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The country is in great need of teachers from kindergarten to grade 12. Employment of school teachers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, the BLS estimates that, between 2016 and 2026, on average, more than 270,000 primary and secondary teachers will leave the classroom each year. All of these empty classrooms have created opportunities for other teachers to get into the field. The demand for good STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers appears to be continuing.

The MAT program – Master of Arts in Teaching – is a reliable route to a master’s degree and teacher’s license for K-12 students. Colleges and universities design their programs so that candidates can come into the classroom with the skills and knowledge needed to be effective educators. Graduate students pursuing the MAT may obtain an initial license or add a K-12 license to an existing license. The MAT is designed to be independent and is not intended to be a step towards a specific PhD.

Masters Of Teaching Degree Online

Masters Of Teaching Degree Online

If you have considered gaining the MAT, consider the many benefits of an online degree. Going to school from your own computer or laptop saves you time and money. In many cases, you will be able to set your own pace in your own environment, and you will enjoy high quality instruction and lessons tailored to your needs. After graduation, your diploma and educational benefits will be the same as those awarded by traditional institutions. If you prefer this arrangement, better online institutions have used cohort models to mimic the friendship of first-year, second-year students etc. face-to-face, and so forth. license. Most select online colleges also cater to the whims of students who like to juggle children and employers while finishing their degree yesterday.

Master Of Arts In Teaching Degree Online

As well as making you a more qualified teacher and a more valuable employee, an MAT degree will increase your bottom line. The national average salary for teachers with a master’s degree is $ 65, $ 300. The graph below (from shows the difference in median annual salary for a teaching bachelor’s degree versus a master’s degree:

Graduation Rate: 42% Unregistered Regional Accreditation: Yes NCATE Accreditation: No US News & World Report Site – Unrated Points: 13

Mayville University has a 32-credit online master’s degree in standards-based teaching to support the requirements of the North Dakota State Commission’s middle school teachers. The department has degrees tailored for those with a non-teaching bachelor’s degree who wish to enter the teaching profession. The program includes courses in relationships and diversity, child and adolescent development, and a capstone project. The admissions process for Mayville MAT requires transcripts showing a minimum 3.0 GPA, $ 35 fee, and scheduled consultation with a MAT advisor. The fee per credit is $ 323.69.

# 19 – Removed by the editor. # 18 – University of West Alabama Livingston, Alabama MA in Online Teaching (certified or non-certified)

Most Affordable Online Mat Degrees

Graduation Rate: 33% Not Listed Regional Accreditation: Yes NCATE Accreditation: Yes USA News & World Report Site – Unlisted Points: 16

The University of West Alabama offers an online Master of Arts in Teaching. The 33-37 credit course can be completed in one year, the 8 week course is designed for working teachers. Courses include the psychology of higher education or development and lifelong learning, educational research techniques or educational statistics, and an introduction to special education or counseling. To apply to the online Masters in Teaching program, submit transcripts showing a minimum 3.0 GPA, evidence that you have passed a criminal background check, and a $ 30 application fee. The University of West Alabama needs $ 429 per credit.

Graduation Rate: 30% Not Listed Regional Accreditation: Yes NCATE Accreditation: Yes US News & World Report Site – Unlisted Points: 17

Masters Of Teaching Degree Online

Established 101 years ago, Dickinson State University continues to fulfill its original mission of serving the region’s students by offering 34-credit online MAT coaching professors. The focus is on preparing candidates to teach in secondary schools and obtaining a teaching license. Coursework includes instructional strategies in content areas, classroom management theory and practice, curriculum, design, presentation and assessment. Admissions expect GPA 3.0, statement of purpose and $ 35 application fee. Dickinson State University Online MAT costs $ 281.97 per credit.

