Top Rated Construction Management Software

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Both construction collaboration and project management are two processes that are extremely important in today’s construction environment. To simplify both, there is a significant market for construction project management tools that also help in collaboration. Such software makes it easy to control various important project parameters, including time, cost and overall quality.

This type of construction management software makes it easy to perform various operations through proper control and coordination when it comes to planning, design, evaluation, contracting and actual construction, and develops mechanisms for conflict resolution and effective communication in general.

Top Rated Construction Management Software

Top Rated Construction Management Software

Since the market for construction project management software is incredibly large, it is difficult to cover all possible options. However, this can be done if we choose some of the best solutions on the market. From that perspective, here is our list of the 25 best construction project management software for small businesses in 2021:

The Top 20 Construction Management Software Solutions [infographic]

Procore is a simple platform that connects people, apps and devices to help companies manage risk, project quality, project security and budgeting. In this context, there is also a construction collaboration software. Procore offers a wide range of different products from categories such as Construction Project Management, Quality and Safety, Construction Finance, etc. By adding external access to a project, team members can stay up to date with all changes, even without being together. first of all.

Effective communication between “field” and “office” is also a great advantage in this connection. This includes real-time updates, instant tracking, minor rework in general, and so on. There is also budgeting, planning and an extra general benefit in the form of comprehensive design tracking software, which provides several different benefits such as faster conflict resolution, faster response times and so on. All this directly affects the overall efficiency of the project, and in most cases increases it dramatically. The combination of many different features and functions makes Procore one of the best building management software on the market.

The main use case is to function as a collaboration platform for different workflows, whether it is 2D or 3D, which enables seamless communication between all project participants, from designers to stakeholders. can easily handle all phases of a construction project, including the design phase and the maintenance phase after construction.

And all this – in a centralized solution with a convenient interface so you do not have to spend extra effort on something trivial.

Top 19 Construction Project Management Software In 2022

Jonas Enterprise is a comprehensive software for construction project management for small businesses, where one of the main functions is a cost calculation module. This module addresses and improves many topics such as JJ administration, collection and tracking of payroll costs, operating hours and equipment, billing prices, billing tables, etc.

You can also use the toolbar module for a more accurate tool tracking process, so you can better manage tools by knowing where your tools are, recording when they were retrieved and returned.

Another interesting part of Jonas Enterprise is their scheduler, which makes it easy to set up Gantt charts, as well as an unusual version of the online building management software Jonas eTimesheets, which allows you to automate the payroll process by logging hours remotely from anywhere, making it easier to manage employees. is the most important resource of all.

Top Rated Construction Management Software

Another good choice when it comes to the best construction project management software for small businesses is ProContractor, which is an all-in-one solution that mainly helps with critical financial operations such as valuation, accounting, project management, etc.

Best Construction Project Management Software & More Software News

It is easy for contractors to give accurate and seamless estimates when it comes to masonry and earthworks. ProContractor comes with 3D visualization that allows users to get a comprehensive overview of projects and helps determine labor costs, choose materials and equipment, etc.

Information centralization allows ProContractor users to compare efforts and costs with estimates, comes with drag-and-drop functionality to eliminate data duplication, provides job tracking tools, provides maximum transparency and more.

Spectrum Construction Management Software from Viewpoint is an online ERP system that offers many useful tools for working with and improving various aspects of your construction process. This includes material and equipment handling, document control, accounting, project management, reporting, personnel, payroll and more.

In addition, since version 14, Spectrum is a building management software completely based on the web interface, which means that this design tracking software has become even easier to use and does not require software maintenance and hardware purchases. Since the entire interface is online, it can now be accessed from virtually anywhere and not worry about security, as Spectrum has a level of security similar to online banking.

Best Construction Project Management Software Comparison 2022

Sage 100 Contractor (formerly known as Sage Master Builder) is an integrated business management and accounting system primarily aimed at small and medium-sized contractors and subcontractors. The list of features that Sage 100 Contractor offers includes, but is not limited to:

The actual construction tracking software is sold based on the number of jobs and consists of several different add-on modules, most of which offer one or two of the features listed above. There are also purchase orders, labor costs, custom reports, subcontracts and the like.

As the name suggests, GanttPRO is a software that mainly works with Gantt charts and thus focuses mainly on project management. Gantt charts allow you to group tasks and subtasks, schedule tasks, organize tasks, set dependencies and due dates for tasks, and more.

Top Rated Construction Management Software

As a construction project software, GanttPRO can be useful both for working alone and in teams, offering work plan customization, exporting Gantt charts to XLSX, PDF and other formats, importing projects from MS Project or MS Excel and synchronizing with JIRA cloud software. . Public URLs are also useful, especially when you need to share your chart with someone else, including outside the company.

Top 7 Project Management Software For 2022

CoConstruct is another online construction project management tool that offers three different modules and an unusual software design designed to meet customer needs. For example, management can constantly change concepts instead of limiting designers’ choices when it comes to different activities, designs or specific materials.

Another important part of CoConstruct software is unlimited customization, which offers many different modification and revision options. This is done by extracting all the valuable information into a single hub which can then be used to manage orders, bids, selections and more. Other features such as content tracking, potential customer tracking and dedicated customer portals also help the company stay on top of all its orders and be able to provide the best possible service to each of its customers.

Fieldwire is a project management solution for construction teams of all sizes. The main purpose of this construction project software is to promote and simplify collaboration and coordination with high efficiency. Fieldwire is available as an app for both iOS and Android, with a separate version of Windows that is currently in beta testing.

STACK is another example of an all-in-one software solution for construction projects that focuses on the pre-construction process. STACK’s industry-leading cloud-based software can both increase profitability and maximize efficiency by acting as a centralized hub for team collaboration, plan management, project reporting, material selection and more.

Best Construction Collaboration & Project Management Software Tools

The solution itself is cloud-based, offers unlimited training and support, and works with both Windows and Mac. Some of the features that STACK offers are listed below:

Sitemax Systems is a software development company that offers design-focused software to progressive companies in the industry, focusing on efficiency gains through centralization – this is one of the reasons why Sitemax is considered one of the best building software vendors out there. Centralization means being aware of everything that happens in your business, which in turn makes it easier to make informed decisions.

At its core, Sitemax is a collaborative environment that replaces paper documents with customizable interfaces and layouts to handle all types of reports, whether it is a daily report, a security report or a location report. It is also possible to convert from old forms (Excel, Word, PDF) to digitize all your documents from the very beginning.

Top Rated Construction Management Software

Another benefit of Sitemax is the ability to help with time management and some of the features centralized around it, including geographic check-in and location-based check-out using employees’ mobile devices. The same tracking can be applied to tools via QR stickers, and a lot of data is recorded to keep track of progress and safety.

How To Select The Best Construction Project Management Software For Your Business In 2022

Knowify is a project management platform that offers job evaluation and acts as a construction tracking software in terms of performance. It is easy to keep track of everything in real time when it comes to work and material budgets, thanks to full integration with purchasing and time registration. Both project management and cost calculation are core functions in the solution.

Contractors Software Group products are a complete package of integrated construction management applications for contractors and builders. The package itself is positioned as an affordable choice for small businesses.

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