How To Apply For The Merchant Navy

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This article covers information on how girls can join the Merchant Navy, addressing most of the doubts and questions they have in mind. Let’s read. Thinking about joining a male-dominated sector as a woman is definitely a laborious and thought-provoking process. Merchant ships have also greatly felt their presence over the last decade, when women are present in all professions. Indeed, over the years, the number of female candidates ‘registered on merchant ships’ has increased. Lots. However, there are many questions in mind when it comes to young aspirants. We will answer them one by one.

Working at sea is completely different. You are stuck in a very limited area. But this does not mean that women have to face problems. More work. In addition, it is a professional world. No one cares about your gender. The most important thing is to be social and work.

How To Apply For The Merchant Navy

How To Apply For The Merchant Navy

Well, education will be similar to what a male candidate goes through. Each country has its own education system for cadets. You can register on merchant ships upon graduation or immediately upon graduation. After training on the ground, they are sent for training on a ship. This shipping training period can be 6-9 months depending on the type of company navigation. You must then take the officer exam and board as a certified merchant shipping officer.

Step By Step Guide To Join Merchant Navy In 2022

Yes it is! In fact, in recent years, many companies have launched initiatives to bring in female candidates in the profession. Reputable companies like Maersk, BP, Shell, Thorme and Management Setup have hired many female candidates. So it’s a good choice depending on your job perspective.

It depends on the department where you are training. You can be a navigation officer or an agency officer. If you are an engineer, you should pay attention to the ship’s machinery and if you are a navigator, you do all the navigation work yourself.

The salary is usually better than what you get from the ground up. And it depends on what degree you have. Besides, what nationality do you have? For more information on Merchant Navy wages, read this article.

Usually the contract for merchant shipping service is extended for 3-6 months depending on the company and position. And the holidays are over. Vacations can last two to three months depending on the contract. Vacation can be paid or free depending on the company. New officers usually serve six months and take three months off. And the senior officer runs 3v3, or 4 turns on and the second.

How To Join The Merchant Navy In India?

Some companies offer free and paid internet on their ships. Some do not even have internet at all! If you do not have internet, you can buy a phone card and internet card at any port. The rest can be used on any ship that has a mail system. Connectivity is still a major issue for sailors, but it is not as bad as it was a decade ago.

Do you have more questions? Please leave a comment. All of this is from How Women or Girls Can Join the Merchant Navy.

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How To Apply For The Merchant Navy

View this post on Instagram At sea you are neither a woman nor a man, a sailor. # Post shared by (@mariners_galaxy) on May 2, 2020 at 9:10 AM PDT (PDT) There are many different careers to choose from in India after Year 10 or 12. Passing the 10th grade allows you to apply for a range of government and private vacancies in India. Here in this article, we will look at a career in merchant shipping after 10 days. Let’s take a look at the selection process, qualification criteria and types of posts that can only be advertised for those who have passed the first level. You should see the full article below for more information.

Merchant Navy After 10th, Eligibility Criteria, Salary And Top College

Merchant ships are private entities, as are government entities. Basically, the job of the Merchant Navy is to transport goods and carriers from one place to another or from one place to another. The Government Merchant Navy is known as the Transport Corporation of India. The rules, regulations and operating characteristics of a merchant ship are exactly the same as those of a government navy or a civilian navy.

Merchant ships are one of the best jobs for anyone who likes to travel and wants to travel around the world for free. Someone joins the merchant ship in different positions after passing level 10. Now let’s look at the types of entrances, their requirements and the amount required for training, training, etc.

After 10 days to register in the Merchant Navy. You can join in technical and non-technical positions. For technical items, there are some requirements for a technical diploma certificate. Let us now take a closer look at the criteria and qualification process required to become a Marine or Technical Marine in service.

There are some prerequisites to apply for this. Below is a list of eligibility criteria requirements.

Merchant Navy Courses After 12th

These are some very important mandatory criteria that you should apply to merchant ships. Now let’s take a look at other details like the selection process and the types of entry from which you can choose after 10th grade to pursue a career in merchant shipping.

There are different types of courses on merchant ships to pursue careers in different branches of the Navy. Below is a list of choices.

This is a course you can choose from after passing level 10 to pursue a career in merchant shipping. These courses are offered by various universities and research institutes. Here is a brief summary of each course and what jobs are available upon completion of the course.

How To Apply For The Merchant Navy

Universal Level: You can complete this course after passing level 10. The duration of the course is 6 months. Upon completion of the training, he may be registered on a merchant ship as a deck crew member or engine crew member.

Aspiring To Be In The Merchant Navy? Here Is What It Takes To Join This

Deck Assessment: Upon completion of this course, One will be able to become a member of the Merchant Marine Service deck crew. The duration of the course is 6 months. Upon completion of this training. One is a trainee cadet who is placed in service. There are other benefits and benefits to becoming a skilled flight attendant and earning a higher salary. You must complete three years of training. The first six months will be pre-marine training and the remaining year will be spent aboard the ship.

Engine Class: This course will enable you to become an Assistant Engineer or Engine Crew in the Merchant Navy service. There are many maritime commercial institutions offering degrees in marine engineering. However, this is a degree course and the duration of this course is 6 months. The duty of the engine crew is to assist the engineers in maintaining the ship’s engine department.

Salon Assessment: This course is primarily for sharing the ship gallery. The duration of this course is approximately 6 months. Upon completion of this course. One joins the ship’s catering department.

Degree in Marine Engineering: This course is specifically designed to become an engineer after passing level 10 or an Assistant Engineer in Merchant Shipping Services. The duration of the course is 3 years. Upon completion of the course, a degree in marine engineering is awarded. One of the best courses to become an engineer on a merchant ship right after you have passed level 10.

The Ultimate Guide To Join Merchant Navy

There are many private institutions available for merchant shipping training. Appropriate checks should be made on admission criteria, placement criteria, type of education, campus and other details before joining this university. Here is a list of universities you can apply for admission. You remember. I am not promoting any university here. All the names shared here are based on reviews and performance and more.

This is a career choice that gives you the opportunity to become financially free at a very young age. After completing 12 years in Science, you can become an officer or engineer in that service. Well, once you have completed one of these courses, you can join the deck or engine department.

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