Per Capita Education Spending By State

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If you are considering moving to the United States, or perhaps arbitration, there are endless things to consider. If you have school-age children, the quality of public schools is definitely one of those things.

Gover’s website published the 2015 census data on tuition costs and primary / secondary education income per student for each state. Apparently 2015 is the latest data published in this post.

Per Capita Education Spending By State

Per Capita Education Spending By State

As you can see, it actually consists of three separate categories, of which the total amount and the total amount spent on each student for each category.

States Investing The Most (and Least) In Higher Education

The total amount spent should not be as important as the raw number, because without knowing the number of students, it is relatively meaningless. In states with large populations, the total amount will obviously be higher.

As you can see, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey are in the top five in all three categories. And Arizona, Oklahoma and Idaho are also among the top five in the three lowest categories.

On their website you can see the costs in each state by function – Instruction, Administration, Student Support, and more. As financial warriors, we want to know where our hard-earned tax money is going, and this information will allow you to go crazy and really dive. this.

This site is a gem and the details used by Plotly are displayed very elegantly. Buuuuut ….. they did not portray the awful data! Seeing things in a geographical context adds a lot to the conversation. You choose patterns, regional differences and similarities, and sometimes even strange relationships between neighboring states.

How Much Does Your State Spend On Public Schools Per Pupil?

I looked and could not find this information on the internet, only the old versions of 2012 and earlier. So I’m stupid and since I do not have a life, I portrayed it in my titanium-covered amazing mapping thing.

On this map, it is clear that the south generally spends less on the student, while Louisiana is a regional anomaly. And Wyoming clearly stands out in the West, as most of the most expensive states are in the East, along with Alaska.

This map is not drastically different, but has subtle changes. Southern public school staff are generally paid less per student, but Texas and Missouri have joined Louisiana as regional leaders. Wyoming is still an anomaly in the West.

Per Capita Education Spending By State

This map shows that the situation in the south will be more homogeneous. Once again, Louisiana and Wyoming stand out in their respective regions. In addition, Washington DC pays the highest salary per student (card 2), but only in the middle category in terms of grants paid per student (card 3).

Twitter 上的oecd Education:

Now for the fun part. If you ask, “So what?” If you say yes, the list of how much each state pays for public education per student is just a number. What you want to see is what results they achieve.

The important thing is that it is important to know whether the countries that spend the most money achieve the best results. Or, conversely, are states that spend the least money per student behind in basic measures?

Well, I’m at your service … There are three types of best data collected across the state to determine the results of public education, that is, how well children read. I found:

Let’s call them “outcomes-based measures”. Yes, the data is from different years, but it was the best I found (I do it for free, you know….) I can not imagine these numbers changing dramatically from year to year for a given country.

How School Funding’s Reliance On Property Taxes Fails Children

And I know, I know, there are a lot of mistakes in standardized tests like SAT, and that’s not the final measure of a student’s ability or how much they learned. I understand. I do this analysis with the data I have. Now you have no objections;)….

So this is what I did – I used the primary factor of how much a state primary / secondary school costs per student. I listed them at levels 1 to 51 (including Washington D.C.).

I then reviewed the appropriate level of each state in the three outcome-based measurements. If the level of any of them is less than 20 points, it is highlighted in BLACK RED in the diagram below.

Per Capita Education Spending By State

Conversely, if a state ranks on one of the results-based measurements, which is 20 points higher than the total cost per student, it is highlighted in BLUE-GREEN.

Most States Have Cut School Funding, And Some Continue Cutting

So I smell anomalies. The general view is that the higher the amount of tax spent on public education per student, the better the results.

Yowzers. So, if the money spent on each student is directly related to the results, you would not expect to see too much red or green in the table above.

In other words, the states that spend the most should have similarly high results (graduation rates, SAT scores, etc.). And the states that spend the least should have lower rates.

In short, if there is a red number in the state, it means that they may not get their money in that amount. If the state has a green number, it means that they are ahead of this figure in terms of spending.

Higher Education Spending By Country 2022

And I just pointed out the differences of 20 points, which is not to the limit, but there are a lot of high and low performers coming close. Some celebrities,

Washington ranks 3rd in terms of total money spent per student, but ranks 24th and 51st in terms of two outcomes, with no data for the latter. D.C. is admittedly the only city on this list of states, so like any other major city problem, it is to be expected. But it shows that just spending more money is not a complete solution.

Minnesota – they are only 18th in terms of the amount of money spent per student, but are 4th, 2nd and 1st in three main outcomes.

Per Capita Education Spending By State

South Dakota – they are only 41st in terms of the amount of money spent per student, but 11th, 13th and 13th in terms of three outcomes.

Oecd Education No Twitter:

Mississippi – In terms of the amount of money spent per student, they are only 47th, but 3rd, 49th and 9th in terms of results. Surprisingly, their graduation is poor, but graduates go to college at a much higher rate than the rest of the United States.

In general, the SAT score trend is the most interesting. Most of the high-spending states perform poorly in this regard, and most of the low-spending states have high scores.

I think this partially low cost “test training” has been shown, but it may not be a complete answer. Keep in mind that these costs are for all elementary and middle schools. I doubt these statements for Grade 2s teach the SAT test …. So let’s look at this for a moment.

It is a non-parametric measure of degree correlation or a statistical relationship between the ratings of two variables. Basically, it compares two ordered datasets with a point correlation.

States Spending The Most & Least On Education

Thus, if more money is spent per student in public schools to get better SAT scores, the expected distribution scheme will be similar. (* this is not real information)

Leave me to end this dweeb festival with a spread plot to see what happens. I provide the actual information below.

It is clear that the data are not interrelated. But there is a noticeable trend line, which should be among a very large number of states.

Per Capita Education Spending By State

OK, I could not resist. I was very interested to see the SAT scores on the map and continued to search for regional patterns and put the data on my magic machine. I think it was after my third Moscow mule …

Does State Education Funding Impact Student Achievement?

Representative of the Upper Midwest !! Let’s divide it into ERW and math scores now … I’m kidding. I downloaded this app, but we’ll put an end to this madness.

But look. The Upper Midwest has the potential to pass the SAT test and is behind the Northeast. In fact, the entire East Coast has a lighter color on the map. Look what I have to say about regional patterns, it’s very interesting, not true 🙂

The purpose of this post is not to spend more on public schools or to argue against them. We, as a country, spend more money on each student than we did 40 or 50 years ago, given inflation. But not as some claim. And the results are usually not so good. This is a complex issue with many aspects and it is not my intention to start a holy war with this post.

My main purpose here is to provide information that will help you if you want to move to another state. Geo-arbitrage is a great tactic to achieve financial independence. And if you have school-age children, the quality of education in the future may be one of the key factors you need to consider.

Chart: How Much Do Countries Spend On Education?

As a trade geographer, geo-arbitrage interests

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