Largest Commercial Property Management Companies

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The mega-leased business in Manhattan was the highest trading brokerage last year, but 2018 did not start with the same explosion.

When News Company and 21st Century Fox expanded their office footprint in the downtown area to 1.2 million square feet in January 2017, it started a hotbed for the Manhattan rental market. And neither the market nor the brokerage, where these barriers were negotiated, looked back on last year.

Largest Commercial Property Management Companies

Largest Commercial Property Management Companies

For CBRE, extending (and extending) the lease is one of the big things for Cushman & Wakefield, which represents the dual business of News and Fox and the owners of 1211 Sixth Street. Game. Roll.

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“I would not have expected last year to be as strong a year in the market as this time of year,” said Marie Ann Tige, CBRE’s chief executive of three states.

This month, Real Business tested hundreds of vendors and ranked the best players in the Manhattan office – the biggest driver of revenue for the largest trading brokerage firm.

CBRE once again topped the list, bringing the value of about 16.6 million square feet of rent to landlords and landlords from Manhattan sellers in 2017. This is more than 14.5 million square feet in 2014, the last time TRD released the rankings.

Kushman, who rented 12 million square feet, came in second. He is followed by JLL in Chicago (approximately 6.4 million square feet), Newmark Knight Frank (about 4.6 million square feet from the IPO), Savills Studley (3.7 million square feet) and Colliers International (2.5 million square meters). The top 10 include Adams & Company, Avison Young, Cresa New York and ABS Partners Real Estate.

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Overall, Manhattan leased 36.8 million square feet of land in 2017, both newly leased and renovated, according to CBRE. This is an increase of 17% over the same period last year, with the highest trading volume since 2014 reaching 38.8 million square feet. In 2017, it was the second most active year for rent since 2006, with 28.5 million square feet of vendors.

According to CBRE, the activity of more than 50,000 square meters of units has exceeded the average level in the last five years. The performance of traders over 250,000 square feet was also exceptional. Tenants leased 10 new mega-units of more than 250,000 square feet in 2017, doubling the 2016 figure, to 90% of the five-year average.

But it has already become clear that it will be difficult to increase its 2017 performance this year. Rick Clark, chairman of the Brookfield Property Partnership, said at a luncheon hosted by the New York Real Estate Agency last month that he mentioned tech companies were growing and financial services companies were expanding.

Largest Commercial Property Management Companies

“I think it’s going to be a good year, but I don’t know if we’re at the same level as last year,” he said.

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For example, in addition to telecommunications companies and Fox Rentals, CBRE also represented the US Bank of America, which has an area of ​​700,000 square feet, three in central and one in lower Manhattan. He is also a tenant for various buildings in the Hudson yard and in the World Trade Center.

“In order for us to move the needle, we have to do it with larger vendors,” Tighe said of CBRE’s annual rent.

This means a change in 2014, with even large companies focusing on small sellers. But this year, sales of 50,000 square feet and fewer stores have actually dropped compared to the long-term average.

“If four people come to introduce [the employer or the tenant], it will be very difficult to analyze the differences between those companies,” he added. The harsh reality is that this size is very important in New York City. “How do you serve that market with less than 200 brokers? I don’t know honestly. “

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Of the top 50 last year, CBRE employed 31 of them on behalf of the lessee or landlord. Kushman is 17 and JLL is 16.

Kushman’s second place in the rankings represents something that can be directly shaken by the merger of the trade brokerage firm DTZ in September 2015, with Kushman ranking fourth and DTZ ranking seventh in 2014. Definitely effective.

Kushman’s Bruce Mosler – Brookfield’s agent for Western Manhattan development from Greater Manhattan, who is looking for a big barrier to amateur business in 2017 – said the same is true for companies with significant current office leases.

Largest Commercial Property Management Companies

“[The company’s] profits have sparked optimism, which has led to direct turmoil, especially new developments,” Mosler explained. “It simply came to our notice then.

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Large enterprise tenants have really been strengthened by a strong economy and encouraged job growth. According to Bloomberg, the Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 22% year-on-year in 2017. This is the best exhibition since 2013.

According to Colliers, the tenant invested 3.7 million square feet in commercial buildings last year after 2010. This is a significant increase from 2.9 million square feet in 2016 and 1.8 million square feet in 2015.

Tige points out that in 2017, homeowners who paid and improved their finances were rewarded with a large tenant lease, and those who did not repair were left behind. The Rockefeller Group said in a statement that the group was in the midst of a $ 600 million renovation of the former time building, 1271 Street 1271. The owner, Mizuho, ​​landed on the American continent.

Another reality last year was not stealth hunting. Unlike the post-investment world of retail and retail, the Manhattan office space is relatively simple.

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Finding and securing a large office space is always a long process. This means that the biggest rent in 2017 is the result of works that started earlier than last year.

And as real estate relationships become more and more important, with more and more renters and new development outlets in the market, the process begins with the so-called “beauty pageant,” in which the tenant or landlord demands an offer. This RFA requires intermediaries to pay a competitive commission fee.

And last year, HNA Group leased 1.7 million square feet of land on 245 Park Street, one of the top companies in the world, but the process was halted when Chinese companies searched for the building under pressure from the government. .

Largest Commercial Property Management Companies

However, despite the increasing competition for beauty pageants, sources say that most large landowners place orders based on their relationship – there are usually more shops than renters.

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For example, Kushman Jonathan Serco represented the 1199SEIU Association in 799 in the form of a 180,000-square-foot lease at 498 George Comfort & Sons Street. Circus first represented the Mega Health Association in 2001, when he negotiated a lease of 38,000 square feet for the fund.

Kushman’s Michael Burgie also represents New York Presbyterian Hospital, a longtime customer. Last year, Burgio represented the hospital at RXR Realty and the 479,000-square-foot rental condominium business in Park 237, the capital of Walton Street.

JLL, for example, has two vendors representing Spotify, representing a total of 481,000 square feet in 4 World Trade Centers. Savings has previously represented RXR 620 Sixth Street Music Listening Services. Savings declined to comment on the deal.

JLL also has an agreement with Amazon, 365,000 square feet west of Manhattan. Kushman had previously represented Amazon, but sources said that a pair of Kushman brokers began searching for a new broker after splitting up in a commission he had previously traded with e-commerce magnate. Kushman’s spokesman declined to comment.

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Stephen Sigel, president of CBRE Global Mediation, said winning business is always worth it – even though companies are reluctant to provide discounts.

“Every company does that, every company says they don’t,” he said. “We’re all competing, and the days of our commission are gone.

CBRE, for example, had a $ 2 billion lease in 2017 for the U.S. region, which was leased in 2017, according to the company’s financial report. This accounted for nearly 38% of total revenue of $ 5.43 billion, making it the largest single employee.

Largest Commercial Property Management Companies

Meanwhile, leases at JLL accounted for 47% of US $ 3.16 billion in revenue last year, compared to 39% of $ 1.59 billion in New York.

Colliers International Management

In turn, JLL 50 reported representing BlackRock when renting 847,000 square feet in the Hudson yard. The company has received credit for the deal in the TRD rankings

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