Teaching With A Psychology Degree

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Teaching psychology at the University of Helsinki Context Master’s studies in psychology give direct permission to work as a psychologist in Finland.

Theme presentation: “Educational Psychology at the University of Helsinki The context Masters studies in psychology give direct permission to work as a psychologist in Finland.” – Copy of presentations:

Teaching With A Psychology Degree

Teaching With A Psychology Degree

1 Psychology education at the University of Helsinki Context Master’s studies in psychology give direct permission to work as a psychologist in Finland. The diploma and professional requirements are discussed in more detail in the law and the statutes. The State Inspectorate of Welfare and Health (Valvira) grants every student a permit to work as a certified psychologist after graduation. Vacancies include healthcare, schools and education, social services and businesses. To be admitted to a university, a student must pass a highly competitive entrance exam. In 2009, 805 students took the Helsinki exam, 46 (5%) were approved. Upon admission, tuition is free and the state sponsors the program. There are six Finnish universities that offer the diploma: the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Eastern Finland (Joensuu), Tampere, Turku and Åbo Akademi (training in Swedish). These faculties work together as a network called Psykonet and operate at both undergraduate and graduate levels (specialty and doctoral). About 200 students each year obtain a master’s degree in psychology in Finland. The Faculty In Helsinki, the Psychological Laboratory was established in 1931 in the basement of the Faculty of Physiology. Gradually, psychology took on an independent position and became its own faculty. At the end of 2009, there were 130 people in the faculty and staff with 9 psychology professors, 10 associate professors, more than 20 working groups and management and technicians. There are about 400 master’s students and 150 master’s students. In 2010, the entire Finnish university system underwent a historic reform. Under the new university law, Finnish universities are now public associations, such as the University of Helsinki, or private institutions. Within all universities in Finland this meant the reorganization of faculties and faculties. In Helsinki, psychology as a field is now part of an interdisciplinary behavioral science institute. Figure 1. Number of BA (light blue bars), MA (red bars), Licentiate (green bars) and Doctoral (yellow bars) with psychology as a main subject obtained at the Faculty of Psychology 2000-2008. Figure 2. Peer-reviewed journal articles prepared at the Faculty of Psychology 1995-2008. Figure 3. Faculty funding 2002-2008: budget and external/supplementary funding. Education and Curriculum Students first complete a 180-credit BS degree in art history (psychology) and then continue with a 150-credit master’s degree. This includes approximately 5 months of compulsory study time (30 credits) and independent research (Master’s thesis, 40 credits). Obtaining a master’s degree in psychology usually takes 5½ years. See appendix for training structure. The learning objectives are twofold. An emphasis is on the development of professional skills and identity as a psychologist. The other is about research skills and scientific thinking. The University of Helsinki is a member of the League of Research Universities of Europe (LERU) and is proud of its methodological and research policy. In addition to doctoral programs, preliminary postgraduate studies are offered in five specializations: development and education, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, health psychology, and work and institutions. Technology All psychology bachelor’s programs are shared within the Psykonet network. They are produced jointly and sent to all five universities in Finland via video and internet connections. Several other advanced courses also use cutting edge technology and are organized online/in a virtual learning environment. The postgraduate courses are organized nationally as a collaborative project and all courses are delivered through teleconferencing facilities. The exams also take place online. Contact Laura Hokkanen, PhD, Adjunct Professor laura.hokkanen@helsinki.fi Institute of Behavioral Sciences, University of Helsinki / Psychology PO Box 9 Helsinki University, FIN-00014 Helsinki Finland http://www.helsinki.fi/psykologia Laura Hokkanen Hilkka Pakarinen Max Ingman .org EUROPLAT: European Network for Learning and Teaching Psychology Funded with support from the European Commission. Reference 155981-LLP-1-2009-1-UKERASMUS-ENWA

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In order for this website to work, we record user data and share it with processors. To use this website you must agree to our privacy policy, including a cookie policy Psychology Education Toon for 1st and 2nd degree practical training, statistics, some courses. Teachers should have a psychological exam work in teams.

Theme presentation: “Educational Psychology Show for 1st and 2nd level practical education, statistics, some courses. Teachers must have a psychology exam. Work in teams.” – Copy of presentations:

1 Psychology Education Show for 1st and 2nd degree practical education, statistics, some courses. Teachers should have a psychology exam. Working on units in teams for a semester Training is via ILTHE Contact if interested

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Assisting one day workshops (2 per month) Teachers must have a first degree and have researched significant numerical factors. SAS remains fully informed about SPSS and Minitab Training goes via ILTHE Application with CV to

Must undergo proper training before starting. Commonly only for full-time doctoral or MPhil English, IELTS 6.5 usually equals less than 40 hours/semester 120 hours/year Your group of tutors cannot unjustifiably retain the right for research students to teach if it is available to them. is part A but physiology and information technology have their own training. Only if full-time PGR is not available would a part-time student qualify for a teaching position – too much of his/her time. The general stipulation for the IELTS average is 6.5, but schools or education leaders can set their own limits on the required English level. The limitation of lessons is to ensure that your research is not harmed by this and that teaching is considered something that you do in addition to your normal research activities that are not a substitute. Boundaries also mean that more research students should have the opportunity to teach, sometimes it is not possible to stay within these boundaries and therefore it is normal. If you have a lot to learn one year, it might be a good idea to let someone else go the next.

Not all tuition is paid – but is valuable e.g. Project support UG / MRes Training Teaching and supervising projects of ILTHE students in consultation with the supervisor

Teaching With A Psychology Degree

Education and training to promote professional development Good to add ePortfolio & CV You should get feedback on your teaching – use it

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Richy discusses Donal – Director of Professional Development, Sue Gill – Leader of Academic Professions, Donal Shanahan and Sue Gill LTDS, October 2017

8 Courses Offered Introduction to Studying and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE). Learning Learning and mobilizing students (LTES). Both are administered by the Learning & Teaching Development Service (LTDS) and information can be found here. Two programs available to you that will conduct seminars as part of your education or that do not have in-house training from the school of biology or medical training will be required to complete ILTHE before LTDS begins. This is a general approach more suitable for staff.

Participants in this course will: Develop an awareness of how people learn based on proven methods. Demonstrate understanding of the skills involved in small group seminars and demonstrations, including handling difficult situations. Understand the importance of assessment and feedback in student learning. Develop an understanding of diversity and inclusive responsibilities at Newcastle University (legal and ethical). Be aware of Newcastle and UK higher education experience of learning and teaching. Consider your teaching methods and peer review of the practices of other participants. ILTHE offers a variety of guidelines for skills teaching, not focusing on a specific discipline, but should be applicable to teaching in all areas

Mixed learning The ILTHE course consists of: Online part and one-day F2F workshop consisting of: How students learn. Skills involved in conducting small group seminars and demonstrating. Importance of evaluation and feedback. Teaching experience. Inclusive diversity and responsibility in education. ILTHE has now moved to a blended learning method with one full day of in-person and online sharing

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Select a demonstrative workshop leader or a seminar leader from the list of available workshops. View the online part of the blended learning course via Blackboard. To access online course registration in Blackboard, go to a course and search for ILTHE and then sign up for ILTHE yourself. Student Login Once your place has been booked, you must be logged in to the Blackboard content login on Blackboard

Must have completed ILTHE before LTES begins. Have a minimum of 5 hours of prominent group teaching at Newcastle University while taking LTES. Have had at least 20 hours of teaching experience during that time

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