200 Scholarships For Minorities

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College costs have increased more than 200% in the last 30 years. To pay for higher education, students across the country have borrowed 1.7 trillion in student loans.

But there are ways to reduce costs. State and local grants can help students fill at least part of a school – in some cases at costs such as housing and transition. Some programs are more open to students in the Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania counties – some are based on identity, grades and community work, while some are preferred by low -income applicants. Funding is also available for college students interested in specific areas of research, including subjects such as LGBTQ +history.

200 Scholarships For Minorities

200 Scholarships For Minorities

If you are looking for financial aid, an important starting point is the Federal Student Aid [FAFSA] form. The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for assistance such as student loan grants and federal work studies. Colleges can also use this to determine the financial needs of students.

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Do you have a particular school in mind? Many schools have online details about scholarships and other support specifically for their students. The University of Pittsburgh, for example, automatically checks all applicants for merit -based scholarships, and Pitt’s site includes an online portal for finding and applying for other funds.

To learn more about school options that interest you, check out their online content and you should schedule an appointment to talk to someone in the help office about options and eligibility.

When considering opportunities, make sure you look at specific application criteria. Are scholarships limited by demographics or field of study? Do you need to have a certain GPA or live in a certain area (or go to a certain school)? Some scholarships may require details of financial requirements, proof of additional activities such as volunteering, as well as a letter of recommendation. Be sure to consider those requirements before the deadline.

Don’t know where to start? The College Board website includes an online tool called BigFuture for finding a variety of scholarships that can be filtered by geography, field of study, and funding organization. Fastweb is another site where students can sign up for profiles to connect with scholarship opportunities across the country. When researching, it is important to rely on reliable sources to avoid fraud.

The Following Scholarships Are Available To C

While the list of scholarships can be endless, here are 12 scholarships or grant programs focused on local students to help you get started. We have recorded general deadlines based on those posted for the most recent year (this time including some that have passed) and it is important to check in advance for any changes in the future.

Since dates can vary and some applications require essays and recommendations, it’s a good idea to start your search early in the school year before you expect to go to college. And remember, just because you don’t fit a particular scholarship doesn’t mean no one is right for you.

The state government provides financial aid awards through grants to eligible students according to financial need. Created by the State General Assembly in 1963, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency [PHEAA] has provided aid and loans to millions of students, according to its website. Money offered under the Pennsylvania State Grant Program does not require repayment and varies based on parent income. Interested students must be residents of Pennsylvania and meet other requirements, including “satisfactory academic progress” and not incarcerated, according to grant guidelines.

200 Scholarships For Minorities

The Pittsburgh Foundation * 325 works with donors and committees to manage scholarship funds. Each year, the Foundation awards $ 2.8 million in scholarships to students across the United States. Among them are locally focused scholarships such as the Western Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund for Higher Education, a $ 5,000 annual award for high school senior graduates. Scholarships are available on the Foundation’s website and applications can be submitted through the online portal. Click here to learn more about the application.

Looking For Pa Scholarships For College? Here’s How To Start Your Search

The Pittsburgh Promise offers Pittsburgh Public School graduates an annual scholarship of 5,000 किंवा (with a maximum of $ 20,000) for college or technical school. Funding is available to students from eligible city districts or chartered schools if they have enrolled from at least the 9th standard. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 and an attendance record of 90% or higher. Check scholarship requirements as the institution is updating the requirements. Students with a weighted GPA between 2.0 to 2.49 can apply for the Promise Extension Program. If accepted, students must attend Allegheny County Community College or a listed college, complete 18 credits per year and maintain a 2.0 GPA. It has promised to raise funds for students from the 2028 class, and so far, the organization has supported, 154.9 million to 10,158 students.

The Hope Through Learning Award offers a $ 2,500 scholarship to young adults ages 24 and under who are homeless and living in Allegheny County. The scholarship is part of the Homeless Children Education Fund and is available to students pursuing higher education or career training. Applicants must meet age requirements, be accepted into a college or career program, and be a high school graduate. Award recipients can use the scholarship for school -related expenses such as tuition, textbooks or laptops, or use the award for living expenses, such as transportation or lodging. In 2020, nine students were awarded scholarships.

This federally -funded grant offers a maximum of $ 6,000 for the school year to Pennsylvania undergraduate students who are outside of Foster Care and are attending a post -secondary institution. Applicants must be a resident of Pennsylvania and must be either an adopted youth or a young person discharged or adopted from Foster Care at age 16. Applicants must be under 26 years of age on July 21 of the following year and enroll as a graduate or student in college. Career school. Those who have received a grant do not need to complete a renewed FAFSA form, however transferring students should contact PHEAA via email.

The Pittsburgh -based nonprofit NEED offers a number of different scholarships and grants, including final dollar grants for students with college cost balances that may be a barrier to their education. According to the website, the program provides about $ 1 million annually to help black people, their families, go to college or help low-income students. Scholarships and other annual grants range from 1,000 to $ 5,000 through programs such as “Adopt-A-Student” or Need Lead Scholarship. Click here for more information on funding and eligibility. By 2020, NEED student participants received a total of 7,867,208 grants, and the organization said it helped more than 4,600 students with college and career services.

Tsinghua University’s Schwarzman Scholarship Program

The fund is designed to help students who are studying in a four -year college at the Pittsburgh Foundation and pursuing advertising, communications, marketing, public relations, graphic design or other similar subjects. The award offers 1,000 recipients for one year, though recipients are encouraged to reapply. The scholarship is open to junior, senior and college graduate students in Western Pennsylvania. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Together with the Pennsylvania Medical Association Foundation, the Allegheny County Medical Association offers a $ 4,000 merit -based scholarship to medical students living in Allegheny County. Among the conditions to be eligible for a one -time award, you must enroll or enroll in the third or fourth year of medical school in Pennsylvania and become a U.S. citizen.

Pittcon’s Undergraduate Analytical Research Program, a grant of 10,000 for undergraduate research in analytical chemistry, provides scholarships and grants to the Pittsburgh Association of Analytical Chemists.

200 Scholarships For Minorities

The friendship was created by Lynn Layton, an alum at the University of Pittsburgh, and offers a $ 1,500 stipend to undergraduate students working on research projects or other work related to the study of gender and sexuality. According to Pitt’s website, LGBTQ can also support research internships as part of an archival project. Interested applicants can read previous partners to learn more about the program.

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Created by Thomas Peterson, an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh, this scholarship supports students doing research on the history of LGBTQ +. Recipients will receive 500 1,500 to support research projects related to LGBTQ + history and will be overseen by the Faculty of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies in Pitt.

With a mission to increase interest in horticulture and related fields, Katherine M. through the Garden Club of America. Groscope Scholarships offer up to $ 3,500 to second -year college, junior, senior or postgraduate students majoring in horticulture or a related field. Areas Applicants are expected to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and must reside in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan or West Virginia. Applicants must be either U.S. citizens. or a permanent resident registered with a U.S. organization.

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