Courses Required For Associates Degree

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All programs leading to associate degrees in Brooklyn include the following qualifications adapted to a specific degree in the general education part of the curriculum from the following key areas of knowledge:

Students in the Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) degrees are required to complete the knowledge-based courses identified above, in addition to addressing the general education objectives of Reasoning and Ethical Action. (E) and Information Literacy (IL). ). Area. Targets (E) and (IL) are integrated into a limited number of general education courses. AA and AS students must complete at least one general education course with an integrated goal (E) and at least one course with an integrated goal (IL). AAS students are required to complete courses integrating competencies (E) and (IL) and may meet this requirement through general education or other program requirements.

Courses Required For Associates Degree

Courses Required For Associates Degree

Students should choose their general education courses based on the degree sought and their transfer plans. Student Development Specialists (Consultants) work with students to develop curricula.

General Education Requirements For The Associate Of Arts (aa) Transfer Degree

Students must take an additional 3 credits in any category for a total of 9 credits, plus 3 credits in the humanities and 3 credits in the social sciences.

Students must complete at least 12 credits for grade AA and 9 credits for grade AS to meet the requirements for the areas of knowledge of mathematics (M), Science (SC) and Technological Competence (IT).

The technical attitude can be met by program requirements in addition to general education. Students can take assessments to demonstrate their technical ability and increase the number of credits completed in math and science. Students should contact a counselor.

Students who plan to transfer to Rutgers must complete a specific course in the CG series. The CG course cannot be used to meet any other GE requirements, including the humanities, history, social sciences, or any additional GE credits required in your degree. In order for the course to be recognized by Rutgers, it must be completed before graduating with an AA grade. No other NJ public body has this requirement.

Associate In Arts (aa) Degree Requirements

A description of general education courses that meet the requirements of each series of general education are described in the program of study program.

Institutional education outcomes are the skills and abilities that all graduate students are expected to acquire after completing their degree. They represent the general education model as described by the United States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and the general education requirements of the Community College of the State of New Jersey (NJCC). Students will receive these learning outcomes as appropriate for their grade type. The specific requirements of the degree program (A.S. and A.A.S. degrees) will be comparable, although not necessarily the same as the institutional learning outcomes listed below.

Students will use the principles and concepts of the social sciences to analyze human behavior and social and political institutions and act as responsible citizens.

Courses Required For Associates Degree

Students will analyze works in the fields of art, music or theater; Literature; And philosophical and / or religious studies; Or he will qualify in the use of a foreign language. 2 46 Associate Degree Graduation Requirements Associate Degree Graduation Requirements The City of San Francisco College is dedicated to the principle that all students should be given the highest quality education possible. At the heart of this philosophy is the belief that all students with an associate’s degree are required to study a variety of general-width courses in addition to the courses required for a major student. These courses will introduce the student to languages, inquiry methods and achievements in major academic disciplines. Consistent with this philosophy, the college aims to involve students in a variety of disciplines in such a way that students develop an interest in learning that continues and expands throughout their lives. Objectives of the General Education Program Through its General Education Program, the College intends to graduate students who have developed: a. Principles and application skills towards critical evaluation of communication in logical thinking, clear and precise expression, and any symbol system used by the student. b English language and information skills so that they can communicate clearly both orally and in writing; They can evaluate what they hear and read; And can obtain, interpret and use the information properly. c Appreciation and understanding of the scientific method, at least one of the achievements of the natural sciences and the relationship between the natural sciences and other human activities. D. Appreciation and understanding of the methods of inquiry used in the social and behavioral sciences and the way people act and function in response to their society. E. Through artistic and cultural creation over time and in different cultures people have responded to themselves and the world around them and developed sensitivity and aesthetic skills as well as the ability to make informed value decisions. f Appreciation and understanding of American history and government so that they can become responsible and active citizens. g Appreciation and understanding of the physical skills and health knowledge required for mental and physical well-being. h Appreciation and understanding of the history, culture and perspective of different ethnic groups, women and gays, lesbians and bisexuals. San Francisco Catalog Rights City College issues a new catalog each year. The courses required for a particular degree or certificate may vary from list to list and often vary during the student’s term. For purposes that meet the requirements of a degree or certificate based on catalog rights, students may choose to meet the requirements of one of the following: Continuous enrollment held prior to graduation. Students retain catalog rights through continuous enrollment at City College of San Francisco prior to graduation. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in at least one course per academic year (autumn or spring semester). Any of the following academic record symbols (A F, P, NP, I, UG, IP, RD, W and MW) will form a continuous record. Documented military or medical leave, not exceeding two years, will not be considered a breach of registration. If enrollment is disrupted, or if the student completes an associate’s degree, inventory rights will be restored based on the re-enrollment date. Catalogs from years prior to re-registration will no longer be available once registration is interrupted. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution are advised to review the list of eligible transfers of the institution’s community college. City College of San Francisco reserves the right not to offer course work offered in the past. * Students enrolling in the early summer semester may apply for catalog fees for the previous academic year. Similarly, students who re-enroll in the summer session after a continuous disruption of registration may also claim catalog fees for the previous academic year. Graduation Requirements A student may graduate from San Francisco City College by meeting the requirements set by the Board of Governors of California Community College, the District Governing Board of the Community College of San Francisco. ‘San Francisco, and the college faculty. There are two modes available: Option 1. CCSF offers Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) degrees. Students must meet the general education requirements of the CCSF, the core requirements, 60 units applicable to a degree and other graduate requirements. Option 2. CCSF offers Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) degrees for transfer. Students shall meet the requirements listed below, including CSU or IGETC General Education requirements, core requirements and completion of applicable and transferable CSU 60 degree units. The following table summarizes the two options. Details on the specific requirements of these two options follow the table.

College Programs Of Study And Requirements For Graduation

3 Associate Degree Graduation Requirements 47 Associate Degree Graduation Requirements Overview Option 1: Associate in the Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) Option 2: Associate in the Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or Associate for Transfer (ASA)) -T) 1. General education of the City College of San Francisco General Education Pattern, Area A-H has been completed. California State University (CSU) Model of General Education, Completion and Certification of A-E Zones. Either completion and certification of the IGETC model, a satisfactory mathematics placement score of mathematics fields, or completion of a valid mathematics course, or a satisfactory score in a SAT, ACT or Advanced Placement (AP) exam. Completion of CSU General Education Design Area B4 or IGETC Design Area 2. 3. The main completion of the main program specified by the department; Or the completion of 18-semester units in one of the four Emphasis Areas of Liberal Arts and Science; Or the completion of an 18-semester unit in a particular field of study if the main course is not mentioned by the department. Completion of the AA-T or AS-T program specified by the department. 4. Units at least 60 semesters

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