Colorado Private High Schools

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Kent School in Denver recently released a nationwide report after two former teachers, Jonathan and Diana Tobb, were charged with espionage. But we assume the administrators are satisfied with the different development: Kent Denver has been voted the best private school in Colorado.

The new Nichefor Ranking Service list for the 2021-2022 school year offers separate directories for state public and private high schools with ratings focused on five major themes: academics, diversity, teachers, college readiness, and clubs / activities. State level health and safety signs and sports for private institutions are also included.

Colorado Private High Schools

Colorado Private High Schools

The Niche ranking, now eighth, included 94,491 public schools, 2,489 private schools, and 11,846 school districts nationwide in 2021, and even Colorado’s top facilities weren’t that high. across the country. For example, Kent Denver is the 143rd best private school in the United States (out of 4,290 schools). But it outranked most private competitors in Colorado, and Cherry Creek High School won a gold medal among public high schools.

Top 5 Best Private High Schools In Colorado Springs, Co (2022)

Speaking of gold, Kent Denver’s tuition fees are beyond the reach of most parents with annual tuition fees in excess of $ 32,000 – and Niche shows that only about 24 percent of students receive financial aid. In addition, prospective students should move out of major Colorado areas if they wish to experience what Niche sees as the state’s most elite study opportunities; all top schools are located in both public and private categories on the Denver Metro or Colorado Springs.

Continue browsing the Niche selections for the top five public high schools and top five private high schools in Colorado, complete with major category ratings and education information. Click on a subject link for more information on each school.

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Top 5 Best Private High Schools In Denver, Co (2022)

By using this site, you accept our terms of use, cookie policy, and our privacy policy may disclose some sales of products and services purchased through links on our site from our affiliate partners. © 2022 Denver, LLC. All rights reserved. Christian Valor High School at Ranch Ranch was recently recognized as one of Colorado’s six national blue ribbon schools and is praised for its “active, welcoming, and culture-affirming culture.” But some students and staff say school culture is unacceptable to LGBTQ + people.

Valor Christian High School – a private Highlands Ranch school that recently caught nationwide attention after a volleyball coach said he was fired for being gay – was named one of the six national blue ribbon schools named in Colorado by the US Department of Education.

This Index is the highest award given by the United States Department of Education, and distinguishes universities and schools that bridge the gaps in student achievement.

Colorado Private High Schools

Public schools are nominated by the heads of state-owned public schools, and private schools are nominated by the American Board of Private Education. CAPE should ensure that schools meet the test score threshold and other criteria. A spokesman for the US Department of Education said the review process ended in June.

Colorado Private High Schools By Tuition Cost (2022)

Recognizing 325 schools nationwide, US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said: “This year’s award team shows what is possible when loyal teachers and school leaders create a vibrant, welcoming and affirming school culture where rich teaching and learning flourishes. “I commend all of our award-winning blue ribbons for their work to keep students healthy and safe while meeting their academic, social, emotional and mental health needs.”

More recently, students, alumni and former teachers have told stories of discrimination, punishment, harassment, harassment and harassment of LGBTQ + students and teachers, including “disregarding the safety and mental health of the Valor community as a direct result of school policies.” “According to a letter sent last week by the nonprofit Valor For Change to the school board and faculty.

The group sent the school a list of requirements that focused on accountability and systemic change. It urges the school to recognize the damage allegedly caused by the school, to establish a diverse and inclusive department that supports an anti-discrimination policy, and to ask the school not to question or expose the sexual superiority of a student or teacher over other requirements.

The letter stated that if Valor did not respond by September 30 to fulfill its promise, the organization “will take further steps to ensure and protect the equal opportunity, security and dignity of its community.”

Colorado’s Top 25 Private High Schools For 2022

The US Department of Education notes that the Blue Ribbon National Schools serve as an example of effective school practice for teachers in states and districts and other schools across the country.

“For the students with whom Valor treated students, teachers, staff and educators, I think it would be detrimental to all of us if other schools followed suit,” said graduate Amber Jackson.

The case, which was widely commented on across the country, was first made public in August when school volleyball coach Inoke Tonga, a devout Christian, said school officials forced her to drop out of school because she denied being gay. . In a Facebook post, he shared how school officials told him that being gay was a threat to school and children.

Colorado Private High Schools

Another coach, Lauren Benner, said she was fired from her position as head coach in 2020 because she is gay. She said in an Instagram message that if she wanted to date another woman, she would no longer agree with Valor’s cultural declaration.

The Best Private High School In Every State

He states that the greatest danger and harm to school culture will be “those who are loyal to our culture but never fit; and those whose order has changed over time. Everyone is responsible for identifying these inconsistencies and promoting coordination. ‘

Benner wrote after meeting with school principals that “I was bombarded with nonsense and insignificant statements such as” same-sex marriage is not permanent, “and” God made man and woman only for posterity. “

Should a student come to see him, officials told Benner that he could welcome the student with “open arms” and suggest “praying with them to God that he would lead them to a solitary life and refrain from homosexual desires.”

About 1,000 alumni, students and community members have signed an open letter condemning the school’s actions against the two tutors. They did not receive a reply from the school.

The Most Beautiful Private High School In Every State In America

During a school protest in August, organizer and student Lucy Sarkisjan said that Valor was not a safe place for LGBTQ + people and that she had witnessed homophobic behavior at school.

“I have seen a lot of discrimination against LGBTQ + students,” said Sarkisjan. “I think at this point, sharing the stories of Coach Inok and Coach Benner, we had the unique opportunity to talk about Valor’s relationship not only with the teachers and their mentors, but also with the students and their culture.”

A graduate of Valor Christian told Denver Post that while the school had benefited him both academically and artistically, he said he had been discriminated against on the basis of his sexual orientation.

Colorado Private High Schools

Other alumni say they help raise the voice of students during their campaign for change and protect them because some students have been the target of harassment.

Valor Christian Allegedly Pushed Out Two Gay Teachers And Is Facing Calls For Change. Now It’s Being Honored As A Top School Nationally

“Many students who even acted as allies to support (former coach) Tong and Benner told us they were stalked, harassed and harassed online,” he said. graduate of Amber Jackson. “Several students said that even teachers separate them from other students and do not even defend them and urge these students to bully each other.”

Jackson, a 2013 graduate, said that when he studied at Valor Christian, the school achieved this result in education and athletics, but did not create a healthy environment, which he described as “divisible.” “More shame on girls for the body, more shame on girls for being men” was a misconception of the female body to objects and the legend that “women are responsible for a man’s appearance and women are responsible for keeping it clean.” He said.

“From what the students told me that we were interacting with them, the culture is probably worse than what I remember,” he said. “Many (current students) love it

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