Flying Blue Credit Card

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After a little credit card wipe in 2020, I’m back on track to earn even more miles and points for traveling. The couple and I have just finished spending the minimum on our two new early summer maps. So I started researching my options for my next credit card.

I applied for a Bank of America Air France KLM World Elite Mastercard (offline link). The sign-up bonus is currently 50,000 Flying Blue miles after spending $ 2000 for the first 90 days. The card has an annual fee of $ 89 which is against a $ 100 credit. Earn 3x miles on Air France, KLM and SkyTeam member airlines and 1.5 miles for all other purchases. The card has no foreign transaction fees.

Flying Blue Credit Card

Flying Blue Credit Card

This card is not much discussed on travel blogs. It is definitely not the most profitable sign-up bonus available (see the hottest deals here). I would not recommend this for beginners, as there are better ways to get even more Flying Blue miles. To earn Flying Blue miles, you can transfer from Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou points, Amex Membership Rewards, Capital One miles and various hotel programs.

Flying Blue Loyalty Program

But right now I’m on the verge of Chase cards, I’m not eligible for the Citi Premier card bonus and I have this annoying Amex popup message. This Air France map is an easy way to accumulate miles fast to secure flights back and forth for our trip to Europe next summer. We are flying with Air France from DFW to Paris and the offer of the prizes looks good for the way back (touch the forest). At worst, I can use the miles for the 2023 trip we plan to book next summer.

Yes! I got approval immediately. Damn! See this post on Bank Acceptance Restrictions. I plan to complete the required purchases in the first few weeks so I can reach those miles as quickly as possible. Flying Blue is a scheduled flight between Air France and KLM. It is one of the largest loyalty schemes in Europe. The program also acts as a frequent flyer for Kenya Airways and TAROM and the small regional airline Aircalin in New Caledonia.

Amex, Capital One, Chase and Citi points are all transferred to Flying Blue. It is an easy program to earn miles with credit card spending and signup bonuses.

This guide explains how to earn Flying Blue miles, how to earn Elite status and different status levels, and how to redeem miles.

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Flying Blue is a great program, especially for those who want to travel to Europe on business. Prize-winning transatlantic voyages start at just 53,000 miles of business class each way.

However, the program is not without its features. You can not create itineraries manually as you can with other applications. The website has limited functionality. You can not redeem miles for first class tickets unless you are a premium gold or platinum member.

Flying Blue is unique in that it serves as a loyalty scheme for many airlines. There are scheduled flights with: Air France, KLM, Kenya Airways, TAROM, Aircalin, Air Corsica, Chalair Aviation and TwinJet.

Flying Blue Credit Card

The founding members of Flying Blue, Air France and KLM are part of the SkyTeam alliance. As such, Flying Blue is actually a SkyTeam loyalty program. If you get Elite status with the app, you will have SkyTeam Elite or Elite Plus status. You can also earn and redeem miles for travel with SkyTeam carriers.

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There are many benefits to earning and redeeming Flying Blue Miles. Flying Blue works with all major currencies at transferable points in the United States, so it’s easy to work miles. You can also find reasonable redemption prices for travel with Air France and KLM and monthly prize sales.

For the COVID epidemic, Flying Blue received a monthly promotional award. These prizes included up to a 50% discount on the cost of Economy, Premium Economy or Business Class prize tickets. Tickets were limited to certain markets and could not be changed or canceled, but they gave a lot for the money.

Flying Blue saves a lot of space in Air France and KLM flights. With a little flexibility, you can earn business class prizes from the US to Europe from 53,000 miles (even outside the promotional prizes).

Prizes can be higher as Flying Blue has powerful pricing. Seats at the cheapest prices are limited, although it is always possible to find prize space if seats are for sale. Air France and KLM both have available last prize seats. This means that if there is a seat for sale, you can use your mileage to book it.

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Flying Blue opens 360 days in advance. It is great for those who plan trips in advance as it can be booked almost a year later. When Air France and KLM load their plans, they usually also offer a good number of prize seats at low fares.

Miles are transferred from any US currency to transferable points in Flying Blue, making it easy to earn Flying Blue miles. Points can be transferred from most Amex, Capital One, Citi and Chase credit cards to Flying Blue.

Flying Blue Miles expire if your account has not been active for 18 months. A small transfer or purchase of 1,000 points is all that is needed to prevent all of your miles from running out, so it’s easy to keep them active.

Flying Blue Credit Card

The Flying Blue call center has very friendly agents and it can be quite pleasant to call them compared to other call centers. They have service centers around the world, but their European agents are usually the most knowledgeable and willing to assist with complex inquiries.

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Flying Blue, however, allows you to keep the rewards before you move miles. You can stop flights of Air France, KLM and partners for up to 72 hours before you receive points. This allows you to protect the price, so that the supply does not disappear before the transfer. There’s a $ 15 fare for this, which I think is fair.

Flying Blue also has much lower premiums than other European airlines such as British Airways, Austrian and Lufthansa. They found a middle ground. Prizes from the United States to Europe on Air France or KLM usually carry premiums ranging from $ 215 to $ 250. Prizes from Europe will be more expensive.

If you need to make changes to the Flying Blue prizes, the change fees are also quite fair. It only costs $ 55 or € 50 to change a prize or cancel a prize and reset it. You can also cancel the prize up to two hours before check-in, which gives travelers a lot of flexibility.

Flying Blue also has some very generous guidelines. You can fly from South America to North America via Europe, from the US to Asia via Australia, or from the US to Africa via Europe (provided you can find room for prizes). Routes must be posted on the Flying Blue website in order to be booked. Unfortunately, Flying Blue does not allow stopovers on prize tickets.

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Flying Blue also has a partnership with Qantas and Japan Airlines. You can redeem miles to travel on these airlines. This gives you more options for award-winning trips to Asia and Australia.

Flying Blue had a program for those working in the energy sector called Flying Blue Petroleum. The program was popular but unfortunately it was closed. It stopped accepting new members in 2019 and will close completely before March 31, 2021.

You can not create itineraries manually as you can with other applications. Itinerary must be available from source to destination, which means you can not edit one part of itinerary or add another later.

Flying Blue Credit Card

Here is an example of how it works. If you have booked a ticket to travel from New York to Paris to Barcelona, ​​you can not change the last part without changing the price of all the prizes. If you want to change from New York to Paris to Rome you should re-evaluate all the prizes.

Bank Of America Air France/klm Flyingblue Credit Card 70,000 Miles Signup Bonus + $100 + 100 Xp Bonus

If you have a booking with a partner like Delta, this can be even more difficult. Let’s say you booked something like Austin to Atlanta to Amsterdam to travel on the Delta. If you want to change your route from Austin to Dallas, there will also be a prize pool on the Atlanta to Amsterdam route. Otherwise you will have to start over.

This also means that you can not combine cabins on some Flying Blue itineraries. If business class prize space is not available on a particular flight, you can generally not combine economy and business class on the same ticket. Sometimes Flying Blue will show shorter economy class in Europe, but apart from that it is generally not possible to combine taxis.

Flying Blue Miles are among the easiest to earn. You can transfer Amex, Capital One, Citi and Chase points to the program.

You can also earn Flying Blue miles by flying with Air France, KLM and their affiliates. There is also a shopping portal where you can earn Flying Blue miles for daily online shopping.

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Flying Blue prize redeemable

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