The Best Free Antivirus App For Android

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone or a computer – it’s an important part of the anti-virus application installed on our device to fight viruses, malware and ransomware. Choosing the best free antivirus for your computer is not a difficult task because there are many articles on the Internet to review different free versions of antivirus for PC. But on Android smartphones, the Play Store provides many apps to protect our Android devices from viruses and malware.

But the problem is that we can’t find the best free antivirus android apps in that Google playlist. So, in this article, we will list the top 10 free antivirus apps for Android.

The Best Free Antivirus App For Android

The Best Free Antivirus App For Android

As you know, Android is based on the Linux kernel, so in general, anti-virus Android applications do not matter, because you can install applications from Google Play, enable the necessary security settings and update device updates in a timely manner. So when you need antivirus protection for your smartphone?

Antivirus For Android For Free

Some of the antivirus apps listed for Android provide the premium version with other features, and here we provide only a brief overview of the free version app.

Sophos Intercept X for mobile phones is a fully functional Android antivirus without any ads. This tool provides network-leading protection against malware and other mobile threats. This Android antivirus achieved the highest Android security and 100% security score compared to AV-TEST antivirus apps.

Komodo Mobile Security – An Android antivirus application developed by the popular security firm Komodo Security Solutions, equipped with “always on” antivirus and on-demand scanners to keep your device away from viruses and dangerous applications. Komodo Antivirus Android app scans all installed apps in real time with locally stored APK files and also monitors each installation process. Additional extensions such as anti-theft, app lock and backup will help strengthen the firewall of your Android smartphone.

Speed ​​Booster, Safe for Android Phones, Anti-Spyware and Antivirus – this is a free security feature. The developer also offers an easy version of the app to protect low-end Android smartphones.

Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android In 2022

Avira Free Antivirus for Android protects your phone and everything on it from online threats and theft. In addition to antivirus, Avira also eliminates malware / adware and provides secure browsing and anti-theft capabilities. Avira Antivirus Security also ransomware encrypts your phone and prevents your data and apps from being hijacked.

The popular Kaspersky Lab antivirus solution helps protect your phones and tablets from online threats. For Android, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus uses background checks to check for malware, ransomware, phishing, adware, and other infections by downloading apps to provide you better protection against viruses and to protect your devices from threats. In addition to antivirus protection, the app includes anti-theft and app blocking features to protect your Android device from physical threats as well.

Avast Mobile Security protects your device from viruses and malware that cause pop-ups and unwanted ads. More than 100 million free Avast antiviruses are installed for Android, designed to protect your devices from phishing attacks via email, phone calls, infected websites or SMS messages. It also warns you when installing adware and adware that violates your privacy.

The Best Free Antivirus App For Android

AVG Antivirus for Android is one of the most powerful mobile protections used by millions of people. Once installed, it silently works to protect you from the latest viruses, malware, adware, malicious apps and settings, unwanted callers, and other malicious threats.

The Best Android Antivirus App Of 2022

BitDefender Antivirus Free uses cloud scanning technology to equip your Android device with the latest network virus detection without interfering with your mobile experience or consuming your battery.

MalwareBytes for Android provides enhanced protection from malware, ransomware and other threats growing on Android devices. The premium version of MalwareBytes includes other key features, such as detecting ransomware before locking your device and scanning phishing URLs when using the Chrome browser, and gaining a secure experience while surfing the Internet. Warns to believe.

Quick Heal Mobile Security protects your phone from virus attacks, theft and unwanted numbers for free. The app warns you of apps that may affect your privacy and guides you through settings that will increase the security of your device.

Of all the free antivirus Android apps listed, the best for security and privacy protection. Try them all and choose one with your favorite feature. We will also update this list with other free antivirus apps for Android.

Best Antivirus For Android 2022: The Best Free And Paid For Apps To Keep You Safe From Viruses, Phishing Scams And Dodgy Apps

We all have WhatsApp installed on our Android smartphones and we have been using it for many years, but let me tell you something … Antivirus applications protect mobile devices from viruses, malware and internet surveillance. But really good people are usually not free. This type of free app is usually the most important option for the paid version and it is almost impossible to use the app because the ads are so annoying and pop-ups. .

Fortunately, there are applications that try to give the user a free version of the phone’s memory service. So here is a list of the top 3 free antivirus apps for Android.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is a free antivirus application for Android and iOS. This allows you to scan files and pre-installed applications, and automatic scanning can be installed at regular intervals. The reason we put this application in the first place is that in addition to the options we expect in the antivirus application, it includes additional options for protecting the device.

The Best Free Antivirus App For Android

The application includes options to block unwanted calls and filter SMS messages, so you can easily protect yourself from this type of spam. It also includes the ability to scan and verify QR codes. If you try to go to a dangerous link or download a virus-infected file, the app will warn you of the danger.

Top 3 Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android ‐ Reviews App

Sophos also includes options in case your device is lost or stolen. With these options, you can delete all data on your phone, log out of all apps, send a message to your phone, and use GPS to track the current location of your device.

The free version of the app shows ads, but they aren’t very boring, so there’s no objection here. We have only one applicant organization. The user interface looks great, but it is not very functional. It took a while to find all the options it offered and Sophos could have been better in that regard.

Despite these objections, Sophos is what we like best and will be the best choice for most users. In addition to all the important features, it offers additional options that can replace many other applications, and all of them work very well.

Avast Antivirus is a free antivirus app for Android and iOS. In addition to detecting and removing viruses and potentially malicious applications, this antivirus offers a number of additional options to help you stay safe and protect your online privacy.

Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android In 2022 To Keep You Secured

With Avast Antivirus, you can protect your photos, contacts, and other confidential information with a pin code or fingerprint scanner. You will also receive a warning if you try to access a malicious website or download an infected file. The app also offers the ability to use a VPN to protect against online tracking or targeted advertising.

Unlike the previous application, Avast Antivirus is very easy to use. All options are neatly stored in the main menu, where they are easy to access and the user interface is beautiful and modern. The app shows ads, but they are patient, so we can ignore them.

Bitdefender Antivirus is a free antivirus application for Android. As for the options involved, here you will find only the most basic ones. You do not have the option to check the links you open or the files you download, nor do you have the option to protect your confidential information or VPN.

The Best Free Antivirus App For Android

So why did we choose this app? Because we have a responsibility to scan and remove viruses and malware. In addition, BitDefender antivirus slows down the phone to a minimum during the scan, so we do not notice that it is scanning in the background until you receive a notification that the scan is complete. . Not only for the last two apps on this list, but for all the apps we’ve tried, we can’t make that claim.

Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android

Another thing to be proud of is that this antivirus consumes less battery, so all the basic functions performed by the antivirus, scanning and removing viruses are the best here, and we do not have enough words of praise.

There aren’t many options because the user interface looks great and the app is very easy to navigate. The ads featured in the app are hidden and we hope they will not change in the future.

The main reason why we do not prioritize Bitdefender Antivirus is that it does not have additional options

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