro features for a one-time fee of $ 4.99. This is my favorite app of its kind (and I’ve tried a lot) mainly because of its interface, which is colorful, sleek, inventive and easy to use.

The Home screen of the ActivityTracker pedometer shows your number of steps per day, along with a ring that measures how close you are to reaching a predetermined daily reference value. Below are measurements of your calories burned, exercise minutes, miles traveled and flights.

Step Tracker App For Iphone

Additional data is removed with just one swipe or touch. Scroll through the summary screens for earlier days by tapping at the top or swiping to the right. Tap reading the main step number to see activity graphs by hour. Tap any day button at the bottom of the daily activity chart – and tap each hourly data bar for that day.

Stepsapp Pedometer App

Additional features include a daily reminder notification and a widget for today. There is also an option to import historical data from your Health app if you plan to rely primarily on the ActivityTracker pedometer in the future or just want old health data to be stored in a third-party app.

The free pedometer ++ has the advantage of simplicity, one of the reasons I like it. In addition, there are several features that I have not seen in other step counting applications.

The main interface of the application is a large graph showing the number of steps per day. Above is the countdown to the current day, along with the kilometers traveled and the floors climbed.

The achievement section with the ribbon-shaped button in the upper right corner helps you achieve different goals (such as consecutive days). This is especially nice for iPhone users who don’t have an Apple Watch with the performance badges on this device.

Fitnessview • Health & Fitness App Dashboard

Minor troubles include a slightly outdated interface style (which looks dazzling with dark interfaces) and advertising at the bottom of the main screen (something that is understandably difficult to avoid with free pedometer apps). You can remove payment in the app for $ 1.99, but you don’t get any additional features that I can see.

Like I said, there are many other step counting applications. If my choice doesn’t work for you, search the App Store on the pedometer to see what’s out there. Keep in mind that some apps have aggressive full-screen advertising, Facebook sign-ups, subscription fees instead of one-time costs to unlock first-class features, and other annoyances.

Regardless of the app, the trick to using the iPhone as a step counter is to make sure you always carry it with you. Unlike the Apple Watch, which is always tied to the wrist, it’s too easy to leave your iPhone on the couch or desk when you get up to walk. So get in the habit of grabbing it.

Step Tracker App For Iphone

I tend to forget my iPhone, which is why a smartwatch is the only realistic option for tracking my fitness activity. If you can afford an Apple Watch, I would urge you to decide; it’s just a more convenient health tracking device (and, by the way, many iPhone counting apps have Apple Watch features).

How To Prioritize Whether Iphone Or Apple Watch Registers Steps In The Health App

But if you have a limited budget or using your iPhone for fitness tracking is more your style, the Health app may be enough for your needs, and if not, the ActivityTracker ++ pedometer and pedometer offer alternative interfaces for free.

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To justify the wide range of available meters, we analyzed the App Store in order to select only applications that stand out with at least one unique quality. The result is – hopefully – a small but diverse sample of the best step-by-step applications, which is representative of the larger number of step counters that you might argue should or should not have been included. based on merit, characteristics or just personal loyalty.

How To Activate The Iphone’s Hidden Pedometer

If this is the case, as always, let us and your fellow readers know in the comments. And now, without further ado, let’s get on our list of the best pedometer apps!

We start with the proverbially shallow end with Activity Tracker, which means that the application is not too complicated in terms of statistics and analysis. Instead of drowning the user in numbers and cards, Activity Tracker is a great candidate for those who value aesthetics and simplicity. At the same time, it manages to skillfully summarize the most important information about your activity and hide it in a prominent place.

Activity tracking records and presents your daily steps in a very familiar way in the activity circle, it also records flights, time, distance and calories burned, and other apps will now require you to pay a premium. In addition, the icon with the application icon can show your daily number of steps and offers a smart gadget, which is certainly not the best in the package, but it’s nice that everything is the same.

Step Tracker App For Iphone

Finally, Apple Watch users are likely to appreciate the application of Activity Tracker on the wrist, as it brings together all the important information (steps, kcal, miles) at a glance. For more statistics (per hour, per month) and full HealthKit integration, you’ll need to upgrade to a $ 4.99 premium. Either way, the main app is a solid place to start your journey by counting the steps.

Activity Tracker: Nette Schrittzähler App Mit Apple Watch Anbindung › Iphone

Pacer’s full name – Pacer: Pedometer plus weight loss and BMI tracker – more appropriately covers everything this app actually is. Each part somehow manages not to stretch too much, taking into account the counting of steps, tracking weight, personal coaching, but also social challenges and group forums. However, on the other hand, this can certainly be a bit impossible for those looking for a simple pedometer.

To explain this briefly, the free app has a simple step counter consisting of steps, flights, distances, and multiple charts (for both portrait and landscape).

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