Boulder Private High Schools

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September School is a private high school and high school in Boulder, CO, that leads the way in a relationship-based education. We are here for you and above all, we are here for your children.

Students learn what they need to succeed in education. We explore learning styles and offer accommodation to any student who finds it helpful. Students with learning abilities all learn together. We always see young people discovering strength and passion

Boulder Private High Schools

Boulder Private High Schools

We look at each student as a whole and value social progress and academic achievement. Young people develop important life skills such as self-efficacy, conflict resolution, stress management and empathy. Lessons in human development, mind, group motivation, and yoga, along with math, science, English, and social sciences, help equal people.

Colorado Best Public And Private High Schools 2022 Update

The September School was founded with the belief that young people learn well in the community. Our students work together to make our school community a safe place for everyone. Everyone is trying to ratify the agreement of the members of the society: demonstration; Responsibility; ᲞAtive Etsi; And challenge yourself. When someone breaks boundaries, we use a restorative justice system to simulate compassion and rebuild relationships.

We meet every week as a community to make decisions, solve problems, and celebrate each other’s success. We travel together, doing cooking and crafts. Students study together in mixed classes and work with teachers on independent honors projects.

Our curriculum includes community voices allocated to our students to grow beyond the “bubble” of events. We study history from many perspectives and celebrate diversity. We offer a community that includes people with different learning styles and learning skills and welcomes directly, LGBTQ and students of all genders.

Our students make a real connection to what they are learning through training, fieldwork, and field travel. Each week, classes go on hikes around campus, explore Boulder Creek, and take a technical tour to draw in nature. Students are trained with local volunteer groups, traditional farms and boulder zone businesses.

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Boulder County (2022)

Every year we make three trips with students to build a community, promote independence and create a beautiful world. Students help create travel routes, save space, and plan meals. Recent destinations include Costa Rica, Chicago, Montreal, South Dakota Bedlands, Backpacks in Colorado, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Puerto Rico.

September school teachers learn and learn about life from students by sharing their interests, experiences and hobbies. For example, our science teacher teaches professional photography in addition to physics. Our social science teacher shares her beliefs as a sponsor of the Jewish Cultural Association. Students attend our art teacher exhibition at the theater and can imagine their future as a creative person.

Are you ready to request more information? If you think September School may be the perfect school for your little girl, please call us at (303) 443-9933 to visit and learn more. Dawson School Photos – Every fall, the entire high school participates in class trips to different locations in the state. Students learn camp skills, rafting, leadership, team building, and community service.

Boulder Private High Schools

Montessori Adventure Visualization – All Montessori educators are focused on the individual needs of each child and are highly skilled in monitoring and developing children’s skills. Our Nido Room is also a parent community where parents support and teach them. Bathrooms are available for meals or just for a snack at this convenient time of day. Our caregivers support and work with all members of your family.

Top 3 Best Private High Schools In Boulder County (2022)

Desiderata School Photo – Students can complete independent learning projects with master supervision and assistance in a variety of settings. These students worked for the Longmont Tutoring Association for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Rocky Mountain Christian College Photo – RMCA provides traditional and Christian education for high school students up to 8th grade. Our belief-based teaching system gives students an education that goes beyond the expectations of any successful program in this field. RMCA teachers work with parents to create a community where Jesus Christ is glorified, parents are respected, students are respected, and teachers are respected.

Photo courtesy of Montessori Mountain Shadows – This is a photo gallery and gym; Used for PE class, drama, parent education night and more!

Goddard School Photo – Children at Goddard School see learning as fun. This created a vision that will serve them forever!

Best Private High Schools In Boulder County, Co

If you start thinking about sending your child to a private school, you will probably have a lot of questions. Here are some answers to your common questions.

Why is student admission so important? Because it makes new students and their families feel like they are in the school community from day one. More about this important marketing tool here.

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