Best Antivirus For Android Smartphones

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It does not matter if it is a smartphone or a computer – Antivirus is a basic part of the application that we install on our device to fight viruses, malware and ransomware. Choosing the best free antivirus for your computer is not a difficult task because there are many articles on the Internet that evaluate different versions of free antivirus for your computer. But in the case of Android phones, the game store offers a large number of applications to protect my Android device from viruses and malware.

But the problem is that we can not find the best free Android antivirus applications from that Google Play listing. So, in this article, we will list the 10 best free antivirus apps for Android.

Best Antivirus For Android Smartphones

Best Antivirus For Android Smartphones

As you know, Android is based on the Linux kernel, so, in general, Android antivirus applications are not important because you are installing applications from Google Play, allowing basic security settings and temporary monitoring of device updates. So when do you need antivirus protection for your smartphone?

The Best Antivirus For Android In 2022: Free & Paid For Apps

Some of the listed antivirus applications for Android also offer a premium version with many features, and here we only briefly introduce the features of the free version of the app.

Sophos Intercept X is a fully functional Android antivirus for Mobile without ads. The tool provides industry-leading protection against malware and other mobile threats. This Android antivirus has consistently achieved 100% protection value in the AV-TEST collection of the best Android security and antivirus applications.

Comodo Mobile Security – Android antivirus application developed by the popular security company, Comodo Security Solutions with “Alvais on” antivirus program and built-in scanner on demand to protect your device from viruses and applications protect neewle. Android Comodo antivirus application scans all installed applications along with local saved APK files in real time and also monitors every installation process. Extras like Anti Theft, App Lock and Backup help to strengthen the security wall of your Android smartphone.

Secure Security is a free security protection for Android phones that comes with Speed ​​Booster, Junk Cleaner, AntiSpyware and Virus Remover. The developer also provides a simple version of the application for the protection of cheap Android phones.

Antivirus For Android For Free

Avira antivirus free protects your Android phone and everything on it from intrusion and theft. Along with antivirus, Avira also acts as malware / spyware removal and provides a secure browser and remote anti-theft features. Avira Antivirus Security also prevents ransomware from encrypting your phone and taking your data and applications hostage.

Kaspersky Lab’s well-known antivirus solution helps to protect your phones and tablets from online threats. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus for Android monitors downloaded applications for malware, ransomware, phishing, spyware and other infections using a backend to provide you with effective virus protection, protecting your devices from threats. In addition to antivirus protection, the application is also packed with anti-theft and anti-lock features to protect your Android device from physical dangers.

Avast Mobile Security protects your device from viruses and malware that cause pop-ups and unwanted advertisements. More than 100 million free Avast antivirus installations have been developed for Android designed to protect your devices from phishing attacks via email, cell phones, hacked websites or text messages. It also alerts you when you install spyware and adware apps that violate your privacy.

Best Antivirus For Android Smartphones

AVG AntiVirus for Android is one of the most powerful mobile security systems used by millions. Once installed, it works silently to protect you from the latest viruses, malware, spyware, unsafe applications and settings, unwanted callers and other malicious threats.

Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android (2022 List)

Bitdefender Antivirus Free uses cloud tracking technology to equip your Android device with the latest industry virus detection, without compromising your experience or draining your battery.

Malware provides advanced protection for Android against malware, ransomware and other major threats on Android devices. The premium version of Malvarebites includes many basics with advanced features, such as: detecting ransomware before it can lock your device and tracking fishermen’s URLs when using the Chrome browser and alerting you when they are detected. be sure to have a more secure browsing experience on the web. .

Quick Heal Mobile Security provides free protection for your phone against virus attacks, theft and unwanted numbers. The software informs you of applications that may affect your privacy and allows you to make settings that may improve the security of your device.

All of the free Android antivirus applications listed are for better security and privacy. Try them all and choose the one with your favorite feature. We will also update this entry with more free antivirus apps for Android.

Best Antivirus For Android 2022: The Best Free And Paid For Apps To Keep You Safe From Viruses, Phishing Scams And Dodgy Apps

Who doesn’t have a music app on their Android phone? Music players for Android are one of the first applications to be installed, but … The processes for mobile phones have now become so powerful that they are becoming a sweet target for cyber criminals. Stolen cell phones are usually bottled or thrown in a crypto bin. A good security application protects against such attacks. Tested 15 security apps for home users.

Many modern smartphones use 6 or 8 advanced basic processes, some of which operate at speeds below 3 GHz. These packages are of great interest to cyber criminals, as their effect also allows them to be used for “mining”, i.e. making hash, for cryptocurrencies. This is why the latest smartphones are test targets for botnets. In these networks, criminals gather the power of the process, forcing entire groups of cell phones to take advantage of the attacks to either calculate bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

However, while the smartphone is protected by a good security application, users are somewhat afraid that their device will become a slave in the botnet. But it would be good if you do not rely on Google Play protection under Android to find self-defense. This is clearly confirmed by the test, as the Play Protect protection is included for the comparison. The lab tested 15 security applications for Android in terms of protection, performance, and usage – such as false alarms. The test included Android protection applications for AhnLab, Avast, AVG, Avir, Bitdefender, F-Secure, G DATA, Google, Ikarus, Kaspersky, McAfee, NortonLifeLock, (Total AV), securiON and Trend Micro.

Best Antivirus For Android Smartphones

The test result is proof of a high level of security for Android smartphone users: 10 out of 15 apps rated scored a maximum of 18 points in the test. 3 extra applications still managed to get 17.5 valuable points. The application received 16.5 points. The standard Google Play Protect protection running on Android alone has nothing to write about: 6 out of 18 possible points.

Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android In 2022

6 of the security applications surveyed detected 100 percent of all threats in the test, while the other 4 applications made only minor errors.

The lab evaluates each Android security application in terms of its protection. In testing, a real flood of infection applications needs to be detected, blocked and quarantined. In a real-time experiment, the lab detected completely new malware applications – using about 3,000 samples. In addition, experts are attacking Android devices by more than 3,300 other malicious apps, which, however, have already been creating chaos on the web for up to 2 weeks.

Applications Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, G DATA, NortonLifeLock and Trend Micro completed a 100% authentication test in both test steps. This was followed by applications from AhnLab, F-Secure, Kaspersky and McAfee, which made minor errors in one or both trials. All of the above applications received a total of 6 points in the protection test category.

Applications from Avira, Ikarus,, and securiON were found to be 99.9 percent and 99.1 percent in both tests. Still got good marks of 5.5 points. Google Play defense alone can not compete with any other app when it comes to detection: only 85.2 percent for known threats and 61.6 percent for new malware. This brought zero points.

The Best Android Antivirus App Of 2022

Every Android security application that runs in the future requires processing power, battery life and data from the Internet. But how much does it cost for each security application? The laboratory also studied these parameters and evaluated them around the world. The use of tested protection devices did not cause excessive CPU load on the test devices, nor did it require a lot of battery power, and only in the future was less data needed from the Internet. For this economical use of system resources, all protection applications that were evaluated received a total of 6 points.

The flawless and highly secure application also stopped, in addition to 18 points, thanks to several plugins, such as VPN.

Although many users only download their apps from trusted stores, alarms are repeated that the app is infected with malware. So no need to install them! But it is really a shame when everything is based on a false alarm. So the lab checks to see if security applications can really tell the difference between good and bad. Thus, the lab sends more than 2,500 harmless applications to the Google Play Store on protected devices. In addition, the lab uses 1,200 applications from other friend-enemy detection stores. Perfect result: no alarm, because all applications are harmless. 13 out of 15 applications received the best results

Best Antivirus For Android Smartphones

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