Master Of Education In Teaching And Learning Degree From The Clemson University College Of Education

Graduation Rate: 36% Unlisted Regional Accreditation: Yes NCATE Accreditation: Yes US News & World Report Site – Unlisted Points: 17

The University of Southern Arkansas Online Master of Teaching is a 30-credit program with four tracks: Elementary, Secondary, Secondary and K-12 License. The degree includes 24 hours of online graduate coursework (27 hours in elementary school), 6 hours of student teaching, and takes 1-2 years to complete. During the internship, one student was “employed as a full-time teacher in a public school.” To apply, submit official transcripts and the $ 100 application fee. The MAT program is exempt from the Graduated Test (GRE / GMAT). The cost per credit is $ 271.

The University of Arkansas at Monticello offers an online Master of Arts in Teaching program in three tracks: K-6 Elementary; 4-8 Intermediate and Intermediate; and K-12. This program has been developed for bachelor’s degree students who wish to become certified teachers. To apply, submit transcripts and immunization records (100% online program surrender). There is no application fee. The MAT online curriculum includes teaching diverse learners, instructional techniques, and advanced teaching and assessment. The University of Arkansas at Monticello needs $ 268.85 per credit.

Graduation Rate: 23% Not Listed Regional Accreditation: Yes NCATE Accreditation: Yes US News & World Report Site – Unlisted Points: 17

Master’s In Teaching Moves Online

The University of Western New Mexico offers a 30-credit Master of Arts in Teaching program that can be completed in two years. The program is designed “specifically for New Mexico accredited school employees.” Prospective students must obtain a letter from the President of the Faculty of Education prior to enrollment. There are three options available: meet all requirements for the initial license; provide additional recognition or a different license area; get another license. A 3.0 GPA is required for the application during the final 64 credit hours of the undergraduate degree. The fee per credit is $ 168.

Graduation Rate: 70% 484th Regional Accreditation: Yes NCATE Accreditation: No U.S. News & World Report Site – Unrated Points: 18

The University of Central Florida has an MAT – Art Education online degree, a 37-credit program designed for undergraduate art degree candidates who wish to teach art to K-12 students. The application requires transcripts showing passing grades (or competitive scores on the GRE) for each section of the Florida Teacher Eligibility Test and a $ 30 fee. The diverse curriculum includes courses in: critical analysis of social, ethical, legal and safety issues relevant to education; special arts; and teach art appreciation through interdisciplinary strategies. The University of Central Florida charges $ 369.65 per credit.

Masters Of Teaching Degree Online

Angelo State University offers 100% online and Master of Arts in Teaching courses. The 42-credit program was created for applicants who have an undergraduate degree in another field and wish to gain certification in public school teaching. The curriculum includes social and cultural influences and the education of special students. Applicants must pass the PACT test prior to admission and must send a transcript with a GPA of 2.75 or higher within the last 60 hours. There is no application fee and no GRE scores required. Angelo State University’s online MAT program and instruction requires $ 169 per credit.

The Best Online Master’s In Online Teaching Degree Programs

Graduation Rate: 44% Salary 964th Regional Accreditation: Yes NCATE Accreditation: Yes US News & World Report Site – Unrated Points: 19

Stephen F. Austin’s Master of Arts in Teaching online is a 30-credit degree program leading to a teaching certificate. Candidate transcripts must show at least a 2.5 GPA with a 2.8 GPA for the last 60 hours. GRE is not required. The application fee is $ 50. Stephen F. Austin State University requires $ 510 per credit hour in or out of the state. The online MAT program includes a 21st Century Early Childhood Grade 12 that addresses legal and ethical issues in education, technology and teaching.

LSU Northwestern State University has an online Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education – Grades 6-12, a 33-credit program for bachelor’s degree holders who wish to pursue teacher certification in the field of secondary education. There are nine areas of study covering secondary school content topics: Physical Education; Social Studies; Biology; Mathematics; Business Education; Chemistry; English; Family and Consumer Sciences; and Speech. MAT Online, Secondary Education – $ 475 per credit for grades 6-12. The admissions process at Northwestern Louisiana State University requires transcripts and a $ 20 application fee.

Graduation rate: 48% 422nd

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