Property Managers In San Diego

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Are you looking for a property manager in San Diego? Click here to find out what we can do for you and your rental home!

Are you a tenant and looking for an affordable rental in San Diego? Take a look at our available rental apartments and apply quickly and easily.

Property Managers In San Diego

Property Managers In San Diego

We check our tenants carefully and to give you peace of mind, we guarantee that we do not have to evict them. We will pay up to $ 1,500 in legal fees if we are evicted by a tenant appointed by Jensen Properties. * Applies only to rentals of $ 2,250 or more

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If you are not satisfied, call us and we will correct it. If you are not satisfied with our attempts to solve your problems, we will let you leave the agreement without any consequences.

We are a property management company in San Diego that serves the Greater San Diego area. Visit our service areas page to see all the areas we serve. Our experience and passion for property management brings success to our customers. We take care of all handling and documentation so you can relax. We will also provide detailed market research, cash flow analysis and other information to help you make an informed decision. Do you own a single-family house in the country? We have experience of that. Do you own an apartment with a strict HOA? We handle many in the same situation. Do you have a small apartment complex that you need to manage? We can help! Do you have a large apartment complex that needs a full-time manager on site? We can handle it for you.

We can help you regardless of your situation. Call us to learn how we can help you turn your rental home into a safe investment.

“There is no person I would trust more of my possessions than Chris!” He is a phenomenal person who can rise to the level of tenants to clear communication and calm the problems when they arise. He is very knowledgeable about the prices in the area and what is an honest compensation for the property, and the best thing is that I do not get a refund if my properties are empty. He will go out and find me tenants for free and keep my property full. “I could not be happier with Jensen’s estate!”

San Diego Property Management

“Chris and his team have been managing my North County property for almost two years. They rented my house the whole time I was away. His team was good at work, honest and quick to answer any questions. It’s good to know that things and things are well taken care of with his services, as well as the excellent communication with him and his team. “I would recommend it to anyone who rents, buys, sells or other real estate services.”

“Jensen Properties is a fantastic property management company! They always arrive on time with reporting and are fair to all tenants. Their lease is the best way to protect every property owner from liability. The leasing team is fast and maintenance is always careful. Keeping track of them is Fantastic! When it’s time for tax, your CPA will appreciate the accounts as well. THE BEST SALE COMPANY IN SAN DIEGO !!! “

“Wonderful experience with Jensen Properties! We worked with Chris and his team for 3-4 years. They managed our rental for a family, several family properties and commercial properties that run throughout the San Diego area. They helped in all aspects of property management. Rehabilitation, rent, relocation etc. etc. They are professionalism and clear consistent communication was what made me and my husband immediately feel calm. I also recommended them to the family, who also did a great service. “They have 5 stars in my book and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Property Managers In San Diego

“Chris is a fantastic, honest professional who knows how to handle rentals the right way to alleviate property owners’ headaches. He is well connected in the community and is very reliable. He also speaks Spanish, which is a big plus because he lives here in San Contact Jensen Properties if you have a property that you are considering renting a San Diego property or if you want to run your own home.

Hiring A San Diego Property Manager Vs. Self Managing

If you have a lot of free time and understand the complex rental laws in California, you will probably manage good self-management.

But if you have a full-time career or are hoping for additional investment or are already juggling family and other responsibilities, you may want to hire a professional manager. If you are not aware of what the new rent control, eviction rules and fair housing arrangements mean for you and your rental property, you will definitely need professional help.

You need to think about how much your time is worth before you decide to manage your own investment. When your property is empty, you work around the clock to locate the home, respond to potential tenants and show off the property. You will need to respond with applications and reviews, and then you will need to handle the leasing process and tenant inspection and collection of the tenant’s deposit. It takes alot of time.

Even after finding a tenant, you must be available 24 hours a day in case something goes wrong with the property. You will need to spend some time researching and checking suppliers to get someone to call when there are problems with your plumbing, heating, ceiling or appliance. The time and resources you need to invest as a self-manager are significant.

Gold Key Property Management

Professional property managers already have a proven system. We know how to effectively value, prepare, market and rent a home. We understand what to look for when checking tenants and we have almost completed the automated rent collection and maintenance processes. We save time and money on things like vacancies, wrong landlords and scary tenants. You will spend less on delayed maintenance and damage to property provided by irresponsible landlords.

Nationwide rent control is now in place throughout California. This includes more properties and owners than local regulations, and there are also new laws on what to do when you move out a tenant and how you look at income for potential residents. You can no longer reject an applicant just because he or she, for example, has a Section 8 housing voucher.

These laws are constantly changing, and there are many lawyers and tenants waiting to make a mistake. Professional property managers in San Diego are at the forefront of all legal changes and challenges. We understand fair housing, rent control, just causing eviction and the difference between a pet and a service animal. We know how to repay a deposit without being taken to court and we can protect you and your property from lawsuits, claims and disputes.

Property Managers In San Diego

It is almost always better to work with a professional real estate management company in San Diego than to run your own home. We are happy to tell you more. Contact us at Walter’s Home Management. Hiring a real estate manager in San Diego can seem a little overwhelming. There are many choices, and all of them probably make big promises.

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We believe that when you are looking for a company to manage one of your biggest investments or a portfolio of these investments, you should find a team of professionals with:

You want to work with an experienced property management company, but do not be too impressed by how many years they have been in the industry. Find out what the experience means. Was everything in San Diego? Is it with the types of properties you own?

The tenant in your property determines whether you have a successful or stressful rental experience. Ask about screening and retaining tenants.

Some management companies have their own suppliers, while others use external suppliers. Find out how the property manager handles repair requests and if they are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

Sunny Coast Realty And Property Management In San Diego

All suppliers must be licensed, insured and experienced. Property managers who try to cut back and save money can eventually expose you to risks and cost you more than you need.

A full service San Diego property management company should be able to keep accurate records. You should get detailed statements that show the income and expenses associated with your investment. Make sure you can access this information online through a portal or software system.

Software for property management has become sophisticated and a good management company will use it for marketing, verification, repair inquiries, rent payments, inspection reports and communications. You want to work with a modern management company that is flexible and innovative.

Property Managers In San Diego

Look for an answer that shows that the property manager you are talking to understands local trends and tenant requirements well.

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