Navy Tuition Assistance Program

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Congratulations on training “As a command verifier (CO or guidance authority), you are an integral part of the WebTA application process! In the WebTA verification process, you are assigned to be responsible for TA’s more stringent budgets.” The main purpose of the Commander is to ensure that WebTA applications do not conflict with service requirements, and commanders are well aware of their service members, their credibility, operational commitments, and in many cases personal and financial problems, so understand their responsibility when approving WebTA applications. Command Verification (CA) is important.

Objective 2: Ensure an understanding of the role of command in the Navy Tuition (TA) grant process. 2. Increase Command Approver (CA) accountability. 3. Identify the duties of service members, commanders, and staff of the Naval College Program (NCP) (Naval College Office (NCO) / Virtual Training Center (VEC)) in the tuition assistance process. 4. Implement a seamless and efficient naval training assistance program. 1. Make sure you understand the role of command in the Navy Tuition Allowance process. 2

Navy Tuition Assistance Program

Navy Tuition Assistance Program

3 TA Process Service Members Send WebTA Program Electronic Command History Electronic Authorized TA Verification or NCP Staff TA Program Service Members Deliver TA vouchers to school via Command Verification (CA) Ensure that policy service members Perform TA test procedures. Confirmation by the Confirmations command is a condition of TA eligibility and does not guarantee TA financing! All TA requests must be submitted electronically via MyEducation. This is an outline of the TA process. Each of these will be briefly described below. The Navy VOLED WebTA program is the only application process available for access to the Navy Tuition Allowance Program. Navy TA applications are submitted and archived electronically. There are no more paper TA programs. Internal “chit” routing can be applied to your command to enroll in courses and confirm the use of TA. However, this process is only for confirmation of your internal order and does not constitute an official TA web application. See the end-of-presentation example. 3

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Request Verification Request After confirmation of the command, TA automatically approves or accepts the NCP WebTA application. Requests are processed at the start date and the order confirmation date, respectively. Each service member monitors the NCP required to complete the WebTA application process, and service members can submit a request 120 days prior to the start date. Applications must be submitted 14 days prior to the start date of the TERM START DATE and the NLT command confirmation window (per day) must be submitted and approved. The SVM must ship a TA 120 and 30 days prior to the CA to have time to review and approve / reject it. For example, SVM TA can be registered in October-December, course start date, and July. This makes it easier for CA to review HT / WT documents once every fiscal quarter. For SVM. Referring to the late TA policy: All TA applications must be submitted for courses beginning on or after each 219/16 New Year, January 1, 2017, and must be approved 120 to 14 days before the start date of the semester. . In addition, DODINST states: All WebTA applications must confirm and authorize the order before the start date of the course. The sailor reminds them that they have been sent to CA and TA has yet to confirm the order. Sailors receive a period of up to 14 days. Command approvals are periodically received for a maximum of 14 days. If the TA order is not approved after 1 day after the 14-day deadline, the request will be canceled in the system and the status will be sent to the sailors. 4

Am I ready (sailor) TA? Upload Previous Grading Course Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for poor performance Personal Financial Command Program Professional Commitment How to Offer Family Commitment Course Training Skills / Preparation These are considerations that SVM should consider. CAs should train SVM on these considerations. These are reviewed by Naval College program staff. Reinforcement with command is a complex and important part of the sailors’ training planning process. Check these with your SVMs: Course load: Consider the number of courses and hours required to study and complete the course. Typically, each hour of credit is equivalent to 3 hours of course work per week. Example: A 3-unit course requires 9 hours per week of course preparation, homework completion, and study. Previous scores: Check previous scores to make sure scores are recorded in the file. Consider any preparation (study skills) needed to improve performance that is unsuccessful or below average. If SVM does not work well with multiple classes, you should only take one course per semester. You do not have to approve TA. Repayment for poor performance: The minimum score for an undergraduate course is “C” – Postgraduate course “B”, according to the obligations and financial consequences in case of failure of the course. Remind the sailors of their degree. Pocket costs: Sailors must evaluate the return on their personal investment. The pocket money of the program is worth it. Books, tuition, student share of teaching, etc. Personal Finance: Consider the possibility of repayment and how SVM affects the monthly budget. This is especially important if the sailor has pre-class performance problems. Command Schedule: Consider availability to meet course requirements. Professional commitment: Consider how to complete training courses to achieve professional goals. Course Delivery Method: Consider the benefits and challenges of enrolling in in-person, online or NCPACE courses. DANTES DL Self-assessment to determine the readiness of the telescope on the DANTES website Family commitments: Consider complying with course requirements in your family lifestyle and schedule. Academic Skills: Consider the level of academic skills and academic courses and preparation for success. Use the Online Academic Skills [OASC] course to assess yourself and build skills as needed. 5

Start the tutoring process for new users only: Complete the JKO Advanced Higher Education Course and submit the certificate via MyEducation. And Course Confirmation If TA confirmation is required 14 days prior to the date, follow NCP staff to ensure that TA vouchers are eligible for payment to attend school and complete the course successfully. New users: JKO HEPC Complete the complete TA training: Receive and submit the training plan available through MyEducation: Designed by their school staff or NCO / VEC. Complete the consultation with the Navy College Program Advisor: Must be through NCO or VEC. It should be done every 2 years or when the graduate program changes. Follow the TA internal request request process: Commands define their internal process for participating in the WebTA e-mail application for sending TA: Using MyEducation Online (known as WebTA). It is strongly recommended that SVM TA submit 30 days prior to the start date of the course. This allows problems with TA eligibility to be resolved before the start date of the course. Monitor and approve TA orders before the start date: This can be done by logging in to MyEducation and viewing available programs. SVMs can see application status: under edit, upload, command confirmation, authorize / cancel / reject if necessary, follow NCP personnel to ensure authorization: Navy does not process TA yet. All TA orders must be approved before the start date of the course. Please make sure your service members know this. Do not participate in the class without TA coupons !! If SVMs do not have a TA voucher 2 days before the start date of the course, they must follow the NCP staff. Send TA vouchers to school for payment: SVM must print, sign and send their TA to school. There are 3 ways to send coupons to school: 1. By fax, 2. In person or 3. Attendance and successful completion of the course: The bachelor’s degree must be C or higher. Graduate Records Grade B or higher Ensure that grades are sent to the NLT 30 days after each course completed: SVM is responsible for ensuring grades in transcripts. If grades are not posted within 30 days: a. Service members are locked in to access new TA applications. B. NCP staff are unable to obtain a TA license. J. You can start docking service members for the 6th year of TA accounting

Verify that service members have special eligibility requirements. Verify that no special disqualification conditions apply to service members. Check that the booker meets the standards required for active duty services. WebTA applications must have NLT-approved commands

Navy College Program (ncp) Tuition Assistance Command Approver

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