Easeus Data Recovery Review

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But what about the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard? This is a popular recovery program, but can you count on it to recover your precious files?

I tried EaseUS Data Recovery, and I share all my findings with you. And honestly, it’s worth mentioning that EaseUS Data Recovery

Easeus Data Recovery Review

Easeus Data Recovery Review

So to learn more about EaseUS Data Recovery, including what it can do, where you can buy it and how you can use it to recover files …

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard For Windows Review (2022)

Specifically, you can use the app to recover accidentally deleted desktop data, formatted memory card files or video files that you forgot to back up and then deleted from the card.

EaseUS offers a list of file types that can be recovered using the Recovery Wizard, including many image file types (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, CRW, NEF, ORF and DNG, etc.) and video file types (MP3, WAV, MPG, WMV, etc.), As well as document file types, audio file types and more.

The scanning process will begin immediately, with EaseUS looking for a targeted location for all files, including corrupted and deleted images.

If you prefer, you can continue scanning until it is complete, but you also have the option to recover the files you found. In other words, you can allow the scan to run in the background when you restore an existing file in the EaseUS window.

Easeus Data Recovery Review: Fast, Powerful, And Easy To Use

Once the recovery is complete, EaseUS will automatically open the location with the recovered files. You can also click the Restore Show button to open the location manually:

I tested EaseUS Data Recovery with a self-formatted memory card, and it worked flawlessly. Once I have completed the recovery process, I have access to each image (everything is in perfect condition!).

Of course, it’s impossible for me to test every scenario and every file type, but Olympus RAW images come back safely, and I’m sure EaseUS can handle effortlessly in many other situations.

Easeus Data Recovery Review

I was positively impressed with the recovery sticks. The process is really easy and has nothing to do with the software. And I’m happy with that, too

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review: Powerful File Recovery Tool

Of recovery, because while some recovery software takes hours to scan and recover images, EaseUS has all 20+ deleted images ready to recover in five to ten seconds. The recovery process itself takes at least thirty seconds.

Since I just restored Olympus RAW images from the SD card, I do not have much use for the filter function. But if you want to recover selected media from all your hard drive files, this filtering is worthless – it will allow you to find and select the files you are going to, without having to spend precious time going through all the recovered sets. item. And I’m very happy with the “Recover While Scanning” option, which allows you to recover items you found while EaseUS continues to scan the drive. When I try out the software, I do not have to wait for all the deep scans to finish. However, I started retrieving images as soon as EaseUS recognized them.

A word of caution: there are cases where EaseUS data recovery will fail; This is just the nature of recovery software. If your photos or videos are too far apart, even the best recovery software will not be able to put them together.

For example, if you load a memory card, reformat it and reload it, the first image will be almost irreversible, so you should always, always,

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Full Review [tested In 2022]

Have a proper backup system from scratch. And if you find a designed memory card that needs to be restored, by no means override the card in a new image.

EaseUS does a great job of recovering images, and I would not hesitate to use EaseUS to handle accidental file deletions.

First of all, there is a free edition, which allows you to recover media up to 2 GB. If you accidentally delete some pictures, that may be enough.

Easeus Data Recovery Review

The Pro Edition offers unlimited data recovery, as well as getting support from EaseUS experts, all for $ 69.95. It is suitable for most users, assuming you can reboot the drive.

Best Alternatives To Easeus Data Recovery Wizard (2022 Review)

Finally, there is the Pro + Bootable Media Edition, which offers everything included in the Pro Edition, plus the ability to recover files from a hook drive, all for $ 99.90 dollars. This is an edition worth buying if you can not activate the drive.

Mac users also have access to the free edition. Then there is the Pro Edition for Mac, which offers the functionality of a PC Pro + bootable edition in a full package, $ 89.95.

It will recover files that can be recovered quickly and efficiently – it will even allow you to sort the files so that they are easily accessible.

So if you have lost photos or videos on your memory card, flash drive, hard drive or desktop, I highly recommend you get this EaseUS software. If the file can be recovered, then EaseUS will be done!

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review 2022

He is the editor – in – chief of the School of Digital Photography, as well as macro and nature photographer for Man Arbor, Michigan. To learn how to take amazing nature photos, check out my free ebook, Nature Photography Mastery: 7 Secrets to Amazing Nature Photos! And to see more of James’ work, check out his website and blog. No data recovery application can retrieve everything, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro does its best at trying to recover lost and deleted files – including files that competing products can do. Can’t find trace of.

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Even the best data recovery applications can leave you disappointed, as it sometimes makes you think that they can recover lost or deleted files that were actually lost forever. But some data recovery applications are better than others, and the EaseUS data recovery wizard is the best we’ve seen. This is far from perfect, in part because today’s advanced disk technology makes data recovery more difficult than simple technologies of the past, but it is fast and efficient, and recovers files that cannot be returned when using large competitors. , Premium for data recovery of stars. If you use the EaseUS application with realistic expectations, it can recover files and folders that may be lost forever.

Easeus Data Recovery Review

EaseUS offers a free version that can store data up to 2GB. The free version of rival service Stellar restores 1GB. If you want to recover more than 2GB, or if you want vendor technical support, upgrade your EaseUS to the Pro (tested) version for $ 69.95. The $ 99.90 Pro + WinPE version, which I did not buy, creates a bootable USB drive that you can use to recover files when you cannot boot the system.

Easeus Data Recovery Review

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EaseUS impressed me right from the start with the test. I started by copying the audio CD to BIN / CUE files to burn to a backup CD, then deleting the files from the hard disk and emptying the trash. EaseUS restored it in perfect condition, while competitor Stellar Data Recovery reported that it had recovered the files, but only returned useless sections of BIN files.

On the same hard disk, EaseUS easily finds and restores at least a dozen graphics files that Steller did not find. Both EaseUS and Stellar offer an optional deep scan that can take hours to scan each sector of the drive for recoverable files, but only EaseUS allows you to search and preview files found by the app, while the deep scan continues in the background. Stellar makes you wait until the deep scan is complete.

In the 2TB rotating board drive used for testing, the EaseUS takes ten hours to fully scan, while the Stellar takes much longer.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Review

. Because I can find the files I want before EaseUS completes the scan, its ability to recover while scanning is more convenient than Steller refusing to let me recover the file or do anything in the software while scanning.

When you run the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard it starts by displaying a list of locations in your system where the app can search for lost data – drive letters, recycle bin, desktop or specific folders. Click the location and the Scan button, and it will work, creating a complete list of files and a list of deleted files during the initial scan. With Stellar, however, you have to wait while using the file list if you want a list of deleted files. EaseUS, also unlike Stellar, allows you to use the Filter menu to restrict your search to a specific file type, or to reset files modified in the last three days, or the previous three days, or any other date range. And the same menu allows you to reset different files

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