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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are interactive online courses available anywhere in the world and free of charge. The Technical University of Munich () saw the potential of these courses quite early: it is the first German university to develop and launch its own MOOCs on the well-known American platforms edX and Coursera. The constantly expanding offer of these courses has enriched the teaching and learning at our University and gives an international and diverse audience the opportunity to access high-quality education.

Current: This specialization will help you understand how to deal with the skills required in the cost accounting industry, such as profit analysis, business accounting, and more. Thanks to the experts teaching him, the specialization delves into the subject and explains all the basics required in the areas of product costing, profit and loss calculation and decision making.

Online Masters Of Teaching Degree

Online Masters Of Teaching Degree

Current: “Street Experiments for Sustainable and Resilient Cities” is a unique course that focuses on living in the neighborhood, allowing you to design, implement and evaluate your own unique ideas for the placement of public spaces.

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Current: In this program, you will first earn a Yellow Belt by mastering the basics of Lean Six Sigma methodology and then certifying the Green Belt by putting your knowledge into practice in a predefined project.

Well-equipped: The university’s media library enables teachers to create high-quality MOOCs while being supported throughout the process. Information and support

We are excited to announce that the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program won its 3rd prize in just 2021!

The professional program we offer in cooperation with the # digitallearning @ edX platform was awarded a bronze medal for the best online program 2021 at the Wharton-QS @ Reimagine Education Awards [HE1]. A panel of 300 independent judges from 45 countries distinguished the program among more than 1,100 nominations for its global reach, accessibility and initiative for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Prospective students wishing to explore a variety of offers, such as the Coursera Partner Consortium program or the edX Online Campus Essentials program, should have access to a list of courses available for free.

Infineon and the Technical University of Munich have developed a unique combined Six Sigma and Lean training for Infineon’s manufacturing facilities around the world. Infineon employees master Six Sigma and Lean theory with the massive open professional online program offered on the edX MOOC platform. Working at their own pace and independently, Infineon Green Belt candidates cover all phases of the Six Sigma DMAIC and Lean Production process improvement cycle online, and are then ready to begin an on-site Green Belt project. The program started in October 2020 and is currently being implemented in 5 countries.

Infineon Technologies and the Technical University of Munich have developed a unique combined Six Sigma and Lean training for Infineon’s manufacturing facilities around the world. Infineon employees master Six Sigma and Lean theory using the professional online Massive Open program, Lean Six Sigma, offered on the edX MOOC platform. Today our blended enterprise program received a distinction in the Blended Learning category in the International E-Learning Awards 2021 competition, awarded by the International E-Learning Association (IELA)!

Online Masters Of Teaching Degree

Our MOOC Lean Six Sigma received a third prize for the course: “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification”. We are very happy to receive this silver medal in the category: Blended Learning – Academic Division. As part of this Lean Six Sigma certification, we offer three courses: For company employees with an individual company project, for students and job seekers with the implementation of our standard initial pollution project. A third route is our Go Green Belt Award, which our certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts can apply for with an Outstanding Project Idea under one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This allows the three Yellow Belts with the best design ideas each year to obtain our Green Belt certification at no cost. – The three paths consist of learning materials, individual coaching, open lectures and five project documentation reviews.

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French and German ministries of research and education through the ANR (National Research Agency) and DLR-PT (DLR Project Management Agency) announced on October 23, 2020 a joint call for AI projects to finance Franco-German Cooperation The Academy wishes to encourage to collaborate between academic and industry experts to launch very promising AI research projects under this call.

Speakers: prof. Dr. Luisa Menapace, prof. Dr. Carlo Russo, Dr. Hannes Lang, Dr. Montserrat Cost-Font, Dr. Faical Akaichi, Dr. Chenguang Li, Francesco Bimbo

In collaboration with the School of Management, the Executive Education Center (EEC) offers a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification upon successful completion of the edX Professional Certificate program. Learn more

Move from yellow to green belt in this project-based Lean Six Sigma course. With the yellow belt you have mastered all the knowledge about our green belt. To participate in this course, participants must obtain a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

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Contact us if you want to create a SPOC for use with classroom courses or simply explore online learning opportunities.

Prepare for graduate programs: The initiative enables students to prepare for graduate programs in. Learn more: MOOCsforMasters

The Academic Writing Made Easy course starts on April 29, 2019. Learn the basics of academic writing in English step by step. Join a course at edX

Online Masters Of Teaching Degree

The “iLab – The Internet Masterclass” course started on July 1, 2019. The iLabX course explains how the Internet works from scratch. It uses many practical examples and exercises that allow you to not only understand but also configure key components, such as routers and web servers, on your own. You will start your own Internet step by step! Join our ilabee mascot to master 6 online mountain peaks. Training materials coming soon.

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The “Fundamentals of Software Engineering” course began its third session on April 24. Learn agile methods, object-oriented programming, and software engineering best practices at your own pace. Join this course on edX

The “Build your own application” course ended on October 14th. Learn the basics of web programming and learn how to use these techniques to create your own mobile or desktop applications. View the archived course on edX

The second updated version of the “Introduction to spatial planning” course ended on January 31st. Learn about the complexity of land management and learn about the concepts, tasks and challenges of our land. View the archived course on edX

The goal of the MOOC @ TU9 follow-up phase was to produce MOOCs in the thematic area of ​​engineering sciences, which were developed and produced in collaboration with at least two TU9 facilities each, and which could then be used in all installations. In addition to German-language and English-language courses in communication acoustics, transport ecology, and contemporary urban planning, renowned professors from various fields have conducted open online courses on aircraft engines and the technical systems development process. Upon successful completion of the course, it was possible to obtain a certificate of attendance. The courses were included in the curriculum of selected study programs within the network, but the offer also influenced students outside the TU9 alliance and the interested audience. In total, over 3,000 people took part in the courses offered in the 2016/2017 winter semester and benefited from the engineering know-how of TU9. The project was aimed at jointly building experiences in the field of MOOCs and should be understood as an instrument of continuous improvement and expansion of the offer of courses at TU9 universities. In addition, upon completion of the project, the content and courses are still available as far as possible and will be re-organized in the summer semester 2017.

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MOOCs in Action: Our online courses are not intended to replace your regular study program. However, they can enrich the teaching repertoire of the university. For example, they can be used to prepare a course of study, complete lectures or to perform blended learning. They can also support lifelong learning.

Our university does not transfer any personal data to the platform providers. If you are participating in one of our MOOCs, please see the data protection instructions in the general terms and conditions of the service providers.

Summary: Progressive globalization and the emergence of breakthrough learning technologies have changed the educational paradigm from conventional higher education on campuses to digital and online education. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in particular are the most notable manifestation of educational transformation. Earth challenges and gathered with thousands of participants around the world using freely accessible course content and open spaces for discussion. Our experience with ILMx MOOC has accumulated new knowledge and expertise on a wide range of questions related to the design and development of alternative training programs and teaching using digital learning technologies in land management. This

Online Masters Of Teaching Degree

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