Daly Truck Driving School

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I would recommend Dalys Truck Driving School to all new students and even experienced drivers who need a refresher. At this trucking school, I could understand my lessons so that teachers could take the time to explain the situation and various circumstances of each subject. I was able to learn more about reading maps after the teacher’s explanations and I am very grateful.

It is one of the best schools in Daly’s trucking school. From teachers to staff, everything falls into place. My husband and I take our cdl A class at this school. All I can say is that this school is one of the best out there. Mr Rick was very professional with us. You teach with them in class the first week to get permission from you. As with any school, there are rules and regulations. And most of my classmates didn’t understand at first, but Kathy and Stephanie actually explained everything about a question. One of the many things I loved was the diversity of the students! There were all kinds of students in that class. Practical experience increases the chances of actually getting a cdl. There were many observers who facilitated our learning. With so many teachers, no student was left behind.

Daly Truck Driving School

Daly Truck Driving School

This school is about getting as many people out of its door as possible. First of all, you learn what happens in the cdl test. This is a truck driving accident course! I’ve found this in my experience and while chatting with fellow students. Enough Daly is done with you once you get the money. If you’re taking CDL courses, look into community schools. Most truck companies aren’t interested in 3-week classes. Finally, claims that Daly will help you find a job. This is not true! During the lunch break, renters are allowed to visit. You do all the leg work to get a job. Most of these recruiters are vultures catching desperate people! Please do your research!

Premier Driving School

I moved to Daly in September 2008. From the first day the female staff approached me. At that time I was the only student in the school and still felt comfortable.

At first I felt that things were not very organized and when it was time to go to our test I spoke to Mr. Daly and I knew the teacher thought I could get over it. I didn’t and it allowed me to continue training until I felt comfortable going to Gainesville.

At first it wasn’t easy to teach and I couldn’t really understand protection. Although I have been in an OTR truck for several years, I have never used it. I was a clean slate and moved on to anything but learning how to change. Lol Dee and Sherry can tell you the story of my first day on the truck! When he taught me to run and as soon as I moved the truck I got scared and yelled “turn it off” when I let go of the wheel and took both my legs off the pedal area… that was great…. We laughed. I cried a lot, a lot inside, we would bump our heads from time to time, but they wouldn’t give up on me even if I wanted to.

I missed my lead trip and maneuvers on the first shot, but I failed the original Gainesville road test and Ann turned upside down. When I was harassed at DDS and they didn’t help me even once. Mr. Daly also talked to me about DDS. I finally left. When I had *month* time to get through and I was cold, I got a letter asking how I was doing and asking me to come back and try again.

Daly’s Truck Driving School (90 Degree Alley Dock)

This seemed very special to me because they cared even though they had already been paid for their services. When I got back they let me renew everything for free and I got my Class A driver’s license in January 2009.

I care a lot about the staff > they have become like an extended family to me. I still keep in touch with some of the students I met. Mr. Daly is outspoken, understanding and someone who can genuinely come to you and be realistic about the situation. They will do their best to assist you.

It is important that you are willing to work hard and learn. The days were long but most of the time I felt that I needed more time.

Daly Truck Driving School

Their support and belief in me took me away. Everyone pulled me aside at some point and told me I was going to be the driver of hell, and that meant a lot. I am here now!

Daly’s Truck Driving School

I’ve seen many students fail and a few. Some will never do this, some don’t need permission. This life.

My brother, father and I went every day. They help you pass the state exam and they really help you in your job. We are a CDL trailer company all around Athens. Attracting Sully and Sons. Last year we sent 2 kids there to train and they did as planned. I highly recommend these guys, especially since this is a family business and I run a family business, so maybe I’m a bit partial. These guys care a lot about your success so they are always on the job.

I am writing this because Mr. Daly has been such good to me and my family and has given me the opportunity to do something great for myself and my family.

I think this person Lori is too far away and is questioning her motives. Rather than blaming his incompetence, I can’t help but suspect that he could better examine why he wasn’t doing well in school. But not getting a driver’s license tells me I shouldn’t be on the roads.

Daly’s Truck Driving School 2314 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Buford, Ga 30518

I was in class with Lori Wrek on Daly’s TDS. I can’t say much about how unstable this woman is. It was the third time I was there while I was there. She was constantly crying after each unsuccessful attempt at maneuvering. At least it wasn’t comfortable. She couldn’t test with our class because she wasn’t ready yet and couldn’t pass the straight line maneuver, she.

Eight of my 12th graders passed all sections for the first time. Me and 2 other guys failed the yard maneuvers for the first time and one guy failed at everything. Bobby and I crossed the yard and the road the next day and Tim missed the way, but we crossed the yard. I keep in touch with everyone in my class and we all drive here to make a living. Everything else that failed Emanuel also passed his 3rd term after more training.

He’s one of the nicest boys I’ve ever met, Mr. Daly. Considering they are still training Lori, THERE IS NO WAY TO PASS THIS TEST. After 18 days on the job, they don’t need to train you at all. They knew he was writing all these bad things about them on the internet and they were still trying to work with him. Some have never had a license and Lori is one of them. I bet you don’t have a driver’s license yet and you never will.

Daly Truck Driving School

Lori’s husband was a truck driver, so she thought she knew everything about driving. The problem is you have to listen to the teachers to learn or you will never pass the exam. He was speechless during practice and never listened to the teachers. I hadn’t heard anyone scream outside the yard when it nearly ran into another truck. STOP!

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I moved to Daly in November 2008. The education is very good and the best part of the school is that the equipment is up to date and the facilities are much nicer than any other school I’ve seen. Look at him. If you want to break into the trucking industry, this is the place to go. There were 5 companies I could choose when I graduated. I could have gotten more if I had applied to more companies, but I was happy with my options. I’ve been at Covenant for almost 4 months and everything they told me about dalys was fine. This industry can be tough at times, but I’m paying my bills and getting a pay raise in 2 months so I can keep up with the truck.

Wednesday morning I was at the Gainesville DDS test site trying to get my license for the undergraduate class. I saw 6 on Daly’s Test for CDL license. Also

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