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The University of Miami has received more than 49,000 applications for a place in its first-year class 2022-23, a record and nearly double the amount received just a decade ago. With high-quality academics, a thriving Greek sports scene, and an attractive location near the South Beach and Florida Keys, it’s not hard to see why students from all over the world line up to have a chance to become a hurricane.

As with many such schools, UMiami has experienced a significant increase in selectivity in recent years. The 28% acceptance rate for the 2025 class was close to half the figure observed at the dawn of the 21st century. Those admitted took A / A- averages in a rigorous selection of courses, as well as the average scores of the 95th percentile standardized tests.

Apply To University Of Miami

Apply To University Of Miami

With a selectivity to match all times, today’s candidates have to contribute much more to the table than those who were accepted at UMiami a generation ago. The intent of this article is to give those who are considering applying to the University of Miami:

University Of Miami Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics

With the goal of creating a first-year class of about 2,300 students, UMiami admitted 28% of the 42,241 who applied for the 2021-22 admission cycle. This was a sharp drop from 33% of the 2024 class.

Those wishing to attend UMiami should definitely consider the application through a binding prior decision. This school offers two early decision-making shifts: ED I in November and ED II in January. Although official ED statistics for the 2025 class have not yet been published, the ED acceptance rate for the 2024 class was 52% compared to only 22% of those who attended alone. · Bidding for the normal cycle.

Those admitted to the 2025 class had an unweighted average GPA of 3.8, a standardized average score of 50% of the 1350-1480 tests on the SAT and 31-34 on the ACT. Those enrolled in college for the start of the 2020-21 school year had SAT scores with an average range of 50% of 1260-1400; the ACT range was 28-32. The unweighted average GPA was 3.6 and 51% was in the top 10% of their high school class; 78% were in the upper quartile.

41% of the 2020-21 freshman class came from the state of Florida. The following five most common states of residence were:

University Of Miami Admission Statistics Class Of 2022

UMiami is a very popular school for international students to continue their college studies: 10% of the 2025 class were international students. The following four countries had the highest representation in the most recent incoming class:

Like any highly selective university, the competition is tougher among those who come from states with a plethora of qualified candidates (the entire northeast and west coast). If you come from a less populated state like Hawaii, Dakota, or Montana, your location is more likely to increase your chances of admission.

UMiami Performance Rate: The percentage of students accepted who choose to enroll, divided by the total number of students admitted, was 17% extremely low last year. This is due, in part, to the fact that UMiami is often used as a support plan for those applying for even more selective universities. In comparison, many other comparable universities have higher rates of return, such as Boston University (24%), Villanova (26%), and the University of Richmond (24%).

Apply To University Of Miami

There are seven factors that the University of Miami considers “very important” to its admissions process: high school enrollment rigor, class assessment, GPA, standardized test scores, tests, recommendations, and extracurricular activities. Factors considered “important” are: talent / skill, personal character / qualities, volunteer work, and work experience.

How To Get Into The University Of Miami: Admissions Data And Strategies

“We take into account the circumstances and / or educational opportunities you had at your disposal. Your grades dropped the year after you had to move to the country? We understand this because we read your application in a holistic way. You’re worried. That both classes of AP that you did are not enough to be competitive for admission? Well, we know that your school only offers three, so getting two out of three is a very demanding curriculum! Your SAT scores do not meet the published average? , because we know that first-generation college students may have limited resources, and on average, first-generation college students don’t perform as well on standardized tests as second- or third-generation college students. second year and then moved to a high school with a first class volleyball team and winner of the state championship where you didn’t see that much playing time? Hey, as long as it’s s a good teammate! “

On the subject of teammates, it certainly also helps if you are recruited as an athlete to join any of the 15 Hurricane Division I sports teams; there are just under 400 college athletes in college.

Warning 1 (250 words): The official mascot of the University of Miami is the ibis. Folklore holds that the native bird of the swamps is the last to take refuge before a hurricane ends and the first to emerge once the storm passes, so it is a fitting symbol of courage and endurance.

Given your ability to control your motivation and behavior, how past experiences have helped you develop your courage and resilience to persevere in the face of academic and vital challenges so that once these storms pass, you can go out in pursuit of your goals. ?

University Of Miami

For detailed tips on how to write the University of Miami essay, visit our blog: University of Miami Essay Tips and Supplemental Essay Tips.

UMiami, with acceptance rates below 30%, is primarily looking for students who have the 90th percentile and the scores of previous standardized tests and who have primarily earned A in a very rigorous high school curriculum. If your goal is the University of Miami, make sure you also have a solid backup plan. All students should make sure that they formulate an appropriate list of universities, which contains a complement of “target” and “safety” schools. You will definitely want to do this along with your high school counselor or other admissions professional.

A licensed advisor and published researcher, Andrew’s experience in the field of admissions and college transition spans more than a decade. He previously served as a high school counselor, consultant and author for Kaplan Test Prep, and an advisor to the U.S. Congress, reporting on issues related to college admission and financial aid. The University of Miami is a highly competitive school and its admissions statistics make the University of Miami one of the 50 most competitive schools for admissions degrees worldwide. Similar to the trends of all major schools, University of Miami acceptance rates have continued to decline over the past 8 years and will almost certainly continue to do so in the future.

Apply To University Of Miami

The 2020 promotion was one of the most difficult years to be admitted to the University of Miami. For the 2020 promotion, 33,416 students applied to the University of Miami of which 12,698 were accepted, with an overall acceptance rate of 38.0%. The total number of applications increased by 5.7% compared to last year (from 2019 to 2020), from 31,607 to 33,416.

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“The way you logically approached the situation and set a roadmap for success made a lot of sense and allowed me to focus my time on activities that really maximized my chances of admission” – Daniel (New York), admitted to Williams College

“Your approach, bringing creativity and entrepreneurial cunning to the equation, has been greatly appreciated. I see that my son continues to develop these skills that will continue to serve him in the future” – Father (North Carolina), son admitted to New York University (NYU) )

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