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Taxes. Just words alone makes some people break out in hives. Whether it’s income tax, sales tax, or property tax, just saying a word can guarantee groans and giggles. But it’s a property tax, though … It’s the oldest tax levied in the United States and ranks the second worst tax consistently in American polls. What about San Antonio landowners? They are particularly sensitive to these taxes. (For all future homeowners, wait, you’ll soon know what we’re talking about! In the meantime, try brushing up on everything you need to know about buying a home in San Antonio in our buying guide!)

Known by San Antonians as excessively high, municipal property taxes are something that is inevitable if you have a home within the city limits of San Antonio. But what if you don’t have to pay these taxes? What if you could save almost 20% a year just by choosing carefully where to buy your land? It’s no secret: these neighborhoods are out there … neighborhoods that promise “no city taxes”.

Property Appraiser San Antonio Tx

Property Appraiser San Antonio Tx

We took a look at different areas in, around and outside the city of San Antonio and compared different tax rates. The results are rather surprising, suggesting that some communities can save landowners for more than a year from taxes.

San Antonio Area Sees Inequity In Appraisal Protests

Cities are entered. An embedded city is a community of houses that unite to form a city or town. Examples of these cities that are incorporated in San Antonio are Windcrest, Hill Country Village, Hollywood Park, Alamo Heights, Selma, Castle Hills, Shavano Park, and many more. Although they are technically within the city limits of San Antonio, they do not have to pay San Antonio property taxes. And with a $ 0.55 tax rate for every hundred dollars the property is worth, it can be huge.

But, since property taxes consist of more than just municipal taxes, we need to consider all the items that make up property taxes; Flood costs, emergency costs, school district costs, etc. combine with city taxes (or not) to make the final number you pay each year. Through our research, we found that Windcrest, Shavano Park, Selma, and Gray Forest had the best total property tax rates compared to other incorporated cities across San Antonio. Neuteup.

Shoot the wind. Despite its location in San Antonio, this “neighborhood” is actually an incorporated city. By paying eight different types of property taxes, the total bill is still lower than homes that pay property taxes in San Antonio. At a total rate of $ 2.42 percent, a home in Windcrest priced with a median San Antonio home price of $ 240,000 would pay $ 5,807.75- $ 643.43 a year less than the homeowner would pay. if he owns the same house.

Shavano Park. The city area is highly desirable, Shavano Park landowners pay seven different types of property taxes, but the total tax is $ 2.41 for every hundred dollars. Once again, if the land was valued at the average price of San Antonio land, the landowner in Shavano Park would pay $ 5,784.11 a year in property taxes. And while $ 620 + savings per year doesn’t seem like such a big break, earth buyers thought they would like to understand that these savings can work for a slightly higher budget when hunting the earth.

Bexar County Tax Assessor Collector, Albert Uresti

Selma. On the lower spectrum of tax rates when it comes to incorporated cities, Selma’s total property tax rate is $ 2.37 percent. That’s nearly 13% less than San Antonio’s total property tax rate. Multiply by $ 240,000 and you receive a tax bill of $ 5,696.17 per year.

Gray forest. Known for its distinctive forest lifestyle and extensive plantations, this incorporated city has the lowest municipal property tax rate in the district. At just $ 0.088 percent, Gray Forest city property taxes fall far below San Antonio city property taxes. Keeping with our $ 240,000 theme, let’s consider that the total Gray Forest tax rate is $ 2.21, which translates into an annual property tax of $ 5,305.79.

Live outside the city limits. Living outside the city limits has its advantages. With the ability to get cheaper land and car insurance, the possibility of larger lots, and the lure of no municipal property taxes, everyone seems to want to get out of the city limits! Although it is easy to think of these benefits, we should also remember that no municipal property tax can also mean such as no municipal waste collection, private water services, and sometimes private waste services. But, if that doesn’t bother you, the benefit of not having to pay NO city property taxes can further entice you to move.

Property Appraiser San Antonio Tx

Keep in mind that the San Antonio city property tax rate is $ 0.55 percent dollars, eliminating these line items could be huge … and it’s in many areas. Landowners in neighborhoods such as Alamo Ranch, Timberwood Park, Fossil Creek, Redbird Ranch, and many others have fought to fight the annexation of the city. One of the anxiety? Add the municipal property tax to San Antonio. See how this will affect property taxes.

Real Estate Appraisal

Alamo ranch. This developed community is located outside the city limits, so residents who have property do not have to pay San Antonio property taxes. However, they must pay seven other types of property taxes, ranging from the Northside ISD tax to the Bexar County tax, creating a total tax rate of $ 2.22 per hundred dollars. If you take the average price of land in San Antonio ($ 240,000) and use this number at Alamo Ranch, you should see an annual property tax of $ 5,333.53. Do you look heavy? Not so fast … Homes that cost the same within the city limits also pay seven different taxes, one of which is San Antonio. This house will collect a bill of $ 6,408.18. Bottom line? Living on earth that costs the same at Alamo Ranch than, say, Stone Oak, an area within the city limits of San Antonio, would save those who own land more than $ 1,000 a year.

Fossil Creek / Fossil Ridge. Located a hair’s breadth outside the city limits, these two neighborhoods got a total tax rate of $ 0.46 less than a hundred dollars for land within the city limits. With a total tax rate of $ 2.20, land worth $ 240,000 in this neighborhood would pay $ 5,298.08 annually. Now, since our San Antonio real estate experts know very well that these upscale neighborhoods don’t offer homes less than $ 500,000, let’s compare the numbers based on reality. A land in Fossil Creek / Fossil Ridge that costs $ 565,000 will pay $ 12,472.57 in taxes. Same house in San Antonio? $ 15,085.92.

Timberwood Park. Once considered among the “boonies,” Timberwood Park has attracted the attention of San Antonio land buyers in recent years as San Antonio continues to push into the Spring Branch / Bulverde area. With diverse real estate stocks, larger land, no municipal property taxes, and good schools with tax levels that are comparable to the desired San Antonio district, you can imagine why. With a total tax rate of less than $ 2.18, Timberwood Park’s tax bill for the $ 240,000 land is $ 5,243.25.

With lower property tax rates in some areas, you can have greater “purchasing power” than in other neighborhoods. The table below shows how much land you can buy in the area that we have described in this paper after following the lower property tax rates in this area. As a result, for example, the monthly mortgage and property tax costs for the $ 240,000 property in Stone Oak are the same as the land valued at $ 254,500 in Timberwood Park. **

Taxes Too High? Here’s How To Protest Your Texas Property Appraisal

While taxes may not be fun to think about, as most people will admit, both cities and school districts are heavily reliant on property taxes. In fact, most property taxes are collected locally for education, not city or county services, which is good for many residents. For all its drawbacks, property taxes allow many local governments to be sensitive to their citizens and provide many of the services they need and want. And no matter where you live, this will always be important.

** Mortgage payments are calculated based on a 3%down payment, a 4.19%interest rate, and a $ 200 PMI payment per month. This figure depends on several different factors.

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Property Appraiser San Antonio Tx

Landowners in San Antonio should see part of the property tax

The Bexar County Property Appraisal Protest Deadline Was 5 P.m. Monday

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