Straight Talk Mobile Phones

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It is 100% ready to activate direct call using Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + PLUS 64 GB Verizon 4G LTE network for direct communication. Straight Talk is a beautiful premium smartphone for Straight Talk. You can get unlimited talk / text and data for just $ 45, or use the $ 35 plan and get unlimited talk and text + 10GB of high-speed data. This S8 / S8 + Plus reaches 100% fully configured with easy activation instructions.

Click HERE or click the card for more coverage IMPORTANT: You will be redirected to the Verizon coverage card. Then select the “INTRODUCTION” cover. Verizon uses Verizon prepaid network.

Straight Talk Mobile Phones

Straight Talk Mobile Phones

Activated voice dialing, Wi-Fi capability, TTY compatible, touch screen, speakerphone, music player, internet browser, GPS, global ready, close field connection, Bluetooth enabled, 4G data, 3G data, R-Mail, text, Picture messaging, video conferencing (Skype), fingerprint reader, 4K video recording, page detection, log scanner,

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What does accident insurance equipment protect me from? The accidental damage cover covers product defects due to normal wear and / or accidental damage such as drops, liquid spills and split LCD screens.

How long will the package last? The cover for accidental damage (1) covers the appliance you have purchased for a year. Packaging starts from the date of purchase.

Is it possible to deduct the damage caused by an accident? Yes, you must deduct $ 50 for each complaint and return your damaged phone.

When am I not covered by accident compensation? The accident damage program does not cover loss, theft, misplacement, gross misuse or products with current conditions.

Straight Talk Motorola Moto E6, 32gb, Black

Who will meet my requirements? conformity processing. You can buy a cover after you buy the appliance. After entering the payment information and purchasing the device, valid devices will have the option to enable coverage automatically.

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