Pilot Flying J Fuel Card Discount

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Unfortunately, our title is correct. Pilot / Flying J cancels great TSD fuel discount program for RVers. TSD Fuel Saver is a lifesaver for many of us who are driving or towing our RVs with diesel engines. Unfortunately, the program was uninstalled by Pilot / Flying J, and we are concerned that the program may end up everywhere. If you are not a member, we strongly recommend that you sign up and start saving while you can.

Pilot Flying J Fuel Card Discount

Pilot Flying J Fuel Card Discount

If you missed it, here’s what happened. RVTravel.com published an article in the Associated Press entitled “This is the true diesel fuel economy program” on January 29, 2020. People at RVTravel think it’s a good idea to expand the benefits of fuel economy programs to everyone. About it. Unfortunately, this article is incorrect and as a result Pilot / Flying J canceled the TSD fuel discount for RVers.

Pilot Introduces Axle Fuel Card

The reality of the TSD fuel program is that not everyone saves money. The TSD fuel program works only for diesel cars. Why? The Fuel Program was developed by TSD Logistics, which manages the fleet of off-road trucks (OTRs). Fuel is the biggest cost for a carrier. All carriers negotiate a discount level with the gas station network based on the quantity they will buy from the chain. The more fuel businesses use, the higher their discount level. TSD reduces the cost of operating its fleet by expanding its fleet to diesel-powered RVers.

However, at the end of the day, the practice of offering only discounts to Diesel RVers is likely to be the catalyst that kills the program. There are many more gasoline stockpiles along the way. The large print of an article on the screen of thousands of RVers who could not participate in the program was not well received. The RVTravel.com article triggered a series of events that led to the cancellation of the TSD Logistics Fuel program at Pilot / Flying J, and it is quite possible that the entire program could be terminated.

Our understanding is that the RVTravel.com article caused a storm of emails and calls to executives at Pilot / Flying J and Good Sam. The Gasoline RVers were disappointed that they did not receive the incredible discount that Diesel had received and complained. Good Sam executives are disappointed that the free distribution discount to those who sign up for the TSD Logistics Fuel Program is more than what Good Sam offers to RVers with the “Pilot Flying J RV Plus Charge Card”. Of them.

Comparing Good Sam 8 8 gal / gal savings to .6 37.6 gal / gal we got after the refueling fee we checked earlier this year, one can certainly understand why no one is happy. For program removal by Pilot / Flying J. Refer to our article titled How the TSD Fuel Program Works for more information on savings.

Pilot/flying J Cancelled The Tsd Fuel Discount For Rvers

According to an article on March 6, 2020 on RVTravel.com entitled “Good Sam Tells Pilot / Flying J to Stop Massive Diesel Discounts for RVers” (Good) Sam has an exclusive discount program with Pilot / Flying J. RVers just got a discount on fuel purchases at these stores if they had a Good Sam membership card. ” Tell them, too. The truth is that there may be more.

As stated in the RVTravel.com update, the initial assumption was that Good Sam “forced” Pilot / Flying J to cancel the TSD Logistic application due to the “exclusive” RV Discount agreement with them. Pilot / Flying J has received so many complaints about the cancellation that they issued an official statement on the failure to steal diesel fuel.

“Pilot Flying J no longer trades with TSD Logistics (TSD). Unfortunately, it has recently been pointed out that TSD has resold our oil, offering its discounts outside the company. Aware of this action and also do not agree to resell our fuel. Our contract We offer discounts and rewards to RV customers through our partnership with Good Sam. “Our decision to terminate our business relationship with TSD.” Pilot / Flying J Official Statement

Pilot Flying J Fuel Card Discount

We believe that the reason TSD was canceled was due to the combination of the Pilot / Flying J agreement with Good Sam and the breach of contract by TSD Logistics. Although we do not have access to the contract between TSD / Pilot Flying J to verify our theory, we may review the terms and conditions of the Pilot / Flying J Fleet program posted on the Pilot / Flying J website, assuming that TSD Logistics is Attached to the terms of the Fleet Program, they will violate Section 2.7 of the Agreement. This is probably why Pilot / Flying J’s official statement said: “

Pilot Flying J (sem/ppc/google Ads) & Tombras Case Study — Steven Hines

“All purchases in the customer account will be for the purchase of products and services for commercial or commercial purposes only and not for personal, family or domestic purposes.” Pilot / Flying J Fleet Agreement Section 2.7

RVs are “recreational vehicles” and are used primarily for personal, family and non-commercial purposes by their owners. When TSD Logistics started offering fleet licenses to RV operators, they did not abide by the terms of their agreement with the Pilot / Flying J’s Fleet contract.

Under normal circumstances, Pilot / Flying J may not care how TSD Logistics uses its fleet card. It is a principle not to ask, not to say which one works well. TSD Logistics benefits from higher fuel consumption and discounts for its fleet, and Pilot / Flying J boosts fuel sales. It’s a win-win for both companies.

However, all that changed when RVTravel.com released the AP press release, which was compiled by several major news organizations. The RVTravel article pulled Good Sam straight into the discussion. It is understandable why Good Sam is angry, TSD shows how Good Sam really does not save money for his customers. 5 ¢ – 8 ¢ per gallon is nothing compared to what a set of thousands of gas RVs would actually get in a fleet program.

Jarhead Transportation Fuel Card Options

Therefore, there is no doubt that Good Sam has an exclusive agreement with Pilot / Flying J. They are the only company with which Good Sam leads its members. To gain access to thousands of Good Sam members, it makes sense to assume that Pilot / Flying J will sign an exclusive marketing agreement with them. Pilot / Flying J also made a lot of money from Good Sam. Their Fleet app has a variable discount rate based on the amount of usage that is higher than the fixed rate offered by Good Sam.

The TSD fuel delivery program continues and operates at Loves and other car parks across the United States and Canada. We hope they continue to work. There are legal savings when registering with a TSD card. However, the chances are that they are also violating the contract with other Fleet discount programs. The show may not last long. Our recommendation is to register now and save when you can.

Here is a link to the TSD Fuel Saver. We would appreciate it if you would list us as a reference. They will give us $ 25 after you buy 100 liters of fuel. References help us keep the lights on and keep writing these articles.

Pilot Flying J Fuel Card Discount

Please use the code “RVJK1028” in the “References” box. This is how they will honor us for participating in this program. We sincerely appreciate your help.

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