What Is The Best Antivirus For Pc

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Buyer’s Guide Top 10 Antivirus Software for Small Business Learn the top 10 antivirus software solutions to protect your network endpoints. Discover features like cloud-based malware, firewalls, and patch management.

Antivirus software is a type of endpoint protection that protects individual endpoints by detecting and blocking malicious files. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) can suffer from malware attacks like large organizations. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses may seem like an easier target for hackers, as they usually do not have a sufficient security budget like large companies. Nevertheless, one-fifth of SMEs in the United Kingdom and the United States do not use any end-point security mechanism.

What Is The Best Antivirus For Pc

What Is The Best Antivirus For Pc

What’s more, we live in a world where more and more workers are working remotely and using their own devices, not office computers. This means that strong endpoint protection is essential to keep your organization’s network secure. Currently, most endpoint protections are hosted entirely or mostly in the cloud. In short, the solution can use advanced machine learning technology to automate analysis and significantly improve detection rates. However, as anti-virus software becomes more sophisticated, so will malware attacks. For this reason, it is important to know that you are investing in the best protection for your business.

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This article describes the top 10 antivirus software products designed to protect small businesses from malware threats. For these solutions, companies with less than 100 users are considered “small”. Each offers a slightly different level of threat protection, mobile device compatibility, site management, and more. It provides background information on the key features of the provider and each solution and the type of customer for whom they are best suited.

ESET is known worldwide for its efficient and lightweight cybersecurity solutions designed to protect organizations of all sizes from the most complex zero-day threats. ESET Endpoint Security is a cloud-based endpoint protection solution that provides multi-level protection technology, automation and centralized management. Protect your computers, mobile devices, file servers, and virtual environments from malware and file-free attacks. ESET Endpoint Security is available as a standalone product and as part of many cyber security packages, including file server security, disk encryption, cloud sandbox and EDR.

ESET Endpoint Security combines machine learning technology with crowd-based threat analysis to detect targeted malware, ransomware and fileless attacks. To do this, malicious content is monitored and evaluated based on the known behavior of all running applications. Its powerful intrusion detection means that the ESET solution has an excellent detection rate before, during and after startup. ESET Endpoint Security also provides web browser-based protection to prevent users from downloading malicious files and to allow administrators to whitelist and blacklist URLs.

Administrators can manage all ESET endpoints, including mobile, through a single cloud-based integrated management console. In addition, automatic updates make ESET a solution for easy deployment and maintenance without the need for additional hardware.

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ESET Endpoint Security is extremely lightweight, but works like any other powerful anti-malware engine. It is also a flexible solution. ESETEndpoint Security is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems and has built-in mobile device management for iOS and Android OS. In addition, the console is available in 21 languages ​​and ESET provides localized support in 38 languages. This makes their solution ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a diverse workforce and fleet looking for powerful anti-virus software that won’t slow down the system.

Bitdefender is the world leader in end-point protection software, protecting more than 500 million systems in 150 countries. Their Gravity Zone solution is consistently high on independent security testing, providing effective protection for both SMEs and large companies. GravityZone Business Security is Bitdefender’s anti-virus software designed specifically for small businesses. Administrators can use a single cloud-based console to manage all workstations and servers and monitor all security events.

GravityZone Business Security uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor your network for malware, ransom and zero-day attacks. Like some of the other solutions on this list, this information comes from the cloud, so if a problem is detected in one system, it will be recognized by all other systems. This significantly speeds up the response to new threats and allows Bitdefender to protect itself from attacks before they occur. Bitdefender solutions consistently show very high detection rates, and there are few false-positive results in third-party tests, so you don’t have to worry about software blocking and secure file quarantine. The solution also has the ability to block remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute force attacks that hackers use to remotely log on to Windows computers. RDP is the most common way to connect a remote desktop to a network, and if the connection is compromised, an attacker could spread the malware to other endpoints on the network. For this reason, the RDP attack blocking feature is especially useful for organizations where employees work from home.

What Is The Best Antivirus For Pc

Finally, Bitdefender’s customizable dashboard allows administrators to view reports and alerts to keep users informed of security events. This dashboard can also control employee access to specific websites or applications. This increases productivity and blocks sites that are known to pose security risks.

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Bitdefender’s Gravity Zone Business Security is a great solution for small organizations looking for fast and effective anti-virus software. For slightly larger organizations, users should consider adding Advanced Threat Security add-ins, including HyperDetect and sandbox analysis.

Trend Micro offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions based on the three principles of simplicity, security and trust. With 30 years of experience, they are recognized as market leaders in endpoint security. Trend Micro’s worry-free business security is a cloud-based all-in-one solution that offers end-to-end, web and email protection in one package. Compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Trend Micro’s worry-free business security uses a combination of security technologies to bridge security gaps. These include machine learning, motion analysis, application management, and proper file checking. For this reason, it has a high rate of threat detection using binaries and scripts, and powerful anti-phishing and exploit detection features. However, this solution leaves certain types of advanced covert attacks unused. Trend Micro’s worry-free automated enterprise security updates and round-the-clock support make it easy to deploy and operate. The security team has little to maintain. In addition, administrators can manage software online from a remote console.

However, it is good for identifying known but dangerous threats related to phishing and scripting. In addition, Trend offers a wide range of security solutions, including email and web security, that can be stacked and implemented as a high-performance security suite.

The Top 10 Antivirus Software For Small Businesses

Avast is the world market leader in anti-malware applications and has the second largest market share in the world. Avast offers a complete end-to-end and network security solution for SMEs. Their anti-virus solution is 100% cloud-based, so it’s easy to manage from a single integrated platform. Avast’s innovative security engine uses machine learning and behavioral and signature-based detection to detect and quickly fix malware threats. They gather intelligence from about 500 million endpoints, pool resources and then publish information on major threats to stay one step ahead of malicious individuals.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is compatible with desktops, laptops or servers. Powerful security detection features designed to protect your business from viruses by testing the sandbox and suspicious content block malware before it runs. This software provides additional protection through a VPN and a built-in firewall. This protects your online identity and prevents adware from tracking your digital footprint. The Avast solution also includes email protection, which detects and removes phishing and spam from your inbox, and a data shredder, which is especially useful for completely removing sensitive information.

Avast antivirus software is easy to install, has powerful security detection capabilities, and has a user-friendly and easy-to-manage interface. However, it is not currently compatible with mobile devices. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is ideal for the self-employed looking for a powerful anti-virus software solution that covers very small teams (5 or fewer devices) and desktops.

What Is The Best Antivirus For Pc

AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast, provides a suite of anti-virus software to protect desktops and mobile devices from malware attacks and privacy threats. Known for its personal protection solutions, AVG has expanded its offering to provide protection for small and medium-sized businesses. Their Business Edition software can be quickly installed and deployed to multiple endpoints, and administrators can remotely manage all security components using the AVG Cloud Management Console.

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AVG Business protects your network with cloud-based real-time outbreaks and artificial intelligence to protect you from the latest known malware threats. Connect the operating test and sandbox to quickly identify and eliminate hazards. The firewall adds an extra layer of protection against network security threats, and AVG Linkscanner checks web pages before they are opened by users and displays the security ranking of each page in search engine results. In addition, the recently added CyberCapture feature protects against malicious files by sending a copy of an unknown download to the threat.

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