Boulder Colorado High Schools

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September School is a private high school and a high school in Boulder, leading the way in relationship-based education. We are here for you and especially for your children.

Students learn what it takes to achieve academic success. We explore study methods and offer accommodation to any student who benefits from them. Students with learning disabilities learn together. Every day we see young people discovering their strengths and passions

Boulder Colorado High Schools

Boulder Colorado High Schools

We see each student as an individual and value socio-emotional growth AND academic progress. Adolescents develop important life skills such as self-defense, conflict resolution, stress management, and empathy. In addition to math, science, English, and social studies, classes on human development, awareness, group dynamics, and yoga develop individuals who are well-rounded.

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The September school was founded on the belief that teenagers learn best in society. Our students work together to keep the school community in a safe place for everyone. All undertake to support the Agreement of the Members of the Community: Show; Take responsibility; Be respectful; and try it yourself. When someone breaks a boundary, we use a restorative justice system to restore empathy and relationships.

We meet weekly as a whole team to make decisions, solve problems, and celebrate the success of others. We travel together, we cook together and we make art together. Students study together in mixed classrooms and work independently with teachers on privileged projects.

Our curriculum includes the voices of marginalized communities so that our students can grow beyond the “foam” of their experiences. We study history from many perspectives and celebrate diversity. We provide an inclusive community for those with different learning styles and learning disabilities, and we accept direct, LGBTQ and trans students of all races.

Our students make real connections with what they learn through practice, fieldwork and travel. Each week, classes walk the trails near campus, explore Boulder Creek, and go on art excursions to paint in the heart of nature. Students do internships in local nonprofit organizations, organic farms and businesses in the Boulder area.

Fairview High School, Boulder Colorado

Each year, we make three trips with students to build a community, develop independence and create a sense of wonder around the world. It helps students create routes, book, and plan meals. Recent destinations: Costa Rica, Chicago, Montreal, Badlands in South Dakota, backpacks in Colorado, Great Sand Hills National Park and Puerto Rico.

September school teachers learn from lifelong learning by sharing their interests, experiences and adventures with students. For example, our science teacher is a live photographer and teaches photography in addition to physics. Our social studies teacher shares his faith as a sponsor of the Jewish Culture Club. Students can attend the opening of our art teacher’s exhibition in the gallery and imagine their future as a creative person.

Ready to learn more? If you think September school may be a good school for your teens, call us at (303) 443-9933 to visit and learn more.

Boulder Colorado High Schools

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