Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

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Special education teachers serve early childhood through high school students with mild to severe learning abilities, mental, physical, and emotional. They teach group and individual sessions, create personalized educational programs, and assess students ’learning and educational needs.

Although their careers are demanding, special education teachers can make a big difference in the lives of their students, helping them prepare for future success. Special education teachers need a bachelor’s degree and a state license or certificate.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

The job prospects of special education professionals are particularly strong for children’s teachers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an 8% increase in jobs for children’s special education teachers between 2019 and 2029. The special education profession is expected to see 14,300 new special education jobs within this time frame.

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Special education teachers support the development and growth of students with a variety of mental, physical, learning, and emotional disabilities. Special education jobs vary depending on the work environment, student ages and disabilities, and teachers of specialization.

Special education teachers usually work in public schools with students from early childhood to high school. These professionals usually teach lessons, assess students ’skills and needs, and plan learning activities that work for each person. Special education teachers work with general teachers, parents, principals, and experts to create individualized educational programs (IEPs) for their students.

Some teachers work in classrooms with special and general education students. Others work in special classes that focus exclusively on people with disabilities.

How Much Money Does a Special Education Teacher Earn? The BLS reported an average annual salary for special education teachers of $ 61,420 in 2020. Salaries for special education teachers vary by location, employer, industry and level of education and experience.

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Special education teachers earn more when they gain professional experience and earn higher grades. PayScale reports that a bachelor’s degree in special education earns $ 55,000 on average, compared to $ 71,000 for a Ph.D. Some countries and metro regions offer much higher wages than others. Special education jobs in states like Oregon, New York, Connecticut and California pay the highest dollar.

The average salary of a special education teacher varies according to years of experience. The table below provides salary information by level of experience for special education teachers in kindergarten, kindergarten and elementary schools. Please note that salaries may vary for high school and middle school special education teachers.

Special education teachers with less experience in the classroom receive lower salaries, but they can earn more over time. Special education teachers initially and early careers receive average salaries of about $ 40,000. Those with five to nine years of experience earn $ 50,000. Special education teachers with 20 years of experience or more earn $ 62,000 a year.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

The work forecast and the average salary for special education teachers vary according to the educational level. Special education teachers who earn higher grades earn better average salaries.

Salaries For Early Childhood Teachers Including Kindergarten Teachers

According to PayScale, a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in special education earns $ 54,000 on average, while completing a master’s degree can increase income to $ 58,000 a year. Completing a doctorate in special education increases the average salary to $ 71,000 a year.

Consider the benefits and costs of a master’s degree to determine if the return on investment is worth it. Obtaining a master’s degree in special education or a Ph.D. Can open a door to other special educational jobs besides teaching.

The table below lists the average salary by level of education in special education. These data represent not only teachers of special education, but all respondents with this diploma.

The job forecast of special education teachers also varies by location. The average salary for a special education teacher depends on the country, city or metropolis. Salaries can also vary from one school district to another, even in the same geographic area.

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The most accessible states for special education teachers include Oregon, New York, and Connecticut. California and the District of Columbia are also ranked among the top states for special education positions. The average annual salary for teachers in these countries is between $ 77,540 and $ 79,070, much higher than the average annual salary of $ 61,420 for all special education teachers.

Four of the top five paying metro areas for special education teachers are in California. The pay for special education teachers in certain metro areas drastically exceeds the average annual salary. For example, the Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura metro area pays special education teachers an average annual salary of $ 100,570.

Candidates must also research the cost of living in countries or sub-regions with more than average wages. Salaries may vary for jobs in early childhood special education, high school and high school.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

The job prospect in special education seems strong. The BLS predicts average employment growth for special education teachers between 2019 and 2029. The field is expected to add 14,300 new teaching posts in special education within this time frame. New enrollments in schools, demand for special educational services and early detection of disabilities will drive this growth.

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The BLS expects growth of 8% (much faster than average) between 2019 and 2029 for children’s special education teachers, amounting to just 1,900 new jobs due to the small size of the field.

Teachers in public schools may face pay cuts and layoffs due to state and federal budget constraints. However, these layoffs rarely affect special education teachers, as states are required to maintain annual special education funding. Because they need special certification beyond a general education license, special education teachers may find work easier than general education teachers.

Students throughout the United States, including rural and urban areas, need special education teachers, however some states, suburbs, and cities offer more special education jobs and higher average salaries than others.

Crowded urban areas tend to employ the largest number of special education teachers and pay the highest salaries. Also, the work path in special education seems bright in many of these large metropolitan areas.

Special Education Teacher

States with the most special education teachers include New York City, Texas, California, Illinois and New Jersey. These countries also have the largest projected increase in the employment of special education teachers between 2018 and 2028. Therefore, special education teachers may find new jobs more easily in these countries than in those with fewer vacancies.

California and New York City offer high salaries (more than $ 78,000) to special education teachers, but the cost of living significantly exceeds the national average in both places. Texas also offers significantly lower wages to special education teachers, but its cost of living also falls below the national average.

The tables below include data on the leading countries and countries in employers with the largest projected increase in employment for special education teachers in kindergarten and primary school. Best countries may vary for kindergartens, middle school and high school teachers.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

Some metropolitan cities and regions may turn to special education teachers more than others. Factors that attract teachers to certain cities include high demand for the profession, high salaries, living costs, and quality of life.

Special Education Salary And Career Outlook

Living in or near a lead subway area can make it easier for special education teachers to find work. The table below presents data on the main employed metro areas for special education teachers in kindergarten and primary school.

Some special education teachers may realize opportunities outside of teaching. The most lucrative industries for special education professionals include personal and family services, educational support services, and state government.

The tables below provide data on the main salaries and enterprises for special education teachers in kindergarten and primary school. As demonstrated, these teachers earn an average annual salary of $ 84,510 in the private and family services industry, compared to $ 64,890 in elementary and high schools.

Each person’s career path in special education is different depending on their experience, education, interests and location. Most special education professionals begin their careers as special education teachers.

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As special education teachers gain experience and improve their education, their salaries generally increase. These professionals can move on to leading teachers or mentors less experienced teachers in working with children with disabilities. Experienced special education teachers can spend more time developing programs or creating strategies than teaching in classrooms.

Special education professionals can find opportunities such as school principals, instructional coordinators or school counselors. These positions may require additional certification or graduate degrees. Some higher education special education jobs involve research, evaluation, policy work, and counseling.

This page explains what to expect from a career in special education. We describe a typical job in special education and a possible career path for this profession.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Salary

Learn about a day in the life of a special education teacher here. Although special education jobs vary, this profile gives a good idea of ​​what to expect.

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The BLS reported an average annual salary of $ 61,420 for special education teachers as of 2020. Earnings vary by location, education level and experience and industry.

The BLS predicts an increase of 3% (approximately faster than average) for special education teachers between 2019-2029. Federal law obliges states to keep funding for special education, and reduce the threat of layoffs of special education teachers.

The special education work track seems to be best for preschool teachers. The BLS predicts that the employment of teachers in special early childhood education will increase by 8% (much faster than the average) between 2019 and 2029.

Although most special education jobs include teaching, other industries that employ graduates with special education diplomas include personal and family services, local and state government,

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