How To Install Android Apps On Pc

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The upcoming Windows 11 will be able to run Android applications. At least in terms of performance, that would not be a problem on Windows 10 computers either. Modern computers running Windows 10 often offer the performance of the fastest Android smartphones.

That in theory, Windows 10 could easily run Android apps if there was no compatibility issue. Because Windows 10 PCs are completely different in terms of their hardware and support programs.

How To Install Android Apps On Pc

How To Install Android Apps On Pc

Today you can use your Android apps on your computer with an emulator, remote access from your computer to your smartphone, or the Chrome browser. Here are four best ways to launch Android apps on Windows 10.

How To Install And Run Android On Pc

With the “Your smartphone” app, Microsoft has already installed a remote control for Android smartphones in Windows 10. Unfortunately, this only works with newer Samsung devices and, to a limited extent, the in-house foldable Surface Duo tablet.

Windows 10 application Your smartphone lets you mirror the screen of Samsung mobiles and manage applications with the mouse and keyboard. shows you how to use the feature.

Because this method reflects the screen of your smartphone on your computer, this method drains the battery quickly and is only practical in certain situations. You can use all apps, including account settings and data, in a 1: 1 ratio, just like on your Android device under Windows 10.

Use the free “Arc Welder” Chrome extension to run simple Android apps with your web browser. However, the software developer plug-in fails because many applications use high memory and direct hardware access. Since the arc welder does not require much effort, you can just try this method.

Windows Subsystem For Android Introduced On Windows 11

BlueStacks and Andy Android Emulator are two free emulators with a custom Android system. You can use your Android apps on Windows 10 without much hassle. While BlueStacks offers a lot of convenience, the Andy Android emulator is a bit slimmer and less full of ads. It is best to try both emulators and then use the one that works best for you.

Android x86 is a version of Android that runs on x86 CPUs that you can easily install on a virtual machine. The easiest way to do this is with the free VMware Workstation Player, which installs Android-x86 in the same way as Windows 10. We have separate instructions for setting up Android-x86. This version, which is more suitable for hobbyists, lets you run Android applications in APK format. However, Android x86 is of limited use for everyday use. Following the company’s Windows subsystem for Linux, Microsoft has introduced the Windows Android subsystem, which allows Windows 11 users to install Android applications on the Amazon Appstore or Microsoft Store.

It is currently officially reserved for Windows Insiders on devices with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm platforms in the US that are part of the Beta Channel, and currently has 50 apps available with mobile games such as Lords Mobile, June’s Journey. or Coin Master, the Kindle app for reading books and content for kids that includes Khan Academy Kids and Lego Duply World. Of course, more apps are being designed, and as I will see later, any Windows 11 user can install Android apps.

How To Install Android Apps On Pc

The Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is not installed by default, but is installed automatically when you install the Amazon Appstore, the Amazon app or any Android app from the Microsoft Store. The company says running Android apps and games on Windows 11 will feel the same as it does with support for the new Snap Layouts feature, mouse, touch or stylus input, and support for Alt + Tab and Task views. Android app notifications can be viewed in the Action Center, or copied / pasted between Windows apps and Android apps, and vice versa.

How To Install Android Apps On Your Windows 11 Pc

Under the hood, the Windows Subsystem for Android relies on the Linux kernel and version 11 of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and is distributed through the Microsoft Store as part of the Amazon Appstore installation, as described above. Like the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL), WSA runs on a Hyper-V virtual machine. Microsoft has also released documentation for Android developers who want to test their apps and make sure they work well on Windows 10.

But what if you do not participate (or do not want to participate) in Windows Insiders and change your location to the United States. XDA developers have a tutorial that explains how to download and install WSA and Android applications that load from the site. Visit the XDA page for details, but follow these steps to compile:

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Windows 10: So Nutzt Ihr Android Apps Auf Eurem Pc

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How To Install Android Apps On Pc

Unlike Android TV, you can use apps side by side like any modern multitasking platform. For example, you can refine your next presentation while watching the news on YouTube.

Best Guide For Installing Android Apps On Windows 11

Of course, you can also run apps on an Android emulator; however, emulators can be buggy and slow and barely support all apps and games in the Play Store. Or you can install Android on your computer and enjoy high-performance apps and games. However, let’s start by installing Android on your computer.

In this tutorial I will use Bliss OS to install on your Android computer. Bliss OS is an Android PC operating system from the team that brought you Bliss ROMs (one of the popular custom Android ROMs).

Bliss OS has many features. Above all, it supports the Google Play Store, so you can enjoy most Android apps and games. Bliss then offers customization features like a ROM with which you can take it upon yourself. It also adds a variety of compatibility, performance and security features.

Before installing Bliss OS (or any other operating system), you need a bootable installation disk that you can use to install the operating system.

How To Install Android Apps On Pc Or Computer?

First you need to boot from the boot disk created in the last section. You need to know how to boot from a portable disk (use it in Google for the system).

However, the test game is not over yet. After starting Bliss OS, you will need to test basic hardware such as keyboard and mouse (like touchpad), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery, and more.

If you are sure that everything is working fine with Bliss OS and you want to install it permanently on your system, follow these steps:

How To Install Android Apps On Pc

This is an optional part that is only required if you want to create a new partition with the free space on your system disk to install Bliss OS.

How To Install Android Apps On Your Pc (easy)

Either you have a ready-to-use partition to install on your Android computer, or you created it in the last section. However, you can now install Bliss OS.

The first time you launch Bliss OS, you will see a beautiful lock screen – just like Android. To unlock the screen, slide the mouse / touchpad up. You will then be asked to select a Home app.

Finally, unlike Android, the home screen with a taskbar appears when you select Desktop mode. Clicking on the Bliss icon in the bottom right corner displays the application menu and a search bar similar to the Windows Start menu.

Bliss OS is great for features like Android 10 desktop mode. The best trick is to support multitasking – running applications side by side. For example, you can open Settings with comments (as shown in the screenshot). You can finalize your presentation or take notes while viewing the latest news.

How To Run Android On Pc?

It also includes a number of customization features borrowed from Bliss ROMs. You can find such options under Settings> Blissify, where you can categorize your customization options

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