Degree In Web Development

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If you are reading this now, you are one of 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, according to the latest statistics. Furthermore, 92.6% of the 4.66 billion people access the internet from mobile devices.

Unsurprisingly, the field of web development is evolving in our technological revolution; in fact, careers in web development and digital design have grown by 8%, a value faster than the average. Whether you want to develop software for a business or build a mobile application, a web development degree is the way to go.

Degree In Web Development

Degree In Web Development

One of the best web development scholars will equip you with the background and skills to find a profitable career in this vibrant and ever-changing industry.

What Are The Advantages To A Web Development Degree?

A web development degree may have a science, technology, or art degree depending on the program and may include a concentration in specific areas such as web design, coding languages, mobile programming, interaction design, and more. A good bachelor’s degree program in web development provides a solid foundation in web programming and design through courses and direct study. The goal is to study the web development process, from designing and implementing applications to designing the user experience. Many also offer or require an internship, which is definitely a plus.

Although programs vary, you can expect to take courses such as Digital Design Essentials, JavaScript, Fundamentals of Information Technology, Digital Media Project Management, and often some business courses. The average web development program takes at least 120 credit hours and will take around four years to complete, although in some rankings you will see that many universities offer combined undergraduate and masters programs that only take five years.

Your bachelor’s degree in web development guarantees that you won’t have a problem finding work in this exciting industry. Now, demand for web developers is growing faster than average, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 14,000 new positions will be in demand over the next few years.

The most common careers for major web developers are web developers and designers, professionals who create and manage websites for businesses of all kinds. While web developers often acquire the skills to become a designer, skill sets vary. Web developers create functional websites using coding languages ​​and may also be referred to as backend developers. Web designers focus on the look and feel of a website and are often referred to as user experience (UX) designers, user interface (UI) designers, or visual designers.

Is A College Education Necessary To Become A Great Web Developer?

The salary potential for a career in the web development industry varies by education, experience and geographic location; However, entry-level income is also promising. Not only are web developers desirable, they are also well paid. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers and digital designers earn an average annual salary of $ 77,200 per year, which averages $ 37.12 per hour. The richest 10 percent earn more than $ 146,430 per year!

As you know, the web development field is a profitable field. Along with a degree in web development, certifications such as Application Developer, Certified Software Professional, and Web Graphics and Multimedia can always increase your income potential.

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Degree In Web Development

Ranked # 3 in the state for “Best Return on Investment,” the University of Utah Valley is an openly recognized institution committed to student success. With nearly 41,000 students now having a 208 degree program, UVU has something for everyone! The UVU Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development offers students a comprehensive background in web development along with two areas of emphasis.

Online Web Development Degree

As a student of UVU web design and development, you can choose between two areas of focus: web and application development or interaction design. The web and application development path prepares you for a career in web development, home web development, application development, and other related fields. If you are interested in the web, interaction and digital design, then the interaction design path is for you.

UVU is known for its open admission policy which means 100% of applicants are accepted. If you are interested in UVU, apply easily via this link.

Founded in 1889, Weber State University has a history of excellent academic programs, recognized by the rankings of “Best Western College” and “Best Regional University in the West” (

Through the WSU BS in the web and user experience, you can choose a full web development stack or an emphasis on user experience design. Along with general education courses, you will take 16-17 credits in core courses, 13-14 credits in support courses, and 12 credits in electives, for a minimum total of 123 credit hours.

Best Bachelor’s In Web Development

While no small children are required, you can customize multiple programs with user experience design or web technology. Additionally, WSU offers three certification programs that complement this degree well. To access the WSU web and user experience program, you must complete an AAS degree in web and user experience from Weber or an equivalent association degree.

). At the ASU you will find a variety of Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners and powerful researchers, including those who work at NASA! ASU offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development on campus and online.

The ASU BAS program is described as “an intensive study program that emphasizes hands-on laboratory practice”. You will gain knowledge and skills in areas such as home web design and development, advanced web markup and scripting, user experience design, and multimedia design. Graduates are ready for careers as web developers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, and more.

Degree In Web Development

ASU also offers an online BAS program to ensure maximum flexibility. Plus, you can take advantage of an accelerated program option where you can earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years. To apply for the ASU BAS program, an Associate in Applied Science in web design, web development, multimedia arts, graphic design, or a related degree is required.

The 20 Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s In Web Design And Development For 2022

Conveniently located between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Youngstown State University offers students the best of both campuses – a small town feels the excitement of a big city. Nearly 13,000 students call the YSU home and who knows, you might be one of them if you’re pursuing a Bachelor of Science in computer science, a well-rounded program that leads to a profitable career.

YSU’s computer science program focuses on everything from theory to programming to advanced development. You will acquire the foundations for designing and building software and solving computer problems through courses such as:

Full-time students can complete this degree in eight semesters. In addition, the program is flexible and allows students to include their second child. YSU computer science graduates are ready to find jobs as computer programmers, systems analysts, computer specialists, and related fields. Also, keep in mind that the average annual salary of a software developer is $ 110,140 with a growth forecast of 22%!

A metropolitan research university, UA-Little Rock is a world-class school offering over 60 undergraduate and 40 graduate programs to over 9,000 current students. The UA Bachelor of Arts in Web Design and Development is an interdisciplinary program designed by faculty members from the departments of arts, communications, information science, and information technology.

Do You Need A Degree For Web Development?

UA’s web design and development programs are paired well with other majors or minors such as bioinformatics or information technology. You will complete 120 credit hours broken down into core credits, foundation, content, information science, art, mass communication, along with a six-hour cooperative experience capstone course. Sample courses include:

UA-Little Rock’s graduate in web design and development is pursuing a career as a web designer, UX / UI designer, application developer and web content manager. Many graduates also use this degree as a path to graduate school, and it’s worth noting that UA offers accelerated BS to MS programs for students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.

Founded in 1869, S. Cloud State University is a comprehensive academic institution with a 100-acre campus on the banks of the scenic Mississippi River. S. Cloud State offers more than 200 undergraduate degrees, 60 undergraduate programs, two doctoral programs and is ranked among the top American colleges by

Degree In Web Development

The St. Cloud State Software Engineering degree program combines engineering, computer science, project management, and software construction into one solid degree program that results in successful graduates. The program requires 122 credits and includes many courses in mathematics, science and engineering. You will also take lessons such as:

Top 15 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s In Web Development And Design

Additionally, to increase flexibility, you can complete this program online and / or part-time. St. Cloud State Software Engineering graduates have no immediate problem finding a job. Common careers include computer and information systems manager, computer hardware engineer, computer programmer, software analyst, software developer, and more. Additionally, S. Cloud State reports that the median annual salary for a system software developer / project is $ 97,240!

Founded in 1876 before Colorado even became a state, it was the University of Colorado-Boulder. CU Boulder has many awards and achievements, including five Nobel Prize winners,

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