Easeus Data Recovery For Pc

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Last week, my computer stopped working with a “No bootable device found” error when I turned it on. At first I thought it was a hard drive error, but when I boot from a bootable USB device, it is confirmed that my Windows is broken. Don’t worry, because I got a Windows DVD and I became reinstalling Windows only to take a few minutes. But my face became pale when the installation process showed a fully formatted hard drive.

Usually only devices where Windows is installed need to be formatted to reinstall Windows, the rest of the data is safe. However, it seemed like I accidentally formatted the entire hard drive when I tried to fix the fake hard drive error.

Easeus Data Recovery For Pc

Easeus Data Recovery For Pc

I had some important pictures and videos that were not backed up anywhere. So I was constantly looking for a way to recover my lost data and stumbled upon EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. With just two clicks, the tool listed all my data in my lost partitions and I restored what I needed in just a few minutes.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

After this pleasant experience with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, thought should be mentioned as well. And interestingly, a little chat with the EaseUS team also gave an exclusive 50% discount on the EaseUS Data Recovery Professional version for readers (link at the end).

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to delete deleted data from almost any type of storage device, whether it’s a computer, camera, phone, USB or SD card. Whether you accidentally delete a file or your storage device is damaged / formatted, the device will be able to recover data if it has not been overwritten. In addition, it also supports recovery of more than 1000 file types, so there is a good chance that your file types will be saved again.

The free version allows you to recover data up to 2 GB. If you need to recover data larger than 2 GB, you should purchase the version of EaseUS Data Recovery Professional which offers unlimited data recovery and full technical support.

Using this tool is a two step process. Just scan your computer for deleted data and select your recovered data. However, there are many customization options that can make data recovery easier, so I will also go through them while showing you how to use this tool.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Professional 15.1 Win Datenrettungssoftware

Download and install the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and run it. First you need to choose where to recover the data from. If you know the exact location, click on the “Select Folder” option to select that folder. If files are deleted from multiple locations, you can select all devices to scan. If there is a missing partition on your hard drive, the utility will automatically restore it when you scan one of the drives.

Since I have a recently lost partition on my hard drive, the scanning process took 5 minutes to complete. The time may vary for you depending on the location of the scan and the size of the data being saved.

After the scan, you will see a directory panel on the left and a navigation panel on the right. If there is a missing partition on the hard drive, it will be listed above to access the data.

Easeus Data Recovery For Pc

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard may not be able to maintain the exact directory structure because it was deleted (not saved for me). These are the Additional File, Filter and Search options to help you.

Recover Your Lost Data With Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

Filters: With the filter option, you can only open directories that contain specific file types. This includes videos, graphics, documents, trash and more.

Additional files: This section only contains raw files, such as images, videos and documents, etc. You do not need to navigate in any directory, just select the file type from the left panel and all files of that type will be displayed.

Search: The search function is the most powerful that allows you to enter a file name to quickly see all the files that match that name. A very useful feature when you need to restore specific files.

For demonstration, I will recover files from lost partitions. In the screenshot below you can see all the data that was deleted from the hard drive due to Windows corruption. To restore data, select the checkbox next to the file or folder (several can be selected) and click “Restore”. You will then be asked to select a location to save the recovered file and the recovered information will be stored there.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Unter Der Lupe

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works perfectly for me and recovers all the data needed. Although I noticed that some data was lost, I guess it was overwritten when I filled the hard drive almost 40% more with new data. You should avoid adding more data to the hard disk if you need to restore data, because new data can overwrite the data you want to restore.

If you like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and would like to purchase the unlimited version of data recovery, you can get it from the link below with an exclusive price of $ 44.97 (actual price $ 89.95).

Over six years, Karrar has written about everything Google and Windows with a strict focus on improving security and finding ways to get the most out of our devices. EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard is available for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows operating systems. If the free version isn’t enough, you can buy the license for a year or an alternative for life. Free variants may be available for conversion of two Gigabyte wiederherstellen. In terms of content, the programma is the same for the two versions. Competitors des Programs are on the test table with PhotoRec.

Easeus Data Recovery For Pc

Hard drive infected with virus? Deleting or corrupting files from Versehen? With the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can use HD or other media that contains SD card contents.

Activation And Upgrade For Easeus Data Recovery Wizard For Windows

During the test, the free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard tool is easy to implement and also allows beginners to download lost data to the right. You don’t have to study computer science. The device does not work with USB sticks and SD cards with mounting plates or. Partitions are formatted on NTFS and FAT file systems. Gerettet was können aber auch also files of exotic file system types, with exFAT, ext2, ext3, ReFS, APFS, HFS and HFS +. The last three systems are only of interest to Apple device users.

In any case, remember that no data recovery software, although very good, can replace the backups that are regularly made. Jede Software has its limits. If you are unlucky, such a program will lose files. That can happen. Anyone who wants to prevent this can only do so with the help of regular backups.

Who wants to save time, only secure the most important data and not all. The payment version of EaseUS has its own data limit of 500 MB. You can no longer save regularly. However, you can increase the limit by clicking on two GB. For this you need to select the “share” option. That is to tweet or post on Facebook to share the Dritten program via Social Media and Herz.

EaseUS did not check whether the recommendations were actually published on social networks. However, with two GB, most personal users should have enough options to store the most important files. So also u.a. Images, videos, letters, e-mails, presentations, tables, etc. If you have a regular backup, you can’t do that!

Die 5 Besten Datenrettungssoftware

Both versions have the same preview functionality. You can also in the field see exactly and select the file that gets right. Anyone who does that will not be quickly noticed by the free version of the file.

The program is also satisfactory. You need only 32 MB of free memory space and at least 128 MB of RAM. It also runs on many older notebooks and desktops.

People who are very fast can use fast scans. Anyone who wants to more accurately choose a deep scan. Deep scanning can be used more thoroughly. Of course, as a result, the analysis of resp. The search is noticeably long. According to the manufacturer, the complete process for a functional 1 TB disk takes up to 12 hours. The larger the hard disk or Partitioning is a longer process. According to EaseUs, even lost data from formatted partitions can be saved. But honestly I haven’t tried that.

Easeus Data Recovery For Pc

Lots of software helps money, which you don’t necessarily have to pay for. I also have no problem running the program without much experience. The menu is self -explanatory. If this is not enough, you can access many tutorials and step-by-step instructions on the manufacturer’s web page. This page provides a safe alternative photo recovery software – Data Recovery Wizard with serial key, license code that helps you to effectively recover lost photos. a few simple steps. Download and use original file recovery software to easily retrieve your lost photos now.

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Here we will talk about the risks of cracked software and introduce alternative file recovery software that is safe and effective to help you.

Many people like to test photos

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