Property Management Companies Phoenix Az

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We consider all 300 property management companies in the Phoenix area. We reviewed all the data and analyzed these companies based on cost, customer rating, reliability and experience to identify the best 35.

Our goal is to connect property owners with the best property management company so that your investments can continue. We have rated property management companies on over 30 different variables so we can provide you with a hands-on list of the best real estate companies in the Phoenix area.

Property Management Companies Phoenix Az

Property Management Companies Phoenix Az

When Denali Real Estate operates real estate for its residential and community clients in the Phoenix area, it carefully considers the risk factors. Its policy is designed to reduce the financial risk of the owner to make real estate investments truly profitable. Denali brokers can help you choose an investment property or they can evaluate, complete and manage the property you have already purchased in a realistic way. … read more

Az Prime Property Management Rentals And Property Management

Several online reviewers have mentioned the friendship of the brokers. Victoria H. An owner named Thumbtack said, “[T] is his first property, so I must have asked a lot of questions, but he [Michael] answered them without any problem. They website is very user friendly and all my necessary information about my property.

Active Renter’s three-tier pricing, which includes “lease only”, “standard” and “premium” plans, gives homeowners the option to choose the most appropriate level of service for their investment features. The premium package includes benefits like decision protection and HOA management. “Active tenants prefer strong communication regardless of the level of service customers choose. It also provides online resources like tenant and owner portals and even learning center owners. … Read more

Owners like Joe N., who submitted a review to Yelp, praised the company’s “sound accounting practice” and that it “allows owners to access all receipts through their owner portal”. Another owner, Andy N. Says the company not only “provides a consistently positive experience” but also makes a conscious and ongoing effort to improve its customer service.

All County Prestige Property Management can guide owners through tenant acquisitions and their satisfaction with their rental home at all levels. This Phoenix office is a national company franchise contract that provides training and support to local franchisees. Scott Glascock’s All County Prestige Office assures his clients that there will be no additional or hidden charges. The company provides rental housing only with the help of insured and licensed contractors to keep the properties in good condition and up to date. They focus on keeping the rent full and keeping the owners’ fees low. … read more

Phoenix Property Management, Phoenix Property Managers, Phoenix, Az Property Management Companies

Multiple customers who review a business on Google cite “speed” as a key feature. Customers also mention generosity and willingness to help owners in all possible ways.

American Associates AZ has more than 40 years of experience in property management in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It maintains membership of a regional and national association of real estate agents and its team members specialize in utilizing marketing services to minimize the rental features of their clients. American Associates AZ has relationships with many local vendors and can always handle tenants ’emergency maintenance needs. The company’s service is designed to relieve owners from the burden of small everyday problems, so that they can focus on big decisions. … read more

Cindy, the property manager at American Associates, and Ruthie, the company’s accountant, often receive praise from reviewers for their quality customer service. Karen S., a Google reviewer, called American Associates “similar and professional.”

Property Management Companies Phoenix Az

Arizona is engaged in active management of property management and investment so that it can avoid small problems before it grows. The company believes in operating activities to meet the needs of a rental home, whether it is a detached house or an apartment building with more than 100 apartments. Arizona Property Management and Investments helps landlords deal with all aspects of rental investing: buying or selling a rented home, finding tenants, meeting tax requirements, managing eviction proceedings, working with insurance companies, collecting rent, and more. Something. … read more

Real Estate Developer

Tenants and owners appreciate this management company for paying detailed attention. One tenant said, “They have a great web portal, a detailed rental book, all the work orders are logged and dated with their full dates, all requests or questions are logged and dated, and all leases And documents immediately available online “

Ashford Management Services, owned and operated by local broker Christine Francis since 1997, manages townhouses, apartments and single-family homes. The group specializes in unmanaged long-term rents. Francis and his colleagues work diligently to avoid unforeseen financial problems and try to meet the cash flow needs of their owners by taking active care of the tenant relationship and tax liability. They are a trusted choice for first-time homeowners, long-term investors and recently inherited property owners who want a worry-free full-service property management experience. … read more

“Fees are reasonable and staff are always responsive, fast and top notch,” said one Google evaluator. Many appraisers mention how they are dealing with things “on time” and many tenants reveal that management staff maintains a positive relationship with them over the years.

AZ Prime Property Management is a full-service Arizona property management company that specializes in property management services in the Phoenix metropolitan area, serving more than 40 cities in the Valley, single-family condominium, multiplex, condominium and mid-term vacation homes. , A light ad and much more! The company successfully manages rental housing including advertising and marketing, tenant presentation, lease application, credit and criminal inspection, lease execution and renewal, maintenance request, inheritance, legal and eviction matters, rent tax return, property inspection, accounting and much more. . ! … read more

Meb Management Services

Critics of various online platforms often refer to Dominic and Brian as outstanding professionals in their field. A Google appraiser who had to end a lease operated by the company said they had “done an excellent job of communicating […] throughout the whole process.” Other reviewers have mentioned “quick fixes” and may help AZ Prime sell to owners if the timing is right.

AZ Property Management Group is able to manage everything in property management in the Phoenix area: marketing, screening, maintenance, inspection, eviction, financial reporting, validation and consulting and much more. The company offers percentage-based and flat-rate management packages to help homeowners save money by choosing the right option for their personal rental situation. AZ Property Management Group also offers some additional services such as weed control and air filter replacement. … read more

In a Google review, Nick Ann says AZ Property Management Group is “truly full-service asset management at its best!” Homeowners often hire Eric Sanchez as someone who follows and is easy to work with.

Property Management Companies Phoenix Az

Bennett Property Management is a family-owned full-service property management company that employs a large number of highly trained realtors and property managers. The organization strives to meet and exceed both mandatory and optional standards of training and excellence. They are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and other professional organizations. Bennett Property Management can assist the owner in all rents and maintenance of the residential property. … read more

Property Management Companies Phoenix

A recent Google reviewer specifically described Jodi as “communicative, attentive, and well-tracked.” The Yelp reviewer has positive comments about Travis and mentions that the company was understandable and fair when the tenant faced a financial crisis.

Blue Sky Living, LLC is a husband and wife brokerage and property management team who have been working in the Phoenix area since 2012. This team helps owners find quality tenants by posting attractive online rental lists on multiple platforms. Blue Sky Living broker Doug McVinua has enjoyed a positive reputation in his career for five long years as director of the Arizona Association of Realtors. … read more

One Google reviewer noted that “all […] issues have been resolved in less than 72 hours. Doug and his wife are amazing at what they do.” Critics on Facebook gave it a high rating and described one dog as “very knowledgeable and active”.

For nearly 20 years, Brewer & Stratton Property Management has helped thousands of property owners and investors purchase, renovate and operate efficient rental homes in the Phoenix metro area. Brewer & Stratton offers full service asset management with a clear focus on customer service! They are one of the Valley’s leading residential real estate companies, focusing on high quality customer and tenant satisfaction as well as ongoing training and innovation. They are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and receive training and education related to residential property management. … read more

Property Management Phoenix Az

Multiple tenants in Google reviews say their home visitors are fast and professional. AJ is often referred to as a favorite property manager. “Brewer and Stratton have really relaxed me, and I’m not worried about tracking rent, local taxes, or repair requests,” said Google evaluator David S.

Caldwell Property Solutions has served both Phoenix and Tucson since 1998. With experience and expertise, they handle all aspects of asset management, including marketing, leasing, and maintenance.

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